Friday, 1 June 2012

Clinton Blames Russia for Syrian Chaos

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The good ole US of A’s Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, aka ‘Witchipoo' – the Mena Mafia’s rug-munching Matriarch, speaking to a press hack from the Warmongers Gazette yesterday, claims that current Russian Mid-East foreign policy will contribute directly to a potential civil war in Syria.

Clinton's comments came after Russia and China renewed their dogmatic opposition to tougher UN Security Council action which would equate with a repeat of the Libya debacle that sanctioned NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ and resulted in the biggest military slaughter and fubar since the sanguine battles of the Somme, 1916-1918 – plus the extra-judicial killing of the nation’s leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - murdered by scumbag rebel militias so he could never stand up and speak his piece before an International Criminal Court.

Looking to be in need of an industrial strength dose of Botox, the wrinkle-ridden Clinton, on a shit-stirring mission to Denmark, told media sources that the case for foreign military intervention was growing stronger every day – seemingly missing the point that the problems in Syria right now are centred around two opposing ‘military forces’: those of the Assad government’s regular army and the Syrian rebel leader General Mohammed al Ka-Boom and his Fesad fel Arz militia.

"Russian President Vlad Putrid and his scumbag generals in the Kremlin are telling us they don't want to see a civil war but their stand-back policy of doing sweet fuck all is going to contribute to one if we don’t launch a NATO attack and kill the belligerents first. Hey, it’s just one of those hard facts of life – the innocent cop it along with the guilty.”

Alas, Clinton seems to miss the point that the sooner the Great Satan and the ZioNazi homicidal maniacs running Israel – along with their Arab state (Qatar / Saudi) stooges stop supplying the psycho terrorists with arms then hostilities might just cease.
As to the Russian and Chinese UN Security Council non-cooperation stance, they are jointly sick to the back teeth with Western Zionist expansionism into their own Greater Middle East and Central Asian spheres of influence and wish to curtain any further spread of the diabolic, creeping US / Israeli military hegemony in the region.

UN Secretary General, and pro-Zionist stooge Ban Ki-moon obediently followed his crafted script and issued a warning that Syria could be moving towards catastrophic civil war, in the wake of the recent Houla Hoop atrocities, in which hundreds of civilians - scores of them children - were massacred by the Saudi-funded mercenary forces of Iraqi Jolly Jihad terrorist leader Achmed Dhabiha and the Libyan rebel leader Shaheed ibn Zamel and his 21st Semtex Vest Brigade.

These Renta-Psycho ‘for hire’ tosspot militias are operating under the cut-throat direction of Shylock O’chel Batachat, a Mossad agent provocateur belonging to their Kidon assassination unit – with the end product designed to cast blame on the Basher al-Assad Gang, provoke international outrage and a UN-sponsored NATO intervention to initiate a regime change and again turn order into chaos – as per Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Thought for the day. Okay, while all these wankers are busy playing ‘Call of Duty - Black Ops 2’ and watching each other – has anyone or their dog got a beady eye cast on the military potential of Hezbollah and how they might figure in the support of their long-time al-Assad regime mentors considering how they went head on with the craven Israeli forces in Lebanon and fought them to a standstill?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, more New World Order skullduggery by the Zionist creeps only China and Russia aren't playing ball so Iran's gone on the back burner.
Good point on Hezbollah, they are a force to be reckoned with and the Israeli shits know it.