Friday, 15 February 2013

UK Plays Latest Islamic Demonisation Card

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The UK’s Foreign Secretary Willy Vague yesterday outlined his latest hare-brained scheme for building justice and human rights alliances with a legion of Third World basket case shitholes and despotic regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain - conspicuously excluding Israel, who, in Vague’s cock-eyed pro-Zionist stooge opinion, are the showpiece of Mid-East Democracy and fair play, and hence above reproach and criticism regarding their even-handed war crime abuses of the Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip.

Giving a speech at the Royal United Bullshit Institute in London on Thursday morning, Vague informed the Common Purpose brainwashed nodding dog assembly of Secret Handshake Club members that this latest novel scheme would make it easier to disseminate black propaganda concerning Islamic terrorist groups bent on taking Western hostages and blowing up passenger aircraft by setting fire to their shoes - or skiddies – or smuggling a hand carry bag chocker with laboratory equipment into an aircraft toilet to process some Wiley T Coyote style sub-nuclear explosive device out of bars of soap, hand lotion and Preparation H.

Vague’s speech comes in the wake of January’s false flag terrorist attack on a natural gas facility at Ain Amenas in Algeria, located dead on the Libyan border, which resulted in host of scare-mongering ‘more error than terror’ news bulletins and similar disinformation being launched and spread across the pages of the red top gutter press and moronic goggle box media - all hyping up concerns that the non-existent al-Qaeda have launched an all-out invasion of North Africa – thanks to the Chinese.

During the gun battle at the British Polluters’ Tiguentourine gas plant, six British nationals were killed – with four being actual worker-hostages – and the odd ones out a part of the agent provocateur terrorist force’s Cockney Slang Unit which had infiltrated from the Western-armed and funded paramilitary nightmare that now constitutes the trigger-happy People’s Revolutionary Islamic Republic of Libya – yet another Balkanised fuck-up NATO and the Great Satan have left in their wake – all styled on the Iraq model of mayhem and chaos.

Vague claims that Broken Britain is faced with dilemmas over how closely it works with the backward governments of Saharan Africa as the lurking danger posed by militant Islam – and Chinese commercial interests – threaten the West’s previous stranglehold on the continent’s natural resources – gold, uranium, col-tan, etcetera et al – precious and rare mineral unobtaniums ad infinitum.

The Foreign Office civil service mandarins, in their superb arrogance and selective memories, now lack any form of an established relationship with a single one of these North-West African governments – and emphasise they operate at ‘different standards’ to the English template – a euphemism for the fact they’re so graft and corruption-ridden that the government administrative systems are unable to operate without baksheesh and ‘under-the-table’ lucre.

To wit, Vague considers that the old British Empire gunboat diplomacy approach of putting the boot in - or if they didn’t understand the Queen’s English then just shout louder – or open up with the Vickers machine guns - are unethical in this age of political correctness and will no longer work effectively thanks to do-gooder liberals and human rights activists – and the internet’s alternative ‘true news’ media spreading the gospel.

Hence the actual heads of state (and extended families) need to be tempted to adopt the Western democracy / free trade model via the route of numbered Swiss bank accounts and well salaried titular directorships of the international corporations that wish to engage in the rape of their country’s natural resources without encountering labour union problems or strikes – or any slope-headed Chinese competition.

To round off this pantomime wish list for latter day colonialism, Vague’s game plan strategy aims to include improving the standards of local police forces and security services - and contracting the likes of G4S to ensure human rights are respected in adminsitrative detention centres – just as they do at Israel’s prisons – such as the notorious Facility 1391 interrogation and torture centre – where Palestinian prisoners might go in with two kidneys but only come out with one – if they’re lucky.

Thought for the day. Colonial arrogance besides, how does Vague plan to sell the idea of basing MQ-9 Reaper hunter-killer drones and NATO troops inside the sovereign territories of these Saharan military-industrial-corporate acquisitions – apart from bribing them into submission – or calling up Slackwater / Xe Services LLC / Academi’s Renta-Coup department for an insta-regime change?

Regardless, fuck the Freemasons and the poxy Jesuits and Opus Dei and the Rothshite crime syndicate and Edomite Mafia – and Big Brother – and his sister - and their New World Order.

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