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Brit Army cover up Iraq War Crimes

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Dr Genghis Killjoy, appearing before the General Medical Council (GMC) in London last Thursday, stated for the public record before an incredulous panel that he only saw a few spots of dried blood on the cold, dead body of Mr Baha Mousa, a receptionist who was arbitrarily snatched from behind the desk of the Jolly Jihad Hotel in Basra by a bunch of belligerent squaddies assigned to the 21st Sadist Battalion of the Queen’s Own Barbarians Regiment (QOBR) in a desperate swoop to boost their insurgent arrest headcount so it didn’t negatively affect the quarterly performance bonus payout during the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Appearing before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, a new arm of the GMC dealing with allegations of misconduct against doctors, the smarmy Killjoy, at the time of the offence holding the rank of captain and Regimental Medical Officer of the QOBR, disingenuously testified he did not notice the hapless victim’s catalogue of 93 separate injuries - including a broken nose, fractured ribs, teeth knocked out and amputated ears – inflicted by the army thugs acting as prison guards.

Killjoy maintains these injuries were overlooked as the deceased prisoner was wearing plastic tie handcuffs and hooded with a sandbag, as was the de rigueur policy with all Muslim terrorist suspects – men, women and children alike – during medical examinations – and too post-mortem procedures due the fact – to quote the doctor himself “These Saracen types really are sneaky bastards and might merely be playing possum and detonate a bomb they’ve got hidden up their bum.”

Dr Killjoy, a Grampian Scot who graduated as a vivisectionist from Aberdeen’s prestigious Harold Shipman Centre for Clinical Excellence in the notorious Bielside kiddie fiddling area of the city, denies dishonesty and misconduct in his treatment of Baha Mousa and scores of other detainees – which included a group of falsely arrested Iraqi plumbers accused of being Ba’athist supporters following a report they were guilty of fitting a ‘bath’ in the house of ‘Chemical Ali’ Hassan Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti – Saddam Hussein’s Defence Minister.

Mr Mousa, 26, was hooded, handcuffed and beaten to a pulp before he died from his sustained injuries 36 hours after first being arrested and held at the notorious Ras al Shitheap army detention centre in the southern Iraq city of Basra.

CCTV video footage of Mr Mousa’s treatment showed a gang of British army squaddies engaged in a five-a-side Snuff-a-Thon soccer match with the deceased – using him as the ball - after they grew tired of raping burka-clad female prisoners and decided to vent their collective brutal frustrations on the first hotel receptionist who came along.

Following the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, Basra’s Ras al Shitheap Prison racked up a worse record of human rights violations than the infamous Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad, in the form of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, including torture, male and female rape, acts of paedophilia, sodomy and homicide – which constituted the most damning indictment of villainous British Army conduct since the liberation of the Falklands and the scandalous celebratory mass buggery clusterfuck of the island’s sheep population by drunken marines.

Ms Sue Fleecem QC, counsel for the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) informed the inquiry “Following his arrest while at work at the Jolly Jihad Hotel, on the ridiculous charge of looking suspiciously ‘Islamic’, Mr Baha Mousa succumbed to the horrendous injuries inflicted on him by the 21st Sadist Battalion guards manning the Ras al Shitheap Prison on the night of 15 September, 2003.”

At 21:30 hours that night Dr Killjoy was about to leave the medical post and join a cross-dressing burka extravaganza party in the officer’s mess at the nearby US military’s Camp Bucca when summoned to the detention area to attend to Mr Mousa who the guards claimed had simply ‘collapsed’ during the game of soccer and was no longer able to protest his innocence or scream when kicked.

The tribunal heard evidence from Achmed ibn Himar, also a prisoner at that time, who swore under oath that he observed Killjoy carry out a cursory examination of the prostate Baha Mousa who was still handcuffed and hooded, then pronounced his condition as ‘dead’.

One member of the prison medical team, Sgt Ron McSnitch, a man fortunately possessed with a moral conscience and a natural bent for whistle-blowing on behalf of Ox-Rat, the international human rights and wrongs abuse watchdog, gave evidence that he immediately noticed the extent of the bruising and injuries on the lifeless body of Mr Mousa, remarking to his companion as they wheeled the corpse down to the Ras al Shitheap mortuary “Look at the state of the poor twat – now we know how a soccer ball feels after a premier league match” – and proceeded to make a documented inventory and photographic record of Mousa’s ninety-three separate injuries.

In his own pathetic defence, Dr Killjoy (yet another living, breathing example of the Hippocratic Oath becoming a Hypocrite’s Oath) did admit that perhaps, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, he should have removed the sandbag covering the victim’s head while expediting the post mortem examination.

Here we have again an appalling episode of serious gratuitous violence meted out by nineteen vicious members of the 21st Sadist Battalion of the Queen’s Own Barbarians Regiment (QOBR) with the New Labour Minister of Defence Geoff ‘Numbnuts’ Loon and regiment’s commanding officer Colonel Jorge Scumbaggio jointly responsible for the grave and shameful events.

A 'Nuremberg Two' war crimes tribunal, anyone?

Thought for the day. It is now, finally, an established fact and on the public record - thanks to the back-stabbing super-grass, Alastair ‘Kiss n Tell’ Campbell, the treacherous Downing Street spin doctor – who, adding a new dimension to the term ‘scumbag’ - testified before the Leveson Inquiry last Friday that the illegal invasion of Iraq was kick started by News Corporation mogul Raving Rupert Mudrock, who coerced Labour PM Tony Bliar with threats of a bad press into committing British troops to the Shock n Awe attack on behalf of the US Great Satan’s GOP Republican warmongers and the moronic Dubya Bush’s neo-con administration of ZioNazi kikesters.

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