Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hypocrisy Dave Slams Rwandan Opportunism

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Posh Dave Scameron yesterday went into total hypocrisy mode when announcing to gutter press media hacks at the EUSSR summit in Brussels that Baron Rothshite’s New World Order crime syndicate – and too a concerned British government – could no longer ignore the mounting stack of circumstantial evidence pointing a most fickle and accusatory finger at Rwanda's opportunist involvement with the funding and arming of the March 23 rebel militia with whom they’ve conspired to seize total control of the so-called ‘unobtanium conflict minerals’ (coltan – (niobium-tantalite), cobalt, wolframite, casserite and gold) in the rare metal ore mining areas of North Kivu – along with the provincial capital of Goma - in the neighbouring Undemocratic Republic of Congo.

Echoing a recently released United Nations report addressing complaints from the incumbent despot regime of the wicked West’s puppet DRC President, Joseph Kabila, accusing Rwanda of backing the M23 rebel group, Scameron announced the UK has to reconsider its international aid stance findings before committing a previously pledged £25 zillion quid donation of British taxpayer’s money to President Paul Kagame’s Tutsi Genocide Retribution Party government – especially so since Rwanda had more money in its kitty than Tory Chancellor Osborne’s from its contraband diamonds and precious metals trading.

With regard to the above, PM Scameron, resorting to his customary bovine rhetoric, has now publicly urged Kagame to prove he has no links to M23 leader Bishop Jean Marie Runiga - or sanctioned General Bosco ‘The Terminator’ Ntaganda, military commander of the rabid ‘for profit’ rebel group that has severed Kinshasa’s influence in North Kivu – along with Kabila’s precious metals income stream.

Scameron’s arrogant demands elicited a most negative response from Rwandan Foreign Minister, Louise Moshpit-Wikiwabo on this score of “How about we cut to da chase an’ dis Posh Dave character show to us dat de British government am not career apologists for Israel’s criminal treatment of de Palestinians in Gaza – or have no links ta supportin’ an’ armin’ da despotic Al Khalifah barbarian regime in Bahrain wot is kickin’ da shit outa da peaceful Shia protesters who just wants dere fair share of democracy – or armin’ dem Zionist backed rebel terrorist opposition factions in Syria wot wants ta overthrow President Basher Assad?”

“We have had enough of colonial empire games in de centuries past wid de stinkin’ French plonkers an’ do not intend ta tolerate dis tosspot Scameron wot is no more dan a meddlin’ white monkey wid his fa├žade of Boy Scout Christian morality – an’ wot needs ta keep his public school snob nose outa things dat do not concern him – an’ get ta grips wid da problems on his own continent of Europe before interferin’ in African affairs like dat old bumboy faggot Cecil Rhodes.”

“De UK’s international development secretary Andrew Mitchell promised more aid funds when he dropped us a £16 zillion nicker payout before he got de job of Chief Pleb an’ insultin’ de Downin’ Street Plod Squad last September.”
“Now dis honky slut wot take over de job, dis Justine Greenthing, says my £25 zillion quid is on hold cos de House of Conmans MP’s am havin’ second thoughts an’ reckon we de ones responsible for uppin’ de price of de cobalt an’ tantalum cos we is backin’ de M23 rebels in North Kivu an’ dis is gonna be a key factor in decisions on future aid ta de government of Rwanda."

“Hey dis is de problem of President Kabila an’ his thugs in Kinshasa ta sort out wid Ntaganda de Terminator an’ his gang of cannibals in Goma – an’ not anythin’ ta do wid dese goody-goody busybodies in London wot’s probably never tasted a nice little fat Hutu piccaninny fresh off de barbeque.”

Thought for the day: Scameron’s more full of shit than a Christmas goose with his duplicitous pontificating on Rwanda’s President Kagame and General Bosco Ntaganda and their involvement in human rights and wrongs abuses and - Heaven forbid – Israeli style war crimes.

It’s all about the ‘unobtaniums’. General Ntaganda controls the Mungwe and Fungamwaka mines near Numbi, through the Great Lakes Mineral Province Corp., managed by Edson Musabarura – along with the gold output of the Banro Corporation and MOTO Goldmines.
Ntaganda, and by association Kagame, derive mega-bucks profits from mineral exploitation at Nyabibwe, through their alliance with Colonel Saddam Ringo. Same story at Rubaya where the money-grubbing duo rake in massive revenues from taxation levied by parallel mine police on the behalf of Krall Metal Congo Corp of Vienna.

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Fletch said...

Hypocrisy is spot on - there's always some covert, ulterior motive involved when Zionist Western political stooges start pontificating on Africa's problems.

wiggins said...

I thought the ringleaders were over here living on benefits courtesy of the British Taxpayer......