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UK Kikesters Spike ‘Peace with Iran’ Bid

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The rabid Rothshite Zionist lobbies, operating as a subversive force against the nation’s established democratic process, have coerced via a stream of insidious threats, Broken Britain’s House of Lords into cancelling a seminar dubbed “Peace with Iran” that was scheduled for later this month - with the pro-Zionist Jewish Chronicle assuming a veritable neo-Nazi Brownshirt role by threatening individual members of the Lords with physical violence.

The seminar was organized by the All-Party Parliamentary Group of the House of Lords with the ultimate aim of healing ties with the much-maligned Islamic Republic of Iran through restoring normal diplomatic relations and ending the current threat of war against the country being perpetuated by the belligerent likes of Foreign Secretary Willy Vague and his war-mongering pals in wicked Washington and Tel Aviv.

To the uninitiated the closet case Vague is a Rothshite crime syndicate gopher and a career apologist for the outlaw state of Israel - and cheer leader for the Tory Party’s Friends of Israel Club, who betrayed the voting public’s trust and best interests by obeying the dictates of a foreign terrorist state to have British law changed to facilitate the travel of Israeli war criminals to visit our once-sceptred isle without fear of getting collared and detained through the medium of an International Arrest Warrant issued against them.

According to an editorial in the Daily Shitraker the organizers of the seminar sought to expose the deception and hypocrisy steering British political policy against Iran and to implement a legal and peaceful process to solve the Zionist contrived crisis with the country.

The dedicated chair of the House of Lords debate was to be Lord Nazir Ahmed, the UK’s first Muslim peer, who the Jewish Chronicle threatened would be dealt with by ‘violent hands’ if he pushed ahead with any debate that sought to sanitise the Iranian regime or legitimise their nuclear programme.
As if to prove this was no empty threat Ahmed received a text to his private cellphone stating “Paki goyim scum – forget Iran or we’ll have Mossad’s Kidon assassination squad pay you a visit and stick your infidel Muslim head in a plastic bag then taser you to death – a la Mahmoud al-Mabhouh style”.

The ultra-biased ‘Chosen People’s’ Chronicle also contacted New Labour’s ‘Friends of Israel Club’ to have one of their customary ‘victims / anti-Semitic’ whinges and complain over what they claim to be the extremist views of some of the prospective ‘Holohoax denier’ participants in the seminar, including Lord Ahmed himself.

The Zionist Centres for Global Hypocrisy pressure groups - such as the shifty Shylock Scattstein’s AIPAC over in the Great Satan US of A - hold powerful ‘Kurumaku’ leverage in the British politics and have been pushing a covert anti-Iranian agenda down the throats of Whitehall civil service and Parliament since the Shah and his kleptocracy dictatorship was deposed back in 1979 and the Green Islamic Revolution took power.

Their infiltration is hardly surprising when we consider the fact that the Rothshite crime syndicate’s Shulhani Bank of International Usury and their equally-crooked Nesheker Investments SA own the Bank of England lock, stock and pisspot – and hence are able to dominate government policy to a greater degree than even Rupert Mudrock’s News Corporation.

Lord Ahmed’s stance has been one of moral magnanimity towards both Iran and the marginalised Palestinians - refugees in their own country now become.
Ahmed has sought to expose the perpetuated pantomime myth of Israel being the beacon of Mid-East democracy with the most moral army in the known Universe - whereas it is controlled by a cabal of belligerent Ashkenazi crypto-Jews of convenience that promote the insidious cult of Zionism – slaves to their self-demeaning cultural obsessions with usury, foreskins, building apartheid walls and all things kosher – and in their treatment of the usurped Palestinians have a human rights record that would shame Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

The working dissertation of the now-postponed House of Lords ‘Peace with Iran’ seminar to diffuse Israeli and US aggression and truculence ran like so:
“The Islamic Republic of Iran is a signatory to the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and allows the IAEA inspectors access to their uranium enrichment sites and associated nuclear research facilities – whereas the rogue state of Israel does not allow IAEA inspectors access to their Dimona nuclear facility, is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and sublimely boasts a covert arsenal of some 300 thermo-nuclear warheads and suitcase nukes – the likes of which were used in a false flag terror attack to blast the Sari nightclub in Bali in 2002 and coerce the Australian government into joining the US-led Coalition of the Aggressors and their neo-colonial war on terror – and the subsequent illegal invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq.”

Thought for the day: Flatbrokes, the UK’s ubiquitous High Street bookies, are giving top odds on Bobo Nuttyahoo and his Israeli military psychos kick-starting World War Three with an unprovoked sneak attack on Iran in the run up to the Great Satan’s Presidential election – which AIPAC and the kikester-owned media will guarantee drags the US into the conflict and secures pro-Zionist stooge Mitt Romney his White House bid over the Kenyan cuckoo.

Hmmm, wonder what odds Flatbrokes are giving for a military coup taking place in the US, and the White House administration and the Congress and Senate – and all Bush era neo-cons being arrested en mass under martial law directives if Obama and Co dare side with the outlaw state of Israel and expedite an unprovoked attack on Iran? Pogroms anyone?

Regardless, history will not treat Israel nor the Great Satan kindly, so fuck the ZioNazi neo-cons and their New World Order.

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