Friday, 15 June 2012

EUSSR Membership: Referendum Now!

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Eight out of ten Britons who were coaxed to tear their fixed gaze away from the telly - or the tits on page three of a red top tabloid – long enough to participate in a Numbnuts Poll survey were unanimous in their demand that the Scameron / Clogg tosspot government should stage a referendum on our continued European Union membership as economic turmoil on the continent drives first Greece and now Spain into ‘penny wise / pound foolish’ basket case mode.

Last weekend’s poll found half the population want an immediate ‘IN or OUT’ referendum vote on whether Britain should remain ‘broken’ due maintaining its fatally-flawed EUSSR membership status, with 75 per cent of those surveyed stating for the public record that they believed the UK should give the Brussels-based den of graft and corruption the big finger – the good old digitus impudicus - immediately, if not sooner.

The survey, commissioned by the Sunday Shitraker, found that only 10% of the educationally sub-normal peasants canvassed thought there was no need for a referendum in the foreseeable future – although considerable uncertainty still exists among voters, with nearly three out of ten (27%) revealing they didn’t even realise Britain had joined the EU – and a further 15% admitting they thought the EU was a Belgian rock group and Britain had been invaded by Poland.

Treasury Chancellor George Osborne, resembling an Anthony Gormless ‘Knobhead of the North’ sculpture as he spoke to one press hack from the Ripoffs Gazette outside the House of Conmans yesterday, used the bailout of Spain’s biggest financial institutions, Dago-Bank, Spic-Invest and Banco de Ladrones - €125 billion and no austerity strings attached - as a convenient excuse to blame the recovery of Broken Britain’s battered economy on the eurozone crisis and New Labour’s years of fiscal mismanagement under the incompetent stewardship of Gordon ‘Wenlock’ Brown.

Disingenuous Libservative pontification and blather besides, a united Europe / eurozone concept is a pitfall trap to get the 27 nations community shackled to a European Federation socio-economic / political model – the all-new Totalitarian Fascist super-state for the 21st Century and a major step on the path to achieving their New World Order.

Thanks to EUSSR membership we are no longer a Democracy but a Debtocracy, and the only questions we want to see on the ballot paper are ‘IN or OUT’ – with no craftily-worded double entendre that will equate as ‘fucked if you do’ and ’fucked if you don’t’ regardless of how the public vote.

But can we trust the common herd, TV-mesmerised and brainwashed with media propaganda as they are – hence wholly ignorant of the nitty-griity issues involved - to cast their vote according to the best interests of our green and pleasant land?

No empirical data exists that our once-sceptred isle needs the graft and corruption-ridden Brussels bureaucracy, nor the other 26 member states, to survive and thrive. We are not a part of Europe – we’re an insular island nation state and the progenitors of the Industrial Revolution. Alas, those halcyon days of 'jobs galore' went out of the window during the vindictive ‘menopausal madness’ misrule years of the Thatcher-led Tory government, leaving busy bee Britain de-industrialised and neutered.

Not only the eurozone but the whole of Europe is in economic free-fall, and Crapitalism has, alike that ill-conceived bastard child Communism, become a self-consuming monstrosity. The entire system’s fucked with a large capital F, and it now comes down to our survival and safeguarding the future fiscal health of our nation for the generations to come. Hence why we need to be out of Europe – and if the vehicle to achieve this is via a referendum, then so be it. But Scameron and Co will not hold one as they know the ‘Shout will be Out!’

So that’s it – game set and match – we want a referendum – and not a carbon copy of the corruption-ridden Irish version – where they voted ‘Out!’ then kept on holding referendums until every fucker and their dog got fed up and voted “Okay – we give up”.

Then of course we have to weigh the common herds’ response and how they vote – which will be a test of how intelligent – or dumb - we are as a species.
The 99% are getting shafted by the 1% Parasite Club and they know it too, yet zillions of dumb-arsed Brits turn out to wave their ‘badge of servitude’ flags, cheer hysterically and kiss the Queen’s arse during the Diamond Jubilee extravaganza - a hypnotic fascination spectacle that saw millions go into forelock-touching sycophancy mode and become incapable of discernment or critique. Oh well, any excuse for a day off work and a piss-up.

Regardless, that nation-wide demonstration of servility has got to qualify as a first in congenital, brainwashed obeisance – and a dark and damning testimony to the rabid royals spin doctors and their phenomenal PR machine, disseminating propaganda through the medium of the taxpayer-funded BBC (Biased Brainwashing Corporation).

Hence if this is all humanity is now worth, and the spiritual powers with which we are endowed be subverted to the kowtow worship of materialism before the altar of Mammon and a foreign-blood monarch, then the sooner the NorKor’s commit to their predicted nuclear attack on US-provoked South Korean transgression of the 38th Parallel border and kick start World War Three – and the Sun’s ‘Killshot’ hits us with an Earth-aligned X20+ solar flare and totally wipes out the Southern hemisphere along with 98% of the 99% human herd - along with the works and existence of the 1% blood-sucking Brahmin leeches, the better.

Thought for the day: Well, ‘End of Days’ Apocalyptic scenarios besides, the short term answer’s staring us all in the face. If Posh Dave Scameron and the Lib-Dum’s Mick Clogg won’t grant us an IN / OUT referendum then we vote UKIP and the indestructible EU-sceptic Nigel Barrage into office – then we’ll shed off Brussels’ totalitarian shackles faster than shit through a goose.

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Rusty, if it wasnt a joke it would be ridiculous. Hope spelled that right - but pissed - fact is it's true. U are the guru on this stuff