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ZioNazis Snub International Law Again

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In yet another display of unqualified arrogance – their cherished cultural ‘chutzpah’ – the crime syndicate Knesset government of the rogue state of Israel – founded on the usurped territory and blood of others in 1948 – are again in defiance of International Law and UN mandates and too the socio-political moral ethics of any civilised polite society – through the ‘legalised’ act of stealing even more lands from the marginalised Palestinians – refugees now become in their once-sovereign nation.

The apartheid state of Israel’s Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo, a die-hard Jabotinskyist and yet another Ashkenazi Jew of convenience with nary a trace of Semite DNA in his mongrel Khazar genes, obeying the dictates of the Edomite Mafia and his Rothshite bankster crime syndicate masters in London, has, with malice aforethought, ordered the construction of thousands of new homes on the illegal kikester settlement of Ras al Shitheap in the occupied West Bank.

The announcement came hours after Israel's parliament rejected a bill to legalise settlement outposts – an issue that has become a festering source of tension between settlers and the ultra-Zionist government.
All settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are considered illegal under International Law, though the rogue state of Israel typically applies copious lashings of hasbara to dispute this factor - much as they do to legitimise besieging Hamas and their Gaza Gangsters – plus the entire civilian population of the Gaza Strip - behind the 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall inside the biggest Nazi German style concentration camp on the planet.

The settler outposts are also illegal according to the statutes of actual Israeli law and the government at one stage agreed to remove them under the tragi-comedy 2003 Road Map peace plan - which has since been conveniently confined to the trash can of history – thanks to the Arab world's silence toward Israeli violations against the Palestinian people

Reacting to PM Nuttyahoo's announcement, Shaheed al Ka Boom, one UN administration spokesman prepared to speak the truth and risk career suicide, informed press hacks that "Continued Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank undermines peace efforts and contradicts their commitments and obligations.”
"Regardless of what ‘Bandung Barry’ Soetero, this Kenyan Indonesian cuckoo impostor in the White House says, our position on settlements remains unchanged, hence we do not accept the legitimacy of the continued expansion of Israeli settlements.”

Before Wednesday's vote in the Knesset, Nuttyahoo met with settler’s leaders at the St Shylocks Temple for Latter Day Kikesters in Jerusalem and warned that he would sack anyone in his government who supported the bill to bypass the court ruling and, in effect, legalise the Palestinian buildings at Pigshit al Ja’akoff, due the fact it would have prompted yet another wave of international criticism.

Ahead of the vote, hundreds of matzo-munching illegal settlers marched on the Knesset, insisting on their right to live on what they erroneously claim is historically Jewish land – regardless of the ‘historic’ fact that their ancestors were Central Asian Khazars and they have no hereditary right to go claim jumping on Palestinian lands.

Really, this demented fantasy perpetually foisted by a bunch of shifty Shylock meshuggenahs, culturally obsessed with usury and foreskins, as being God’s Chosen People - bestowed with a Promised Land that does not belong to them - have grown as threadbare and clich├ęd as their perpetual cries of ‘Victims!” from the days of the Pharaohs, along with ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘Holohoax denial’.
Then of course we have the term ‘self-hating Jew’ used to vilify any of their religion possessed of a moral conscience who dare censure the barbaric acts of Zionist Israel or question their motive (ref Gilad Atzmon / The Wandering Who?).

Perhaps it is due time to remind the world of a true and unquestioned Holocaust – the Yawm an-Nakbah – the Day of the Catastrophe - and the start of the Diaspora of the real Semite people - the Palestinians. A blood-drenched slaughter dispensed by the Zionist terrorist cells of the Stern Gang, the Irgun and the Haganah.

So by Nuttyahoo’s actions, Felix Fagin, the Minister for the Expropriation of Palestinian Lands, will send in the IDF’s Hafganat Koah Brigade whose psycho bully boy thugs specialize in ethnic cleansing and the slaughter of innocent Palestinian civilians, to bulldoze Palestinian homes and farms at Pigshit al Ja’akoff and secure the land for thousands of homes to house illegal settlers.

What shame, for the chauvinist cult of Zionism nor the existence of the illegal rogue state of Israel cannot be defended - ethically, morally nor intellectually.
Further, the tactics of the overseas Israel lobby, especially AIPAC and the Board of Jewish Deputies – and too a succession of Western politicians and governments (the UK’s Tory Party in particular) - plumb the depths of dishonour and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, a wilful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth and the tenets of International Law.

Hudaibiya, Kvelling, Hasbara, Chutzpah and Schadenfreude – these are the shameful media weapons of the Israeli pariahs.

According to an editorial in yesterday’s Pound of Flesh Gazette, with this latest slap in the face declaration from Nuttyahoo, the illusion of a two-state solution ever becoming reality is more at scent than substance.
So the hapless, marginalised and dispossessed once-proud Palestinian people are hereby reduced to garbage, with their collective dignity fragmented and tossed to the four winds by the contemptuous belligerent actions of the malicious illegal settlers led by pro-Jabotinskyist Rabbi Shylock Shochet – and backed by the homicidal maniacs of the IDF’s Half-Cock Brigade.

The military war crimes and racist-inspired human rights abuses and the Knesset’s disgusting racist-driven ethnic cleansing policy will continue to be purposefully escalated until the genocidal eradication of the Palestinian people is accomplished. Unless international condemnation brings about the formation of a Nuremberg style tribunal to address the Palestinian imbroglio and duly prosecutes the Israeli war criminals responsible.

Little wonder the outlaw ZioNazi state has earned the ire and disdain of right-thinking people around the globe and boosts the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign with every Palestinian house they demolish, each olive grove they bulldoze and every water well they poison – and with every child they kidnap and murder to steal their internal ‘goyim’ organs to supply their black market ‘kosher’ transplant trade.

Thought for the day. Fuck Israel and the Rothshite banksters crime syndicate – and their Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion agenda.
God’s ‘Chosen People’ my arse. That’s almost as big a historical con as the Vatican’s ‘God loves us all’ ripoff, selling forgiveness for our sins and eternal salvation.
Have these fuckers never heard of ‘Karma due’? Let’s hope ‘God’ isn’t suffering from second stage Alzheimer’s and forgotten these scumbags coerced Pilate into nailing his one begotten son, Jesus the Messiah, up on two big pieces of wood.

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