Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Krautland Scamazon use Nazi Security Thugs

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Scamazon, the colossus Internet retail dealer, has now gone from spin doctoring damage control denial into ‘no comment - speak to our lawyers’ mode following the broadcast of a Der Shitraker channel television documentary exposing the concentration camp style living conditions their migrant workers’ are forced to endure – along with a despicable litany of human rights abuses inflicted on them by a storm trooper unit of neo-Nazi security guards at its main German distribution warehouse in Bad Thugsfeld.

Hensel European Scumbag Security (HESS – named in loving memory of Hitler’s bonkers second-in-command Rudolph) – whose ranks are 65% composed of moonlighting DVD / GO2 and Bundespolizei officers - has been fingered for racially harassing and torturing seasonal workers from the Eastern bloc as they’re of gyppo and pikey ethnic stock and don’t quite fit the desired Aryan stereotype (fat blonde morons with the inbred mongrel IQ of an autistic gerbil - who look even sillier in lederhosen).

Unveiling a heinous culture of threats and bullying, the expose programme further revealed scandalous explicit film footage of HESS’s skinhead security guards kitted out in Thor Steinar Naziesque black uniforms, sporting swastika armbands and silver SS ‘Totenkopf’ Deaths Head badges – hired for the sole purpose of intimidating Scamazon’s 5,000 foreign employees – not only kicking workers in the ass but persistently poking them with sharp sticks and shouting ‘Juden scum!’ regardless of their nationality, race or religious affiliations.

The Der Shitraker documentary’s covert filming catches HESS thugs in the act of forcibly strip searching female migrant workers inside the foreign labour section’s accommodation following their breakfast - under the pretext of looking for pilfered bread rolls.

Fellattia Skanger, 69, a former Romanian clothes peg vendor and palm reader, informed the programme interviewer that “They come at all hours and turn over our dormitory in the Auschwitz 7 block and tell us the barbed wire fence is electrified at night to prevent us escaping – and if we do not submit to their gross sexual demands and ‘suck the bratwurst’ they will switch on the Zyklon B gas the next time we are taking our weekly communal shower on a Sunday night – then toss our bodies into the company incinerator.”

Thought for the day. So, Scamazon, the biggest online retailer in the known Universe, now joins the disreputable ranks of those Third World basket case regimes that sanction the use of their general populations to labour away for a pittance in sweatshops – where some latter day Iago reigns supreme and his taskmaster’s lash exacts a workload toll to the pace-setting beat of an infernal drum.

Hmmm, the British press will doubtless have a field day viz condemnation on the neo-Nazi brutality theme – but let’s not forget our own Metropolitan Plod Squad murder Brazilian electricians in broad daylight and get away with their crimes on the feeble excuse of “Whoops – he looked like a Paki Muslim terrorist suicide bomber”.

Hence fuck the Freemasons and their Secret Handshake Club and the poxy Jesuits and Opus Dei and Big Brother – and his sister – and the Edomite Mafia – ‘and’ the New World Order’s Crapitalist system.

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