Wednesday, 13 February 2013

NorKor Nuke Test - US Shits Kittens

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The Great Satan’s Kenyan-Indonesian presidential cuckoo, Barky O’Barmy, went into a dummy spitting ‘black rage’ yesterday, howling tribal voodoo curses in the Joluo proto-language of darkest Africa learned from Granny Akumu - then subjected terrified press hacks on the White House lawn to a veritable ‘incoming’ barrage of condemnation directed at North Korea’s nuclear weapons test and their audacious stepping up to the Big Bully Boys plate, displaying their ‘Don’t Fuck With Us’ badge alike ‘no mates’ Iran – another non-member of the Edomite Mafia / Rothshite crime syndicate’s central bankster cabal – and finally branded Fat Kim’s regime as an ‘international pariah’.

The NorKor military carried out their ‘Big Ka-Boom’ nuclear test at the Punggye-ri test site on the outskirts of Pyongyang in total ‘kiss our slanty ass’ defiance of warnings and impotent threats from the Zionist puppet United Nations – and a gaggle of Western powers who don’t want any Third World basket case nation joining their exclusive nuclear weapons of mass distraction club.

Conversely the NorKor’s Great Leader Kim il-Fat, cutting a dumpling of a comic caricature figure in his Dad’s old overcoat and £3 quid senior citizen’s haircut – informed the state-run KCNA news agency that they had no venal intentions of dropping a nuke on their detested Japanese neighbours over in Hiroshima or Nagasaki as the mad dog Yankee psychopaths had in 1945 – just to see how big a bang it would make – and if one bomb could really level an entire city and flash-fry every fucker old enough to bleed and scream.

In contrast Premier Fat Kim maintains their burgeoning ‘dial-a-yield’ plutonium core thermo-nuclear weapons and missile warhead arsenal is solely for defensive purposes – just the same as the rogue pariah state of Israel – and will only be deployed against invading aggressors in a Samson Option do-or-die strategy gameplay - to protect the NorKor’s national security and sovereignty against the reckless hostility of the Great Satan aggressor and their running dog NATO allies who also worship before the heathen altar of Mammon and the Golden Calf.

Broken Britain’s Foreign Minister joined with the US Defence Secretary Leon Vendetta in calling for the customary vindictive and disproportionate response from the UN Security Council – with the pro-Zionist Tory FS Willy Vague going into total hypocrisy mode and informing one press hack from the Pound of Flesh Gazette that “North Korea’s nuclear test amounts to nothing less than a direct provocation and act of belligerence in the face of Western goodwill.”

Ha! - anything the ZioNazi Great Satan and their Western stooges can’t control is labelled a provocation. Just wait until Iran and the NorKors have their own hunter-killer drones reversed engineered and airborne – then we’ll see some real time provocation.

Safe in the secure confines of a Seoul fallout shelter, Biased Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Lucy McSlagg, came close to the truth when announcing that the international community can do very little of importance by way of response without triggering an even bigger crisis as the NorKors are already tied up in a veritable avalanche of sanctions which have had fuck all of an impact on a nation that thrives on the breath of privation and adversity – and has done so with success since the Western contrived 1953 political partitioning of Korea into North and South entities – divided along the 38th parallel.

So the big global bullies (US / NATO and Israel) avoid all criticism over their nuclear armaments hypocrisy but the likes of the so-called and much maligned Axis of Evil have to stick with nothing more technical than slings and arrows.

When it comes down to gross hypocrisy the good ole US of A needs a mirror to reflect it’s tarnished image - referring to any other sovereign state as a ‘pariah’ considering their record of war crimes and human rights and wrongs abuses – along with their unstinting support – funding and arming - of the rogue ZioNazi state of Israel – a real time global pariah nation established on land stolen from the rightful Palestinian Muslim Arab owners back in 1948 – and all on the strength of the farcical pantomime factor that they’re God’s Chosen People (how’s that for brass-necked arrogance / chutzpah) along with that dodgy letter from Arthur Balfour to Walter, the head of the Rothshite crime syndicate.

Thought for the day. Oh well, at least the US are giving Iran and Syria a bit of a breather by demonising the NorKors for a change.
South Korean UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Mooney – not exactly a NorKor fan by any stretch of the imagination – told reporters in New York “What pisses me off is the fact the Pyongyang regime e-mailed the UN and Red Cross earthquake relief agencies for emergency aid assistance to sort out the damage caused by their latest underground bomb test.”

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