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UK Olympics: Human Rights Duplicity

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The UK’s Zionist-dominated Libservative Coalition government, kowtowing in customary fashion to the demands of the Rothshite’s New World Order crime syndicate, has refused to issue an entry visa to Mowlawn Jubbly, the head of Syria's National Olympic Committee - but in a wholly hypocritical ‘double standards’ move yesterday sanctioned a red carpet ‘welcome’ to the homicidal maniac chairman of Bahrain's Olympics team to travel to London for next month's 2012 Games.

Home Office rhetoric claims that Mr Jubbly is a close friend of Syrian President Basher al-Assad, whose Ba’athist government is fighting an armed insurgency inside the country and refusing to comply with Western demands for regime change – and hence considered, in the biased, lickspittle opinions of Home Office, Foreign Office and Department of Culture officials, to be persona non grata.

Conversely, numero uno on Ox-Rat and Amnesty’s international war crimes pariah shit list - Bahrain’s Prince Nasser bin Hamad al Fat Git - the son of Sheikh Fizzy Al Kaseltzer (a Cro-Magnon moron who claims the hereditary grazing rights to every hotel lobby carpet in the Gulf region) - was fingered by hapless Arab torture victims as being personally engaged in the beating, flogging and raping of male and female pro-democracy protestors arrested during peaceful demonstrations against the piss ant Persian Gulf island’s abusive monarchy and their ‘Kleptocracy’ style of government.

Prince Nasser al Fat Git, a bath salts snorting addict and alleged raving pederast who maintains a harem of kidnapped Palestinian catamites supplied by Mossad and the Yassam riot police via Israel’s Facility 1391 ‘Smiley Face’ interrogation and torture centre, now wears a sexual pervert’s cloak of notoriety since being filmed engaging in a cross-dressing goat abuse orgy which was subsequently posted on YouTube.

The poxy Prince was further besmeared by controversy due claiming ‘diplomatic immunity’ to escape prosecution when arrested in Switzerland last year by the local Vice Squad while loitering with intent around Geneva’s St Sodom’s Park and the ‘tot-lot’ playground with a bag of dolly mixtures and phallic-shaped lollipops.

Documents submitted to Broken Britain’s PM, Posh Dave Scameron and his closet case Foreign Secretary Willy Vague by Ox-Rat and the Daily Shitraker describe how Prince Nasser al Fat Git launched a punitive campaign to repress Bahraini athletes who had demonstrated their support for the pro-democracy movement, with 150 professional athletes, coaches and referees subjected to arbitrary arrests, detention and abuse - and tortured with Tabasco enemas.

However, the reports went ignored, with the British Home Office and Foreign Office declining to comment further on the ban of Syria’s Mowlawn Jubbly, claiming it was not policy to discuss individual cases where such might be viewed as double standard hypocrisy.

Downing Street spokeswoman Scabby Bertin – an ‘extreme political incorrectness’ sports fanatic, in what might prove to be a fatal career move, informed one press hack from the Whistle Blower's Gazette “Well, let’s be fair here, while Bahrain is one of our ‘Most Favoured Nation’ listed buyers of British armaments to suppress these protests and quell rebellious acts, we also supply arms to Syria – although to the rabid rebels trying to overthrow Basher Assad’s government.”

Meanwhile, over to the good ole United States end of the Syrian gross hypocrisy front where this week the Great Satan’s rug-munching Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton (wife of the notorious premature ejaculator ex-Pres’ Dodger Bill) tore into the Russians for having the audacity to supply Basher Assad with his own repaired helicopter gunships – a statement made without first engaging brain prior to opening her big gob and spitting venom, which brought forth sharp condemnations from both Russian President Vlad Putrid and his Foreign Minister Oleg Scumbagsky.

Clinton, the Mena Mafia’s Matriarch, claimed this move could drastically escalate the burgeoning civil war conflict, and was counter productive to the Great Game strategies of the US and Israel, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, of supplying arms to the rebel militias tasked with massacring as many civilians as possible to blame on the Syrian army and further demonise the Assad regime in the eyes of the international community and the UN’s Security Council.

Conversely, according to a report in this morning’s Warmongers Gazette, Syria has reportedly arrested forty-plus Kraut nationals for attempting to smuggle arms into the country – with the alternative news False Flag Review weblog citing one Berlin-based journalist that the German nationals were employees of a security firm - specifically the Brussels-based Renta-Psycho Agency, an Israeli Mossad front that deals exclusively in homicidal mercenaries up for committing dirty deeds on foreign shores and who harbour zero moral constraints concerning war crimes.

Apparently the hapless Huns have been reportedly jailed along with over 300 other foreign mercenaries – including Portuguese paratroopers, Saudi Semtex vest suicide bombers and an assortment of unwashed Libyan thugs.

Since the US-ZioNazis instigated the kick start of the Arab Spring turmoil in Syria last year with the intended end product being to achieve a regime change through violent means, the smuggling of arms, foreign mercenaries and grungy Arab terrorist groups into the country has been on the rise.

General Ras al Shitforbrains, a former Damascus taxi driver and current leader of
the Free Syrian Army rebel forces, informed Pox News that “Of course we have foreign mercenaries fighting for us. Do you think we’re stupid enough to go up against the regular army? Are you mad – the government’s troops have got even better weapons than we do – so the false flag political game plan strategy that Mossad have come up with is to commit a few acts of sabotage and kill a shitload of women and kids, then blame it on Basher Assad’s 21st Barbarian Regiment so the UN will sanction a Libyan style ‘humanitarian intervention’ military campaign by NATO to get rid of Assad and his gang of Ba’athists for us.”

Thought for the day: Bahrain's athletic team will only participate in a single event at the London 2012 Olympic Games – the Freestyle Political Protester Crippling event.

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