Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NHS Gagging Costs Top Health Budget

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If it isn’t one thing, then it’s another - (as any old trout of a fishwife would pontificate on from morning til night if not fitted with a scold’s bridle to shut the twat up) - with the horsemeat brouhaha taking second place in the scandal charts as Westminster in inundated with gossip over Lord Leon Brittan of Spenditall being exposed by Operation Fernbridge as the Thatcher cabinet’s ‘chief kiddie fiddler’ – and the Con-Dem coalition’s dominant Tory Party now diverting £££ billions in ‘foreign aid’ funds allocated for needy Third World countries to go instead to Philip ‘Dandruff’ Hammond at the Ministry of Defence.

Critics claim this represents a total volte face from providing help to these basket case shitholes to a contradictory opposite – by funding the UK’s military forces to now bomb them instead as they’ve been added to the Great Satan’s ‘kill list’ by the Kenyan cuckoo Anti-Christ, Barky Obama and the Pentagon’s clinically insane martial administration of kiddie killing psychopaths.

However, what is the shelf life of a decent bit of scandal? Obviously not long around Parliament and Whitehall when the gutter press Daily Shitraker’s banner headline exposes that the National Ill-Health Service has spent £15 million quid – enough to pay the annual salaries of 750 nurses – on 'special severance payments' – to facilitate legal gag orders and ’omerta’ underhand payoffs which comprised draconian confidentiality clauses ensuring the silence of 600 NHS employees fired for pointing out sore thumb faults in the system and their snitch and grasser activities – and contractually prevent them from further whistle-blowing activities.

Tory MP Steve Barclay, the member of the public accounts committee who uncovered the gagging scandal and mega-bucks covert payoff expenditures, has fought tooth and nail for two years to have the figures released following refusals by both the Department of Health and Treasury – and only forced their hands after tabling a series of Parliamentary questions which raised the issue of NHS employees being silenced from reporting the short-comings, crimes and misdemeanours by non-disclosure clauses in their contracts.

Now the crusading Barclay, obviously out to crucify some fucker or their dog, has set his sights – and rightly so – on the party responsible for this major cluster-fuck: NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson, who has clung to his £270,000 per annum role despite presiding over the criminal Mid-Staffordshire hospital scandal that cost the lives of 1,200 patients.

So this latest expose at the scandal-ridden NHS might finally toll the bell for the useless Nicholson, a career Communist who should never have been put in charge of a kid’s playground, let alone the NHS Trust system.

Described by friends and civil service associates alike as a pleonastic bag of wind, Nicholson has earned a black reputation for spending taxpayer’s money with regard for neither budgets nor restraint on his personal expenses.
Thus the latest round of figures - £15 million quids-worth - pile even further pressure on Posh Dave Scameron’s administration to fire the old slug for his incompetence through overseeing this perverse culture of silencing public interest whistle-blowers to conceal his own managerial short-comings.

Just to put the boot in with a spot more sordid vilification, Nicholson claimed expenses of £50,000 a year on top of his basic salary of £200,000 – plus benefits in kind of £37,600 at a time when he was implementing the ‘Nicholson Challenge’ in 2009, slashing the NHS budget to make £20 billion nicker in cuts up to 2015.

Well, so much for Nicholson’s NHS efficiency savings – obviously that didn’t include the £15 million quid forked out to gag whistleblowers.
Gagging employees who bring genuine complaints or observations of breakdowns in the care system to the attention of the management is akin to the NHS pushing this oxymoronic ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ code that does the entire opposite of what its title implies - and should to all intents and purposes be rebranded as the SMS (Scouseland Murder System) – and it’s promoters – and practitioners – charged with homicide under the UK’s criminal justice statutes appertaining to the unlawful taking of human life.

Anyone see the irony – and inherent hypocrisy – here? Assisted suicides (to aid or abet) are illegal in the UK yet inducing / ‘causing death’ via the NHS administered Liverpool Care Pathway system isn’t – although it amounts to murder by any other name.

Thought for the day. If there’s nothing to hide then why employ gagging orders? But £15 million nicker can buy a lot of silence – and a few hit jobs to ensure loose lips stay closed.

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