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Clinton: Syria Regime Change or Bust

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Appearing to all intents and purposes as having been dragged through a hedge backwards and in need of a long-overdue drug rehab’ programme – plus a few shots of industrial strength Botox - the rug-munching US Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, yesterday informed one press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that Washington will continue to mount pressure on the Syrian regime by backing the rag-arsed rebel mob and escalating the violence in the star-crossed country until President Basher al-Assad leaves office and a Western compliant puppet militia-government takes over.

While the egotistic Clinton’s ‘litany’ of condemnation of the Syrian government comes across as the demented ranting of a psychopath making the world safe for Hypocrisy, it now appears the Great Satan has almost finalized getting all its ducks in a row in preparation for yet another tragic Libyan style UN-approved / US-led / NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ assault on President Basher Assad’s Damascus regime.

"Assad must transfer power and depart Syria immediately, if not sooner. We didn’t like his Soviet stooge daddy, Hafez, and we don’t like Basher, his chinless wonder of a son, either,” the Rodent informed a late night strategy session with Arab and European leaders on how to exert further pressure on Damascus to up, quit and run before the US-funded FSA mercenaries and terrorists recruited to expedite ‘Operation Pandemonium’ end up slaughtering the entire civilian peasant population of the stricken country in an effort to blame and further demonise Assad’s military for their continuing false flag massacres.

During the duplicitously-named ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul organised by the ZioNazi-dominated Anglo-American establishment, Clinton emphasized that the funding, training and arming of rebel military groups - aka the Free Syrian Army - will continue until Assad is either dead or does a bunk and goes into exile in Russia.

Clinton alluded to Washington’s failure in rallying international support to topple what the world in general perceived as a once-stable Syrian government established under two generations of Assad leadership until subjected to malevolent 'Arab Spring' foreign interference, and called for unity among the Great Satan’s Zionist-dominated allies to join in the proxy war against all things Islamic and Muslims in general - and Syria, Pakiland and Iran in particular.

"We have to reiterate our unity, we have to send a clear message to other nations that are not yet working with us – such as the stupid Russians and Chinks who are actively supporting the Assad regime - that there is no future in such a course of action and they’re going to be next on our shit list once we’ve finished with the Mad Mullahs in Tehran and got our mini-Shah back on the Peacock Throne.”

Meanwhile, the Rodent dispatched her special representative on Syria, Mingeeter Dildodo, to Moscow on Thursday to persuade Russia, which along with China, have voiced opposition to any NATO military aggression and further Western neo-colonial expansionism against the Syrian government – to listen to the "All aboard!" clarion call for the New World Order’s ‘Middle East Express’ before it pulls out of the station – or risk being left behind.

Alas the Rodent’s bombastic threats and rhetorical, belligerent bullshit don’t work with the Russian and Middle Kingdom’s absolutist overlords, who are prudently cautious of the Zionist-Western encroachment on their territorial borders and posing a threat to their own regional political and military hegemony.

Clinton and her right and left hand co-conspirators, the U.S. Secretary for Military Aggression, Leon Vendetta and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, might well be tasked with implementing their ZioNazi Master’s Foreign Policy Initiative in promoting the joint MI6 / Mossad / CIA Operation Pandemonium to destabilise the Mid-East and ‘remake’ it in the Great Satan’s own perverse image.

However, with the nuclear armed states of Russia and China also being players and having a stake in the Great Game, and jointly cognisant of the aims of the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion, they stand shoulder to shoulder – and decisively against attempts to regulate the Syrian crisis with outside military intervention, as per the disastrous Libyan fubar - as well as imposing this dirty doctrine of regime change.

Hence, regardless of Special Envoy Kofi an Tea and the UN’s Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon going into Chicken Little hyper-hysterics over Syria being on the edge of the abyss and the entire shebang turning into a civil war – such, if it transpires, will be by the criminal meddling hands of the West and their culpability for each drop of blood spilled shall lie prominent on History’s sanguine pages of infamy.

Thought for the day. Syria’s Basher Assad is alike his father, a benign-ish dictator – of the same ilk as Saddam Hussein and Muammar al Ghadaffi – and at least he didn’t grab the Presidency on the strength of a forged Hawaiian birth certificate like the Great Satan’s leader Bandung Barry – aka Barky O’Barmy - or whatever the Kenyan-Indonesian Heinz 57 mongrel impostor actually is.

Obama, the White House cuckoo - with his Nobel Peace Prize for Warmongering and the first ‘black’ President of the good ole US of A – even though he’s a coffee and sour cream mix.
Is there any trace of African Negro genes in there at all? And forget the bastard son of Malcolm X fiction for starters. Or does the actual truth lie in the scandalous, disenfranchising fact that he’s the first Asian Muslim President?
Barky’s no Negro mulatto cross – he’s Malay race mix – a bumi putra Indonesian with a dash of the orang puti tossed in.

Allergy warning: This article was written in an impostor-infested area and may contain traces of forged birth certificates.

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"Allergy warning: This article was written in an impostor-infested area and may contain traces of forged birth certificates."