Monday, 26 November 2012

Council Jobsworth Brands UKIP ‘Racist Party’

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The home of a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant English couple was hit with a SWAT style raid last week when a mob-handed team of Common Purpose-brainwashed local authority social workers descended and forcibly removed three foster children from their care after it was discovered they had voted for the UK Independence Party in the last election.

The couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, (Ron and Bev McSkanger) have been fostering children for seven years, but a Stasi squad of social workers from Knobhead-on-Sea Borough Council, acting on orders of their Strategic Director of Children and Young People's Services, Joyce ‘Jobsworth’ Whacker - who, in her unqualified arrogance had decided that UKIP was a racist political party - snatched back the three placement kids as they weren’t what moronic social services classify as ‘indigenous white British’.

Ron and Bev told a press hack from the Xenophobes Gazette that the social workers accused them of belonging to UKIP – which they claimed is even more chauvinistic and bigoted than Nick Griffin’s BNP - or the pro-Zionist EDL who want to see all mosques bulldozed and Muslims burned at the stake.

Career foster mum Bev McSkanger explained “We woz gob-smacked when this Joyce Whacker arsehole comes along an’ sez ‘I’ve been watching UKIP’s leader, this Nigel Barrage character, on the telly an’ listened ter his racist policies – an’ wantin’ ter give the EUSSR an’ Brussels the big finger an’ have all darkie types an’ pikey immigrants hoofed out of Britain an’ sent back ter the Third World dumps where they came from’.”
“So me an’ Ron sez ter her ‘Wot the fuck has bein’ members of UKIP got ter do wiv fosterin’ children, yer stupid twat – cos it’s not exactly on a par wiv the Ku Klux Klan, now is it?’ – an’ she sez we’re the wrong ‘cultural match’ cos the kids are black an’ we’re white. Excuse me, did no fucker or their dog notice this fact on day one when the social workers dropped them off here?"

“It’s all a pile of old bollocks cos there don’t seem ter be any problem wiv that Sir Reg Twat / Elton John character an’ his live-in poofter mate havin’ some slag get injected wiv a cocktail of their jism an’ have their kids. So how virtuous an’ socially acceptable is that if we go by the precepts of our Biblical moral code I ask yer – a sprog growin’ up wiv no Mum an’ two shirt-lifters as their Dads?”

Defending the decision, Knobhead-on-Sea Borough Council’s Mayor Frank Moron opined to the media that “While UKIP might not quite be the British equivalent of the hardcore KKK – or the racist apartheid state of Israel - their election manifesto is quite clear on the fact the party wants an end to the active promotion of PM Posh Dave Scameron’s flawed doctrine of Big Society multiculturalism by local and national government and urges Britain to leave the EUSSR.”

Never one to miss out on seizing the opportunity to pontificate upon any controversial socio-political issue – especially so one that directly concerns UKIP, the indestructible party leader Nigel Barrage informed media hacks “Well, this is always going to be the problem when we have local authority social service tosspots brainwashed into a state of NLP fascist compliance by Julia Middleton’s Common Purpose social engineering outfit.”

“Now they’re branding UKIP as a racist political party with designs on ethnic cleansing and genocide if we get voted into Downing Street with a Parliamentary majority at the next election – and obviously by association any members of UKIP are going to indoctrinate their own kids – or fostered children placed in their care – to the same whites only / hate thy neighbour credo that they claim is UKIP’s mantra.”

“Well to my mind something’s more fucked up than a soup sandwich when they remove kiddies from a tried and tested loving foster home on grounds that the parents are a unique example of the dwindling national population percentage that are still capable of thinking for themselves and refuse to vote for the Tory Party.”

“But these same misguided jobsworths seem to have no reservations when sticking vulnerable sprogs into care homes (sic) like that Bryn Estyn asylum in North Wales which was turned into a local Freemason’s paedo’ brothel – just the same as Rochdale’s Cambridge House care home opened in 1962 by the town’s Rotary Club - where they’re prey and bum fodder for raving kiddie fiddling pederasts – such as the BBC’s celebrity DJs and major construction corporation directors and Tory cabinet ministers – and the Liberal Party’s own Mr Creosote pederast Cyril Smith.”

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Rotherham - what else can we expect from a bunch of Common Purpose-trained Neanderthals posing as social services and council jobsworths.