Monday, 18 February 2013

Con-Dem Hypocrisy viz Social Welfare

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In what human rights abuse watchdogs are branding as the start of a venal policy of de facto social cleansing, a pick and mix gaggle of 3,000 poverty-stricken vulnerable members of the Metropolitan demographic (adults and children) are set to be further marginalised by Camden’s Stalinesque council and suffer what is referred to in Third World basket case shitholes as ‘transmigration’.

This inhuman practice - perfected to an actual art form by the Empire-building colonial powers of history - will involve an initial 760-odd families being tossed out of their homes and shipped hundreds of miles up the M1 / M6 to try and claim their apportioned entitlement of the rapidly-diminishing state welfare benefits (unemployment / housing) from some other ‘more charitable’ local authority body – with inhospitable Scouseland mentioned in secret council dispatches as the preferred choice of gulag to dump the exiled penniless pariahs – a destination already overflowing with its own brand of scrotes and scallies who’ve made a profitable career out of benefit fraud.

London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense informed a press hack from the Ripoffs Gazette that the central Metropolitan district’s ‘desirable residences’ (a politically-correct term for a recently re-painted slum) will soon be restricted to select groups of economic immigrants from around the EUSSR – and the ubiquitous Yardies - who are able to afford the rising rents through their drug dealings and associate criminal activities – due the drastic cuts to the UK’s benefit system by the mean-hearted Tory Nasty Party forcing the current inhabitants out of house and home.

Thus here again we view the dire results of this feckless Con-Dem Coalition government imposing a swathe of Grim Reaper style public-sector cuts on our once-sceptred - and industrialised – isle’s local authorities - including slashing the funds for children’s services, health facilities, and arts and education bodies – in a bid pay their way as up-front ‘armed and dangerous’ members of the ZioNazi New World Order’s Big Bully Boys Club.

Many of the soon-to-be-displaced families have children in local schools, and are making visible efforts to take on extra work – shoplifting and mugging - so they can stay in their homes.
Bev Titwank, a 16-year old mother of three, informed media hacks that “These effin’ Libservative coalition twats wants London fer the immigrant scumbags from around Europe – pikeys an’ Eastern bloc sex slave traffickers wot’s got no problems wiv cash in hand ter stimulate the economy.”

“Me rent here in Slumborough Terraces is £340 quid fer this two-bedroom flat but the arse is gonna drop out of me housin’ subsidy when the £200 quid cap kicks in come April – so it looks like I’m gonna have ter get a babysitter an extra couple of nights a week while I goes out flogging’ me golly at £30 quid a shot fer a knee trembler up against some pub car park wall.”

“Then I got the effin’ social comin’ round an’ tellin’ me they’re gonna re-house us in fuckin’ Liverpool. Wot effin’ good is that I ask yer when the kids are at school down in Camden an’ all their friends are round here? That’s gonna be one fuck of a commute on the bus every day, now isn’t it.”

What utter hypocrisy when we have 649 not-fit-for-purpose fat cat MPs that have second homes extensively (repairs/ maintenance/ furniture and fittings – including plasma TVs) funded by the hapless taxpayer under the ‘additional costs allowance’ to such staggering amounts as £24,803 quid per annum.

MPs are paid an annual salary of £63,291 and receive allowances / expenses for the costs of running an office, having homes not only close to Westminster but also in their constituency - and travelling between the two – with the average claimed by each MP clocking up a gob-smacking £135,600 a year.

The gospel according to a recent news expose in the Treadmill Review, the ginger-mingin Maria ‘Dull’ Miller – the Tory Party’s androgynous Minister for Mundane & Boring Affairs – submitted expense claims for more than £90,000 quid of taxpayers' money to pay for her parent’s house in south London which she has disingenuously stated for the public record (lied) was her second home.

Pity we can’t ‘transmigrate’ the expense-abusing Miller to Scouseland to sample their aptly-named Liverpool Care Pathway scheme.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, little wonder the general consensus of opinion is one of ‘we’re getting shafted’. Social cleansing is where it starts – and woe betides where it all ends.

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