Thursday, 15 November 2012

Knesset Loose IDF Psychos on Hapless Gaza

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The head of the Semtex Saracen Scallies military wing of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jamjari, has been martyred during an Israeli air strike in the latest act of persecution / collective punishment launched by the nutty Knesset’s psychopath kikesters against the tyrannised Gaza Strip.

Jamjari and another senior Gaza Gangster, Shaheed al Ka-Boom, died when the school bus they had hitched a ride on was hit by a couple of Israeli AGM-66 Shitstreak missiles launched by their US-made / military aid gifted F-151 Ra’am fighter aircraft. Nice one Uncle Sam – God bless America. Lechayim and Mazel Tov to the Great Satan.

It appears to have been the first step of yet another blood-thirsty Israeli operation against militant groups in the hapless Gaza enclave, surrounded by the racist Israeli state’s 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall and besieged in the biggest Hitlerian Nazi style concentration camp on the planet. Really, Auschwitz and barbed wire has got fuck all on Gaza.

Acting on orders from PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and the paranoid, certifiably-psychotic kikester war criminals (those Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience with zero Semite DNA in their mongrel genes) running the apartheid state of Israel from the Knesset, the homicidal maniacs and career psychopaths comprising the ranks of the Israeli Defence Force launched "Operation Fish in a Barrel’ against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and anyone else old enough to scream and bleed last Saturday.

Hmmm, if it were Basher Assad’s Syria then this would be branded as the type of criminal action that the UK's dipshit of a Prime Minister Posh Dave Scameron would describe as "an absolutely despicable act of pure evil" – as he did last week regarding the Damascus regime while on a five minute photo-op’ shoot at a Jordanian refugee camp on the Syrian border.
However Scameron, as a leading member of the Tory Party’s Friends of Israel Club and a Rothshite crime syndicate stooge, is unlikely to stick his neck out and compromise his pro-Zionist servility.

In recent days, Israeli officials, in a typical display of their cultural chutzpah and flagrant disregard for international law, boasted for the public record they were considering assassinating senior members of the Hamas group – the actual democratically-elected government of the marginalised enclave.
As a result of this decision by the pariah ZioNazi state, the 46-year old Jamjari, a loving father of three, was the most senior Hamas official to be killed in the Gaza Strip since the festive season Operation Kill Every Fucker offensive launched by the barbaric Israeli forces four years ago - which made a real fuck up of the Palestinian’s Christmas celebrations.

Israel's sleaze-ridden Shin Bet security service (motto: Compassion Denied) confirmed Jamjari had been targeted, and justified his extra-judicial murder with an official statement that he was responsible for the recent Qassam rocket attack that levelled Mama Shylocks Miracle Matzo bakery in Sderot and blasted Rabbi Sheldon Scattstein into dogmeat, along with the town's Schadenfreude Synagogue.

Shin Beth chief, Zayin O’chel Batachat informed one press hack from the Pound of Flesh Gazette that "Jamjari was responsible for financing and directing military operations and attacks against Israel. His elimination is a message to Hamas officials in Gaza that if they continue promoting terrorism against the outlaw state of Israel for stealing Palestine from under their craven Muslim noses they will face this continued policy of ethnic cleansing – a slow cook genocide programme that will surpass anything Hitler and his Nazis ever planned for the racial undesirables of Europe – Gypsies, Pikeys, Slavs, Darkies - and Jews.”

Since Saturday scores of Palestinian civilians have been killed in Gaza, including the pre-planned murder of Mr Jamjari, with hundreds injured by the IDF’s indiscriminate ‘law unto ourselves’ butchery.
Luckily Karma kicked in and played a part in the homicidal activities - and a dozen IDF Sayeret Matkal troops were snuffed when their armoured Humvee drove blindly into a ‘super-pothole’ bomb crater created by the last Israeli Air Force 69 Squadron sortie in which they targeted a school and medical clinic in Gaza City and a couple of stray BLU-109 misguided munitions hit the middle of the highway.

Thought for the day. As the teens of today so aptly phrase it: ‘Whatever’ – rock on the Third Intifada and a pre-emptive strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Israeli mad dogs - then the Jolly Jihad World War Three scenario can get properly underway and bring about the destruction of the New World Order / Rothshite bankster syndicate’s planned global crime capital of Jerusalem – irradiated for 90,000 years and no fucker or their dog will be rebuilding Solomon’s Temple to act as the centre of ZioNazi power.

Regardless of their perpetual cultural obsession with things kosher, usury anti-Semitism, the Holohoax - and snipping foreskins, the tactics of the Israel lobby plumb the depths of dishonour and indecency, due their litany of character assassination, selective misquotation, the wilful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the statutes of international law – and ‘the truth’.

Hence fuck Israel and the Great Satan and the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – or the Project for a New American Century – or the Foreign Policy Initiative or whatever they choose to label this game plan devoted to their Brotherhood of the Snake cult and insidious god of greed: Mammon.

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Quinn said...

Like the 'Jamjari' play on the snuffed Hamas commander's name

Anonymous said...

whether against the West Bank crowd or Gaza, it all comes down to stamping on any effort to gain status and recognition at the UN - which will legitimise Palestine's 1967 borders status and Jerusalem as the capital of their nation - and hence deligitimise Israel's continued encroachment on the West Bank lands for illegal settlements and the scam to seize Jerusalem.
Pity, they should go back to the pre Nakbah 1948 borders and call it Palestine again.