Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bahrain Court Clears Murder Cops

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Judge Ghaban Kess Emakk, sitting at a high court hearing in Bahrain and acting on instructions from his Royal patrons, has acquitted two plods charged with murder in the shooting death of a pro-democracy demonstrator.
The expected decision – forecast by Flatbrokes, the UK’s ubiquitous High Street bookies, as an odds-on dead cert for copping a ‘not guilty’ verdict - came just two days after the same corrupt court confirmed the acquittal of half a dozen other uniformed homicidal maniacs in the deaths of protesters dating back to February 2011.

The fatality in question, a certain Mr Sheheed al Pigeon, was hit by birdshot fired from police riot guns at close range during this same period and subsequently bled to death due the fact doctors and nurses at the nearby Khara ibn Himar Medical Centre had been arrested the previous day for subversive acts against the state – specifically aiding and abetting wounded demonstrators – by bandaging the injuries they’d sustained in a brutal Plod Squad pick axe shaft and baseball bat charge to disperse them after they stared to get a narcotic high off the tear gas bombardments and grew rowdier than ever.

Mr al Pigeon was attending the funeral of a protester, Achmed bin Bala’a il A’air who had been shot the day before when the police came under attack from a hostile crowd spitting pomegranate seeds at them and shouting ‘Down with the Great Satan’ and ‘Yankee go home!’ then starting shooting to disperse the mob.
However the court, presided over by Prince Ras al Shitbag, a member of the ruling al Khalifa family, rejected defence arguments that the officers should be found guilty of murder – and conversely decided there was no intention to use lethal force even if the police had aimed and fired their shotguns directly at the now-expired Mr al Pigeon and a host of other unfortunates.

International human rights and wrongs observers and UN jurists are in damning agreement that this is yet another sore thumb case of justice denied and the litany of crimes being sanctioned by the ruling al Khaifa regime are starting to mount up and resemble that of the rogue state of Israel’s.

King Hamad bin Fat Git al Khalifa’s military forces have been armed, aided and abetted in their brutal crackdown on pro-democracy activists by troops from Saudi Arabia’s barbaric 21st Ras al Thugg Battalion - who are hyper-anxious that Bahrain should not be the first of the despotic Mid-East dynasty dominoes to fall – especially so as the postage stamp kingdom is home to the US Navy's 5th Fleet – on 24/7 stand-by in readiness for the forthcoming pre-emptive sneak attack on Iran once their proxy war in Syria is won in favour of the foreign mercenary rebel groups attempting – without much success – to oust the incumbent government of Basher al Assad.

Amnesty International’s Lebanon-based spokesman, Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer, informed one press hack from the Despots Gazette that “These Shi’ite protesters, the majority of Bahrain’s hapless common herd population, are just after their Arab Spring portion of democratic fair play – which has as much chance of becoming a reality as does that of Hell freezing over – or Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo agreeing to halt the illegal kikester settler programmes in the occupied West Bank of Palestine – or the IDF’s ethnic cleansing and slow cook genocide of the population of the Gaza Strip – the Knesset’s Final Solution to the Palestinian problem.”

So fuck the Edomite Mafia and their Arab state Zionist lackeys and the poxy Jesuits and Opus Dei and - and the New World Order.

Thought for the day. Yep, Bahrain’s common herd are at a definite disadvantage while the scumbag al Khalifa regime’s jackboot remains on their hapless necks – but they’re better off than the UK’s badgers as the blood and gore loving Tory- dominated coalition have just sanctioned a massive cull of their number to stem the spread of bovine TB – which will achieve no such objective.

But with shit-for-brains morons like Defra’s Minister Owen ‘Cobblers’ Paterson running the show then doubtless the bees will be next on the hit list.

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