Wednesday, 27 February 2013

UK Academics Boycott ZioNazi State

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The Oxford University Students Union are set to go into conclave later today and vote on a controversial motion to boycott the rogue ZioNazi state of Israel after a tumultuous week that’s seen flurries of hate mail carrying accusations of anti-Semitism and Holohoax denial – along with a class act male menopausal dummy-spitting tantrum thrown by Gorgeous George Galloway, the Independent MP for Old Scrotum.

Galloway reportedly arrived 90 minutes late, delivered his caustic diatribe condemning Israel for every sin in the book – and then some – following which he stormed out of the ensuing debate at Christ Church College after interrupting a speech attempting to justify the occupied West Bank illegal settlements by Freddy Fagin, one of God’s Chosen People studying at Bignose College - and spokesman for the land-grabbing Israeli settlers' council, Yesha.

This week’s motion, which is set to be tabled at the National Union of Students conference at Sheffield in April, calls on the student body to join the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, in protest at the actions of Israel's Ministry for Expropriation of Palestinian Lands - and Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo’s hard-arsed refusal to give back any of the territory stolen from the Palestinian owners of ‘Palestine’ in the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah (the Day of the Catastrophe – the start of the Palestinian Holocaust – their Shoah) and later in the all-out 1967 land grab.

Basically the Oxford Union’s stance comes down to the fact that regardless of Western governments being infiltrated and funded (read ‘corrupted’) by Zionist lobby interests, certain canny elements of the common herd, still equipped with two ounces of common sense and a moral conscience, are sick to the back teeth with the outlaw state of Israel’s ruling Edomite Mafia (along with the Rothshite crime syndicate) and their total disregard for UN rulings and sanctions – plus tossing the bird at the statutes of international law – and their arrogant displays of chutzpah and hasbara when dismissing censure of their human rights and wrongs – and litany of war crimes – for is it not an established fact – practiced by the US and European stooge Zionist ‘Friends of Israel Club’ governments that criticism of these Children of the Covenant is Mesira – forbidden!

Accusations of anti-Semitism besides, the BDS movement urges a boycott of all Israeli exports including weapons of mass distraction, red noses, Mama Shylock’s Miracle Matzo – and the rabid Rabbi’s black market trade in transplant organs stolen from Palestinian prisoners – along with firms that do business in Israel: including the G4S Renta-Thug Security Agency; waste management company Veolia that pollutes the Gaza Strip with Israeli sewage – and Caterpillar – makers of the Rachel Corrie D8 model ‘human rights activist crushing’ bulldozer.

Meanwhile, as the anti-Zionist fervour spreads across the green and pleasant domain of our once-sceptred isle like a latter-day pogrom wildfire, down at Colchester’s Essex University, Alon Roth-Scumm, the Israeli deputy ambassador to the UK, was forced to flee from the university campus after his address was disrupted by angry student members of the Palestine Solidarity Group and Socialist Worker Student Society chanting “Settlers out of the West Bank!” and “Free the Prisoners of Gaza!” – demanding the demolition of the Israeli’s Great Apartheid Walls and closure of the notorious Facility 1391 interrogation and torture centre.

A YouTube video posted by the Electronic Intifada webmaster on February 21st shows the Essex U’ students pissing on G4S security guards and giving the finger to university officials’ threats that protesters would have to stand in the corner and get their names in the Naughty Book if they didn’t cease and desist from their protests which forced Roth-Scumm to abandon his speech after five minutes - with the irate assembly chanting “We’re not here to be brainwashed by some racist ZioNazi tosspot preaching about Israel’s Final Solution to the Palestinian problem.”

Thought for the day. This skit is dedicated to the immortal memory of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat – tortured to death by the homicidal maniacs serving as his Israeli gaolers in the G4S-run Magiddo Prison – those clinically-insane kikesters (the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience) running the apartheid state of Israel – who the UK’s taxpayer-funded BBC (British Coverups Corp) are under strict orders never to criticise.

Regardless of their perpetual cultural obsession with things kosher, usury anti-Semitism, the Holohoax - and snipping foreskins – all benchmarks of Jewish essentialism - the tactics of these Israel-based warmongering Khazar-Ashkenazi Yids of convenience - and their US- based AIPAC / Poxman ADL / B'nai Brith lobbyist groups - plumb the depths of dishonour and indecency, due their litany of character assassination, selective misquotation, the wilful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the statutes of international law – and ‘the truth’.

Hence fuck the Edomite Mafia and the Rothshite crime syndicate and their New World Order capital of Jerusalem. Plus fuck Israel and the Great Satan and the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – or the Project for a New American Century – or the Foreign Policy Initiative or whatever they choose to label this game plan devoted to their Brotherhood of the Snake and Cult of the Golden Calf - and that insatiable god of greed: Mammon.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a politically-incorrect hostile environment infested with Māḡēn Dāwīḏ worshipping ZioNazi meshuggenah psychopaths and may contain elements of sickening Israeli schadenfreude, along with anti-Semitic paranoia, Holohoax ‘victims’ propaganda, unqualified arrogance, racist apartheid innuendo, lashings of Yidster hudaibiya, kvelling, hasbara and chutzpah - and quantifiable amounts of utter lunacy – along with nano-particle traces exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and a chemtrail residue of bush telegraph innuendo - plus a total disregard for the statutes of international law, human rights and the niceties of a polite and civilised society.

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