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Scameron Embarks on Next Foreign War

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Following two world wars during the last century in which British troops have crossed the Channel ‘twice’ – both times to teach the hapless, craven French how to kick out the Bosche bully boy invaders - now the UK’s fatally-flawed Con-Dem coalition has deployed 330-plus military personnel to north-west Africa and particularly the Third World basket case shithole marked on the atlas with the name ‘Mali’ - to help the Gorfs (backward Frogs) yet again – to stem the advance of the marginalised Tuareg malcontents (rebels) that want a fair share of the country’s gold wealth mined in their home provinces - all currently being hogged by the graft and corruption-ridden Francophile kleptocracy government of President Dingbat Chuckabutty in Bamako.

Speaking to a press hack from the Warmongers Gazette, UK Defence Secretary Philip ‘Dandruff’ Hammond, revealed that the 330 military personnel contingent will comprise 200 squaddies assigned to ‘Mission Creep’ and hang around the Bordj Mokhtar oasis town on the Mali-Algerian border – to get pissed, play cards and bonk goats until someone decides where they’re needed most – with 40 military advisers to work closely with the Malian Army – if they can stand the smell – and teach them which end of an assault rifle the bullets come out of.
A further 70 personnel will be manning the RAF’s Sentinel surveillance aircraft, with another 20 aboard a C17 transport plane - who will doubtless spend half their time queuing up to use the single in-flight bog-standard toilet.

Zionist stooge government ministers – Scameron included - from around the 27-member EUSSR’s Common Debtocracy states met in Brussels this past week and tossed bagfuls of their taxpayer’s hard earned cash into a central kitty, which totalled up to £289 million quid, to tackle Bolshie political opponents in Mali, Niger and Algeria who’ve got it into their stupid heads to upset the status quo apple cart and demand a cut of the national mega-bucks income bounties: oil, gas, gold and uranium.

Questioned on sources of further funding by a reporter from the False Flag Review, the bloviating Scameron announced that Willy Vague’s Foreign Office would be able to provide an extra £50 million nicker’s worth of military aid to assist in the training of West African forces thanks to recent austerity measures conjured up by top Tory scumbag Lord Freud which will come into force in April and generate a veritable windfall of cash through a new rip-off Bedroom Tax scam.

Meanwhile, now supported by the Brit’ military contingent, French troops and their Malian ‘brassasdiers’ are consolidating their position in the historic city of Timbuktu after seizing it from what they have branded *** Islamist Jihadists / extremists – the same derogatory tag applied to all groups that dares question the status quo and try to challenge any manifestation of Western intervention concerning their domestic affairs.

***(Islamic Jihadist / extremist / domestic terrorist – described in the New World Order Handbook for Dummies from Rothshite ZioNazi Publications as any hapless Muslim who has the brazen audacity to disagree with or censure their government – or dares criticise Israel and their barbaric treatment of the marginalised Palestinian population – wreaked asunder into two socio-political ghettos – the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip - in what used to be the – er – sovereign state of Palestine. This Kafkaesque / Humpty Dumpty philosophy also covers the entire spectrum of Gentile goyim critics - and self-hating Jews – and replaced the terrifying spectre of global Soviet Trotskyism - the bogus Russian red menace communist conspiracy).

To add the diplomatic seal of approval to this latest neo-colonial ‘Rhodesesque’ intrusion into Africa, Broken Britain’s battlefield-ready PM, ‘Kevlar Dave’ Scameron, arrived in Algeria last Wednesday with a team of Foreign Office spin doctors and MI6 ‘risk assessors’ to cover up any trace or mention of blonde-haired blue-eyed terrorists with Cockney accents, accidentally snuffed during the recent hostage crisis stand-off at the Ain Amenas natural gas complex – along with a bevy of Canadian and French agent provocateurs – plus the regular hi-fiving crew of Mossad scumbags who escaped the scene in an Urban Moving Systems furniture removals van – back across the adjacent Libyan border.

This credibility-impaired, mendacious twat Scameron – visibly shitting kittens due being so far from his insular Hooray Henry comfort zone (and safety) in Westminster – nervously informed one BBC reporter in Algiers that “North Africa’s only just around the corner from Britain – and London’s in easy striking distance for al Qaeda’s air force and weapons of mass distraction missiles” - intentionally adding to the fear-mongering barrage of Islamophobia and the demonization of Muslims in general, purposely launched by the media at the government’s request to keep the common herd in a perpetual state of glancing over their shoulder and going into headless chicken hysteria mode – shitting kittens at any sound that resembles the swish of the Grim Reaper’s scythe laying low his human harvest, reaping the victims of terrorist violence.

Conversely, British lawmakers and military experts have warned Posh Dave that Britain could become embroiled in a lengthy Vietnam-style conflict in Mali and Niger – securing the gold and uranium resources – yet another open-ended military quagmire. Especially so if the foul and foreign French were involved and knowing their past ‘run, rabbit, run’ Vietnam surrender monkey experience at Diem Phen Phu in 1954.

Er, excuse me – did someone mention ‘quagmires’? They already are – in Afghanistan – same as the Soviets were years ago – and the dumb-assed Yanks in Vietnam. As Santayana so wisely observed “Those who do not learn from history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them” – which is a certainty if we continue with the rules of the ZioNazi playbook and the outlaw state of Israel’s ‘can get away with murder’ approach to every fucking thing.

But there’s no stopping the advance of this asymmetrical World War Three scenario which was kick started by the US / Israeli ZioNazis back in September 2001: aka 9/11. Like Pearl Harbour before it, a day that will go down in the annals of infamy: and treason for the murder of American citizens by the sinister neo-con kikesters and their military-industrial cabal’s shadow government.

There was no Al-Quaeda and Islam never a threat, nor did Muslims give two fucks about our democratic freedoms - until the West invaded their lands. The real terrorists are power-hungry government berserkers within the Zionist-dominated governments of the Great Satan and Europe and Israel. Nope, it’s all Scotch mist on a grand scale, an Alice Liddell opiate drug trip of Brobdingnagian finger-pointing proportions – and all to forward the Rothshite Zionist Protocols agenda.

A recent quote from the UK-based Britam Defence Limited Chairman, General Sir Michael Wilkes, sums up this pantomime of errors. “We cater for every military and security eventuality – whether it’s a couple of bouncers to act as doormen and screen piss-head yobettes for their troll rating and ‘minger-bility’ on a Friday night – or provide strong-arm back-up for the bailiffs serving a TV licence delinquency summons on some Bolshie old bat of a Grandma – or expediting a false flag chemical weapons attack on Syria to get Mr Assad in trouble with the UN – we do it all”.

(Of course it might be yet another Zionist kikester / Masonic / Jesuit plot – using Russian speaking Ukrainian mercenaries to deploy and detonate Soviet origin toxic gas / chemical g-shells originally supplied to Gaddafi and now under the control of the Benghazi Car Boot Sale Collective).

Thought for the day. Any pensioners like myself wondering what happened to the £50 quid the twat-brained Chancellor Osborne knocked off our Winter Fuel Allowance last Christmas, then here is where it went – to fund the Free Syrian Army rebel’s leader’s 5-star hotel rooms in Istanbul and Doha – and pay for this latest ‘mission creep’ foreign military misadventures in Mali and Niger.

So will our not-fit-for-purpose Plod Squad ever launch an investigation into the criminal aspects of these neo-imperialist wars of aggression by our crooked politico’s infesting the House of Conmans – starting with Tony Bliar and the illegal invasion of Iraq / murder of Dr David Kelly?
Doubtful, so no fucker or their dog are advised to hold their breath as the Met’s too occupied stitching up dead Tory cabinet ministers on charges of kiddie fiddling – or arresting domestic terrorists like anti-war protester Babs Tucker, squatting under a brolly in Parliament Square.

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