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Sutherland Pushes Cultural Chaos

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The gospel according to super-slug Peter ‘I Beat Bulimia’ Sutherland, claims that the EUSSR Commissars in Brussels should "Get off their complacent socialist lardy arses and do more to undermine the homogeneity of the 27 member states”.

And here we have the unqualified opinion of the superbly arrogant United Nations Special Representative for Migration who, looking grossly obese and to all intents and purposes one step away from a fatal heart attack or stroke – or both - informed the 2012 Bilderberg conclave members of this disturbing fact at their June gathering in Chantilly, Virginia – right in the heartland of the Great Satan and only a few miles from Dulles International Airport and the Washington DC Capitol – a couple of strides for those Illuminati Masters of the Universe – the Overlords of Darkness - who wear seven league boots.

Sutherland believes the future prosperity of the EUSSR’s 27 nation community depends on them becoming multicultural and totally ‘indigenised’ – which goes far beyond the original subversive concept of a bunch of Polacks and Albanians sneaking into Britain to poach carp and roast a few swans, and needs to advance at a geometric rate to achieve the desired total devastation of cultural identity and a wholly Dystopian society where you can’t tell a Slovak in Sweden from a Dane in Dublin or a Greek refugee trying to claim jobseekers allowance in Gosport.

The grossly porcine Peter Sutherland – (a former ‘Jabba the Hutt’ impersonator prior to becoming a High Priest of the cult of Mammon, for whose pondscum worshippers there is no such thing as ‘enough’ – only ‘More!’) – is an obedient gopher up to his double chins deep in a variety of nefarious Illuminati / PTB elitist schemes.
To boot, he’s a non-executive chairman of the kikester-owned Gold-in-Sacks International Usury Bank and a former head honcho of the world’s number one ‘most hated’ polluter - oil giant British Petroleum – and still remembered fondly in the BP executive dining suite as ‘the man who ate all the pies’.

Much to the Third World’s disadvantage, Sutherland also heads the UN’s Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together the bottom feeding representatives of 160 nations to swap and share a ‘pick and mix’ selection of insidious schemes on how to implement the Club of Rome’s / UN-approved global genocide Agenda 21 ‘Super Snuff’ project and not leave lots of blood and guts to clean up after the fact – as all the 99%’s common herd manual labour peasant types who hadn’t been eradicated with radiation leaked from Japan’s sabotaged Fuckupshima reactor, or US drone attacks, or Israeli false flag terrorist strikes, or droughts and simple starvation - will have succumbed to one of Big Pharma’s scheduled bio-weapons mass extinction level events.

The conspiracy rumour mill is churning out reports thick and fast that the either Saturday, August 4, the busiest day of the Games with an extra four million people expected to visit the capital and 700,000 spectators crisscrossing London to see events at 11 venues – or the closing ceremony assemblage of athletes, IOC officials and the unwashed public of the 2012 Olympics (some 80,000 plus) have been targeted for a Pandora’s Box weapons grade Sneezy Pig or Coughing Duck – or perhaps the reconstituted Spanish Slut flu virus – false flag Islamic terrorist attack to be delivered in air-borne form on the thousands in the stadium – all then heading off for Thiefrow and flights home – north, south, east and west – to the four corners of the globe – the unwitting carriers of the slate-wiping Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

A word to the wise – whistle-blowing snitches working inside the Metropolitan administration claim London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense (supposedly a man in the know and a finger on the pulse) has recently had his family GP jab him with every available vaccine on the market.

However, rumours besides, in the interim, we’re faced with Sutherland’s aspirational, racist waffle on the GFMD plans to devastate the four major collective forces of Race, Religion, Family and Nation - the four historical pillars of our human identity.
On this score the elitists are burning the midnight oil and scheming 24/7 of ways to indigenize the entire population of the Earth and facilitate the creation and maintenance of a dysfunctional global society – with the wholesale disruption of European culture and ethnic identity the primary target on the agenda.

So, will the meek inherit the Earth? Chances are ‘no’ – but neither will Sutherland and his Bilderberger / Committee of 300 gang either.

Thought for the day. We ponder to ourselves - does this class act scumbag Sutherland even qualify for a slot in the mammalian / human category of the classification index of Linnaean taxonomy – or be better suited to the ‘gastropod’ section?

Regardless, fuck ‘Cellulite’ Sutherland and the UN’s Global Migration and Development Forum - and Big Brother (and his sister) and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s ZioNazi New World Order.

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He had the nickname 'The Blob' when he was with BP