Tuesday, 19 June 2012

HS May Brands Critics ‘Conspiracy Nuts’

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Broken Britain’s menopausal maniac of a Home Secretary Theresa ‘Blonde Moment’ May, the incumbent Tory MP for East Knobheads in Berkshire, has described those opposed to the introduction of hugely intrusive telephone and Internet surveillance measures as a bunch of bonkers conspiracy theorist nuts from the Chicken Little Institute for the Promotion of Mass Hysteria that need to consult one of the NHS Trust’s psychiatrists and get on a prescribed course of corrective 'loony' medication.

On Thursday the government is set to publish a draft of details of a draconian bill given the euphemistic title of the Communications Capabilities Development Programme (CCDP) which, if passed, will allow the nasty Plod Squad and intelligence services real-time access to details of all British phone calls and internet activity – and hence the CGHQ spy-ability to see whose bored missus – or daughters - you’re chatting up and grooming on Facebook with the off-chance of a sympathy shag session.

Responding to accusations that the CCDP is yet another tip-toe step along the path to implementing a fascist Big Brother state, May informed one press hack from the Totalitarians Gazette that “I have no doubt the conspiracy nuts will come up with some ridiculous claims about how these proposals are an infringement of their personal liberty and freedom.”

Well, of course she did – bureaucracy-bred morons rarely do understand another’s point of view – especially so when it poses a contradictory theme to their hallowed own.
In fact the Tory bill is a rehash of the dystopian scheme originally drawn up by the previous New Labour government to utilise the threat of Islamic terrorism in order to pass repressive legislation, that was scrapped back in November 2009 due to widespread opposition from civil liberties groups, along with every other fucker and their dog.

The Home Secretary continued “If we don’t drastically modify the existing lax communications laws and implement these changes then the only freedoms getting protected will be those of the Muslim terrorist crazies who want to blow up our democratic freedoms and the Olympic Games with their black pepper and peroxide bombs.”

So, here we have a Kafkaesque scenario where someone with two brain cells still active and the ability to think for themselves, has the audacity to question the plethora of government contradictions, lies, and inconsistencies in their narratives – and they are henceforth branded as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – a condition diagnosed as a severe mental aberration indicative of galloping paranoid psychosis – and hence a suitable case for sectioning, straitjackets and compulsory treatment.

But it all comes down to reality versus rhetoric when the likes of Theresa May and her boss Austerity Dave Scameron gain election to public office via manipulating the illusion of credibility and competence – pedalling a rehashed brand of Tory snake oil with a Libservative Coalition label – and the stated aim of making the world safe for hypocrisy – then attempt to justify the statutes of this Communications Capabilities Development Programme with a flawed rationalisation that will not bear the eye of scrutiny upon it - whatever propaganda or 20/20 hindsight is applied as a cosmetic veneer.

Then they brand anyone questioning the dodgy motives of government as a bunch of Bolshie bastards and Trotskyists, all suffering from Opposition Defiance Disorder – with such a categorisation, and the negative ramifications this entails, being fraught with the spectre of unintended consequences.

Suffering from Oppositional Defiance Disorder, indeed. That is a condition which emanates from the vanishing character trait of ‘individualism’ and surfing alternative news websites, asking awkward questions, thinking for oneself and hence disbelieving what the government and mainstream corporate-fascist controlled media tell you – and by the gospel according to Theresa May, an aberrant mental condition that requires treatment with veritable cocktail of full strength psychotic medications.

Anyone want a laugh? Simply Google up ‘The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012’ – a joke in itself which does no such thing.

Thought for the day: While Orwell’s 1984 provides both alarming and prophetic insights to what a Dystopian state might manifest as, perhaps it is time, and again prudent, to remind PM Posh Dave Scameron and his fatally-flawed Libservative Coalition that the revelatory text was a ‘warning’ aimed at the common people – and definitely not a blueprint and instruction manual – Totalitarianism for Dummies - for governments to impose on their own voting public.

Regardless, fuck the Freemasons and Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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