Sunday, 17 February 2013

NHS Trust Slammed viz Gagging Orders

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For once in his sordid and feckless existence the Con-Dem’s smarmy twat of a Health Minister, Jeremy ‘BSkyB’ Hunt, has caught on to the fact his primary purpose in government is ‘not’ to represent the interests of the Fortune 500 corporations – or act as Raving Rupert Mudrock’s personal Downing Street lobbyist - and last Friday committed himself to something of constructive pro-bono use by taking advantage of Parliamentary privilege on the floor of the House of Conmans to bitch-slap a dodgy hospital trust's questionable self-preservation actions in the wake of a gagging order being tactically breached by a former dismissed employee to raise media awareness concerns over patient safety.

Ron McSnitch, a former mortuary attendant at Lincolnshire’s prestigious Harold Shipman Centre for Clinical Excellence, broke the gagging order when interviewed by a gutter press hack from the red top Body Bag Gazette and grassed up the Trust’s board of directors as a bunch of money-grubbing scumbags whose sole interest in the running of the hospital was hitting NHS targets and the resulting accumulation of performance bonuses - plus their annual stock dividend share outs – with patient welfare the last thing on the agenda.

Bottom feeding attorneys acting on instructions from the Trust’s board immediately went into damage control / threat vector mode and informed Mr McSnitch he would have to repay the £28 quid out of court settlement figure he’d received as hush money after being fired for whistle-blowing to the Ox-Rat NHS abuse watchdog charity – in which he’d sent e-mails comparing conditions at the Shipman Medical Centre to Dr Mengele’s A & E outpatients department at Auschwitz.

Regardless of the statutes of the 1998 Public Interest Disclosure Act - a whistle-blowing law that protects the rights of employees if they go into super-grass mode and raise a shit-storm of concerns over corporate wrong-doings, McSnitch was summarily fired for what was deemed not having the best interests of the Trust’s board of directors first and foremost.

McSnitch was initially sacked for grassing up the Shipman Centre to apathetic regulators when the demand for hospital beds became so acute that the Trust decided to abandon the 18-week Whitehall target for non-emergency cases and put every single patient on the Liverpool Care Pathway forced euthanasia programme – which had his mortuary capacity overwhelmed and the place stacked high with scores of corpses.

Secretary Hunt, a veritable reborn Christian become, following his road to Damascus epiphany and experiencing a personal Pauline conversion, informed media hacks that the erring Trust should have been concentrating on the concerns raised and not slipping the leash from their attack dog lawyers to threaten whistle-blowers.

"I have written to the Harold Shipman Centre for Clinical Excellence Trust’s Chairwoman, Mrs Chlamydia Ffitch-Gargoyle to inquire why her first reaction when faced with exposure of their short-coming with regard to patient care was to go into institutional self-preservation mode and instruct Ms Sue Fleecem from solicitors Upshot, Bagrot & Shitpot to coerce Mr McSnitch into silence rather than investigate the veracity of the patient safety issues that he had raised.”

Here again we are faced with blatant evidence of the culture of deceit and corruption which now permeates every aspect of Broken Britain’s establishment – from the Monarchy through both Houses of Parliament and the Shithall civil service – and the entire national Plod Squad service – and the ‘profit motivated’ quangos ‘trusted’ to run vital aspects of public services and social welfare care - all of whom have allegiance to the Masonic Secret Handshake Club and worship before the altar of Mammon and the effigy of the Golden Calf.

If the PTB had their wicked way then whistle-blowers (any fucker or their dog who dares disturb the status quo) would be branded as domestic terrorists - same as the good ole US of A and Israel – and collared by the pre-crime Thought Police, then placed under ‘administrative detention’ – for their own good (and that of society in general).

As any intelligence spook from MI5’s North Face Holdall Department will explain, this sad state of affairs is all down to ODD – Oppositional Defiance Disorder – a condition brought on by people thinking for themselves and questioning the motives of government and their appointed quango agencies – G4S, Serco / Atos Healthcare, NHS Trusts etcetera, et al.
Next they start scratching their heads over the Haves and Have Not’s of this world and comparing the 99% common herd US with the 1% THEM factor, then morph into a threat to the order of things and make some futile attempt to resist the state’s Womb to Tomb policy of controlling every aspect of their entire mortal existence.

Apparently this is what becomes of surfing alternative news websites, asking awkward questions, thinking for oneself and hence disbelieving what the government and mainstream corporate-fascist controlled media tell you – especially so concerning the blatant murder of an honest man – Dr David Kelly – a man of impeccable credentials - for having the audacity to even consider blowing ‘his’ whistle and telling the truth over the illegal invasion of Iraq and weapons of mass distraction – then their conspiring to commission the false flag terrorist attacks of 7/7 to further demonise Islam and justify the illegal invasions of any Muslim state with lots of natural resources worth stealing.

Hence pointing the fickle finger of fate at PM Tony Bliar and his incumbent crime syndicate New Labour government for such faux terrorist acts can only be diagnosed as a delusional – the result of an aberrant mental condition that requires sectioning and isolation in a secure mental health facility and treatment with veritable cocktail of full strength psychotic medications.

So the antics of this erring NHS Trust are small potatoes when we consider that such insidious practices permeate every aspect of our sick society – which has turned from slightly septic to thoroughly gangrenous since the ZioNazi Neo-Cons pulled the 9/11 and 7/7 fake terrorists outrages – both designed to demonised Islam and justify these New World Order wars of aggression – this generation-long forecast war on terror – and the hapless Muslims who don’t give a flying fuck about our so-called Democratic freedoms.

Thought for the day. Mark them well, these supposed ‘custodians’ of the public trust - who are in all actuality ‘abusers’ of the very same.
Let’s not ignore the stark fact that stares us all in the face if we care – or dare – to look: in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Hence fuck the Freemasons and the poxy Jesuits and Opus Dei and the Edomite Mafia and Big Brother – and his sister – and their New World Order.

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