Sunday, 3 June 2012

Yet Another ‘Hypocrisy First’ for US Military

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The Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs are up in arms concerning a Facebook posting of a clutch of US military service women photographed in open-fronted uniform while breast-feeding their GI Joe sprogs – an act condemned by certain holier-than-thou ranking officers as promoting promiscuity.

Apparently the photos were posted on the Facebook website by the ‘Suck-on-This’ breast-feeding support group at Spokane’s Fuckwit Air Force Base in Washington State.
However, the Facebook photos and a short video clip quickly went viral after being posted online and ended up on YouTube and the Dog Wankers Delight porno website, attracting thousands of lewd and salacious comments.

While a bevy of moronic martinet military officials claim it was a breach of the regulations to use ‘the uniform’ to propagandise non-military causes, the group's leader, Fellattia van der Gamm defended their actions to a press hack from the Warmongers Gazette, stating that the photos were meant to generate awareness of World Breast-Feeding Week, plus educate and support breast-feeding mothers – and most definitely not denigrate the sanctity of the uniform - nor provide a bunch of debased masturbators with a visual display of sexual fantasy material for genital self-gratification.

Fuckwit AFB Commander Billy Bob Redneck informed Pox News there was no regulation against breast-feeding in uniform but the Air Force took issue with the uniform being used by an outside entity to promote their cause - regardless of it being a positive one – then added it was unlikely the enlisted females involved would face any form of severe disciplinary action - such as a good tit-slapping.

So, a piccie or two of GI Jane’s tits is considered taboo yet pix and videos of the 2nd Marines 3rd Battalion Scout Sniper Team 4 out of Camp Lejeune, stood in a semi-circle around a pile of dead Afghan civilians (pseudo-Taliban) and sacrilegiously pissing on the inert bodies might be frowned upon by the military top brass – but no critical mention nor condemnation is made of ‘the uniform’ being used to promote the cult of barbarism as the troopers can be heard joking 'Have a great day, buddy' and ‘A golden shower's the first bath this scumbag’s ever had.”

So too with a bunch of homicidal psychos from Afghanistan’s Bellend Province-based 82nd Airborne Division, all grinning like Cheshire cats while posing for pix with the severed legs of Shaheed al Ka-Boom, a Taliban suicide bomber – and holding the dead man's hand with the middle finger raised, plus displaying an unofficial platoon patch reading 'Zombie Hunter'.

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