Friday, 8 February 2013

BBC: Monopoly Token Top World News

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So typical of Broken Britain’s fudger / paedophile-infested Biased Broadcasting Corporation overall – and specifically their online news website – taxpayer-funded as it might well be - that there’s nary a mention in the banner headlines of the despotic dirty deeds violently visited on the heads (and backs) of the hapless pro-democracy demonstrators in Bahrain, nor the continuing evils committed by PM Bobo Nuttyahoo’s ZioNazi regime in Israel against the marginalised victim populations of the ever-diminishing occupied West Bank territories and besieged Gaza Strip – nor the Balkanised mayhem and chaos NATO have left in their wake following the ‘humanitarian intervention’ operations into Libya.

Obviously the Beeb’s board of trustees and editorial news staff, in their efforts not to offend any part of the Edomite Mafia and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s machinations, have totally lost the plot and are now unable to even say ‘Boo!’ to a goose let alone criticise the Great Satan’s extra-judicial drone murders which have turned the ‘fear and anxiety’ stricken common herd populations of a swathe of Third World Muslim countries into paranoid neurotics - forever craning their necks to listen for the whisper of an approaching MQ-9 Reaper drone – then glancing over their shoulder to see which direction the next AGM-114 Shitehawk missile is coming from.

So to all those UK citizens either willingly or coerced by threats of ‘detector vans’ into still paying their telly licences which go to fund the BBC’s pro-Zionist propaganda machine and in-house Omertà policy of covering up kiddie fiddling crimes for decades – ‘and’ facilitating such a cavalier waste of public money to provide a mega-bucks golden handshake payoff to an utter failure like the disgraced Spotty Entwistle – we say think twice before further capitalising what has essentially become a state-controlled media mouthpiece with the dissertation of accurate and impartial news being the last thing on their agenda – along with the truth – perhaps in part being thanks to the ex-Director-General John ‘Adultery’ Birt’s ‘blue skies thinking’ philosophy and desire to cover up nasty home truths. Typical of what one might expect from a person who’d suffer the despicable presence of Peter Scandalson at his wedding.

Should we put it down to venality – or simply the spread of this all-consuming apathy that now permeates every thread of the weave and fabric of our sick, corruption-ridden society – that the likes of Beeb Chairman Chris Patten - and the rest of the institutional 'Trustee' dinosaurs that the KT Boundary Event impact unfortunately missed - no longer care that access to factual and detailed information is essential to the manifestation of a responsible Socratic citizenry and government – with the establishment and maintenance of a national community characterized by a civically engaged, well-versed and socially invested population.

Regardless, the BBC board are well aware that intentionally, and with malice aforethought, the corrupting or distorting of the verisimilitude of quality and newsworthy information – and / or an act of withholding access to the same - wilfully or unintentionally – then forms the core structure of a totalitarian, fascist state and nurtures the rise of anarchy and insurrection.

But that’s the ultimate end game target – the creation and maintenance of a dysfunctional society – with the wholesale disruption of British society on the EUSSR Federation / New World Order agenda – and the four pillars of our human identity, the four major collective forces - Race, Religion, Family and Nation – cast to the winds like so much dross.

Mayhap our Con-Dem coalition government – all of Parliament – and too Whitehall – might well be served by studying the Enlightenment era maxims and philosophy of Charles Louis Montesquieu of France and his admirable dissertation that state power should be divided in three sectors - Legislative, Executive and Judicial - and an oversight system of checks and balances should exist twix the three hence assuring that none would be over the other – and ‘truth’ would reign in all things.

Without such then not only are democracy and justice obstructed and perverted but downgraded to the level of the cesspit – thanks to the likes of New Labour’s Tony Bliar and now the Tory Party’s Posh Dave Scameron carrying on the tradition.

Thought for the day. Democracy and truth be fucked - yesterday’s stellar BBC headline for the UK was ‘Cat Replaces Iron on Monopoly board’.

So while the rest of the known Universe has a beady eye cast on the neo-colonial antics of France and Britain in Mali and Niger – and the demolition of Palestinian homes in the West Ban to make way for more illegal settlers - the Beeb’s obsessed with Hambro’s recent poll to choose the most popular token ‘avatars’ for their revised Monopoly game – with Tiddles winning out over the smoothing iron.

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