Thursday, 21 February 2013

UK School Bans Rape Play Games

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In what has been exposed as the ultimate in the Hall of Shame of video game controversy, Smegmadale-on-Sea parents were left in varying states of gob-smacked aghast horror and associated nervous trauma after being informed their primary school children - aged nine and ten years – had received cautions from the head teacher after being caught playing 'the randy rape game'

Mrs Candida Ffitch-Gargoyle, head at the St Sappho School for Latter Day Sluts in Smegmadale, informed a press hack from the Pederasts Gazette that the first indications of this sordid ‘game’ being played became known to staff following an incident in which several male pupils approached the comely 18 year old Dutch exchange Art class teacher, Ms Fellattia van der Gamm, to inquire if she’d like to join in their after-school ‘rape game’ activities.

Obviously due something being lost in the translation, Ms van der Gamm readily agreed to participation in what she believed would be an interesting cross culture extra-curriculum activity - which led to her being blindfolded then hogtied and stripped naked in a veritable ‘Neko Kappa’ BD/SM scenario in one pupil’s back garden tree house – and subjected to hours of rampant three hole multi-orgasmic sex by several Year 5 class male students – plus one ‘tomboy’ contemporary with lesbian tendencies - kitted out with her elder sister’s strapon dildo and a Jolly Jackrabbit vibrator.

Apparently this novel playground activity has recently superceded such traditional pastimes as skipping, hop scotch and ticky – with pubescent Year 6 girlie pupils being targeted for their budding breasts and downy genitalia then stalked by a crew of horny 10-year old ‘Chikans’ and gang raped – much to the delight of their fellow pupils who make great industry of recording all on their smart phones then posting the scenes on Facebook and YouTube and blackmailing the victims via Twitter for 50% of their lunch money.

After being threatened with a two-week stay in one of North Wales’ myriad kiddie fiddling ‘care homes’ and sodomised by Tory cabinet ministers, the offending pupils came clean and revealed the concept for their ‘rape play’ was copied from a banned Japanese video game which depicts violent sexual assaults on a mother and two daughters.

RapeLay (Reipirei) banned in most civilised countries – apart from Japan - is a 3D ‘eroge’ video game made by Illusion Soft – producers of the Artificial Girl series - and specifically designed for the sexual stimulation of self-abusing onanists and ‘salary men’ sick and tired of their lard-arsed whingeing wives complaining about leaking radioactivity from the Fuckupshima nuclear power plant making their hair fall out – and who simply can’t get turned on reading kanji translation copies of Fifty Shades of Grey without a double 100mg shot of Viagra.

The controversial game centres on a male character Doggo Wanka, who stalks and rapes a sexy MILF neighbour named Mrs Shaggamora and her teenage daughters, Titsy and Slagella – with the player able to choose from a variety of sexual positions and control the ‘in-out’ humping actions by holding the mouse against his cock as he jacks off.

RapeLay’s graphic depictions of glorification of sexual violence have led to its outright banning although Amazon - so recently scandalised over the brutal actions of neo-Nazi security guards at their main Krautland plant treating migrant workers like slave labour – only stopped marketing the game and removed it from their website after being threatened with sanctions by the British government’s regulatory body.

While the game breaches Japan's obligations under the 1985 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, copies are still a hotcakes sales item across the Land of the Rising Sun, regardless of the Ethics Organization of Computer Software attempting to restrict the sale and production of the offending game.

Thus is the way of human nature when faced with the dual temptations of lust and profit.

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