Thursday, 14 June 2012

Renta-Thug Slammed viz Israeli Connection

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Broken Britain’s Libservative Coalition government faces an overdue grilling by Bolshie factions of the New Labour opposition this week concerning the award of lucrative mega-bucks Olympic Games security contracts to an amoral UK corporation active in the promotion and administration of the internationally-condemned illegal settlements established by the terrorist state of Israeli in the occupied West Bank Palestinian territories.

This censorial action follows in the wake of the Foreign Office’s closet case Fuhrer, Herr Willy Vague - a career ZioNazi ‘Friends of Israel’ apologist – attempting to score a few political brownie points by voicing a hypocritical condemnation of Tel Aviv’s Ministry for Expropriation of Palestinian Lands’ policy of bulldozing the marginalised goyim’s homes and olive groves – and American civil rights activists - to make room for hordes of white immigrant Jews of convenience settlers.

Scum-Watch, the UK’s critical government abuse monitor charity, claim Vague’s turncoat stance on things ‘Zionist’ has been sparked by the reprehensible actions of the pariah Israeli regime’s PM Bobo Nuttyahoo earlier this week – snubbing, with his customary chutzpah, a Jerusalem High Court ruling that all illegal Shylock Homes settlements are to be demolished and the lands returned to the rightful owners – then issuing a ‘fuck you’ statement that he intends to authorise the construction of a further 850 Yid-Build high-rise apartments on land stolen from the Palestinian residents of the Rachel Corrie Memorial Village.

The British government’s ‘approved’ provider of security and cash services for the Olympics, the G4S Renta-Thug Agency, is an entrenched supplier of equipment for scores of Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank - besides their ruthless involvement in the ‘rendition’ of pick n mix Muslim prisoners to the Facility 1391 interrogation and torture centre where hapless Palestinians kidnapped by the IDF’s Musta’rivem units are ‘inducted’ and come out feet first – covered in bruises and cattle prod scars – and missing all manner of vital internal organs – a practice the British Parliament severely criticized as being ‘very naughty’ and an abuse of their human rights back in 2010.

Monday’s planned House of Conmans grilling will be led by the ginger-mingin Labour peer Clive Bollicks who intends to table a written question requiring clarifications on the steps the government has taken to prevent G4S’s Renta-Morons from continuing their immoral ‘for profit’ cooperation with the rogue Israeli regime in the illegal settlements.

Baron Bollicks informed one press hack from the Barbarians Gazette “It’s morally reprehensible that Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and his racist Knesset offer this Promised Land incentive to immigrant settlers when it’s part of the Palestinian West Bank territories – and here we have the G4S Renta-Moron Agency helping to secure Israel’s apartheid policies. “

“Hence it is only correct and in the public interest that we challenge their moral integrity to provide security for the Olympic venues – especially so in light of the recent Sarah Hubble whistle-blowing revelations scandal that G4S - who might well blow their own horn and boast to be the world’s leading international security solutions group - are in over their pointy little heads on vetting an extra 10,400-plus new hire guards, marshals and stewards for the 2012 Games.”

“To expedite the processing of this Biblical multitude, G4S have resorted to short cuts by using unvetted recruits to vet new hires. This represents a fast track policy fraught with disastrous complications – and which the company have conspicuously gone into denial defence mode over since terminating the services of the hapless Ms Hubble with extreme prejudice. Frankly, we’ve seen better organised riots and I’ll be demanding to know who carried out the due diligence review of G4S’s suitability to qualify for this Olympics role they’ve been awarded.”

“Conversely, this vetting clusterfuck might well be contrived by design as a later loophole excuse to hang around some ill-fated employee’s neck – and a scheme to let their Israeli Mossad agent mates sneak inside the Games to carry out another 7/7 style false flag attack, then blame it on Mohammed al Patsy and his Jolly Jihad Gang stooges – just as they did with Peter Power’s Visor Consultants mock anti-terrorist bomb attack drills on the London Tube that started rally going Ka-Boom - to demonise Muslims as a bunch of self-immolating Saracen scallies and generate yet another wave of Islamophobia.”

In response to Baron Bollicks scheduled House of Conmans censure of G4S, the company CEO, Genghis ‘Pitbull’ McScrote, informed one press hack from the Extraordinary Rendition Gazette that while bleeding heart activists claim the incarceration of Palestinian prisoners in Israel is a breach of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention’s prohibition on the transfer of prisoners from occupied territory, the rogue Zionist state’s kikester-dominated Supreme Court has long maintained that their 24/7/365 martial law status, with emergency regulations governing detention, overrides international law on Palestinian prisoner transfers.

Hmmm, always a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ bolthole around when these unscrupulous twats need one.

To wit, regardless of Willy Vague’s duplicitous blather and pontification concerning human rights and wrongs abuses in the occupied West Bank territories, the Foreign Office – under New Labour - itself signed a three-year £27 million quid contract in March 2010 with G4S to provide security services in the UK and Afghanistan – a factor Vague has never bothered to amend nor correct.

So, thanks to Karma and good old ‘sock-it-to-em’ serendipity, just when G4S thought their run of censorial bad publicity couldn’t get an worse – it just did, with scores of activists from Renta-Mob demonstrating outside the company’s Annual General Meeting in the City on Thursday afternoon to protest against their horrendous human rights record in various security markets around the globe - from Israeli interrogation centres to UK immigration detention facilities and prisons.

Ah well, we are looking at a company that runs six prisons where 400 prisoners are hired for 40 hours a week for as little as £2 quid per day – so the burden of what is termed ‘a duty of care’ becomes an absolute fucking joke when we consider the fate of disenfranchised Palestinian political prisoners – men, women and children – that remain victim to G4S’s tender mercies in Israel – the Middle East’s ‘Beacon of Democracy’ - and can only reflect on the 11th October 2011 mortal fate of Jimmy Mubenga – a coloured person killed while in their deportation ‘custody’ on BA Flight 77 due the alleged application of the company’s barbarous ‘carpet karaoke‘ restraint practice.

Thought for the day: Rumours abound that G4S have instructed London’s numero uno ambulance-chasing litigators, Crater-Ffuck Solicitors to issue a gagging order writ against any and all media sources from publishing details of the alleged scandalous complicity of G4S Danish founder Marius Hogrefe and his Kjøbenhavn Frederiksberg Nattevagt SA security company being contracted by the Nazi SS to provide guards for the Storstrom-based Frøslev Concentration Camp (Polizeigefangenenlager Frøslev) during the World War Two German occupation of Denmark.

Following in the venal footsteps of the Zionist-dominated corrupt governments of the Western world, and Big Oil and Big Pharma, and the likes of Monsanto and other GMO Insta-Mutant Frankenfoods corporations – and too the military-industrial-bankster multi-nationals, G4S has pawned whatever socio-political credibility and moral franchise it ever possessed for a pew before the altar of Mammon. History will not remember them kindly.

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Nice bit of research on the G4S founder's Nazi connection.

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The Renta-Thug term gets me - lol's - cos that's exactly what the G4S outfit are.