Monday, 18 February 2013

Singapore Political Protest! WTF Next?

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In what has got to be a world-class self-harm, suicidal first, members of Singapore’s opposition Lemming Party have staged a blue moon political demonstration in protest at government plans to allow a further deluge of racially-inferior immigrants into the Ubermenche postage stamp fascist state republic.

Organisers claim a surging throng of almost four people attended the rally, which 'Occupied' a secluded Tanglin Road bus shelter, making it one of Singapore's largest ever protest meetings to have the balls and sheer audacity to publicly display their placard-waving resentment and anger regarding the release of a government policy paper which predicts and sanctions the clean and green (and ‘sterile’) Lion City’s population continuing to expand at a geometric rate due the influx of immigrants.

Conservative estimates envision an increase of 30% to seven million tax-paying brain-washed autobot clones by 2030 – a target date when the totalitarian government’s ambitious coastal reclamation programme is poised to see the island state’s land mass extended so far towards Sumatra that the Malaccas Straits will be reduced to the width of the Pan-Island Expressway (with traffic lights and navy police to control shipping flows) – and further stretch out east covering some three million hectares of the South China Sea – and embrace a bevy of the Indonesian archipelago’s ‘shitty bits’ (pirate n smuggler-infested) that the Djakarta regime couldn’t really give an administrative fuck about with having over 13,000 islands in their national land mass portfolio.

However, what irks Singapore’s worker ant population even more than infringement on their diminishing ‘Lebensraum’ is the stark fact that half the seven million population figure will be composed of slave labour economic migrants from around Asia’s less prosperous Third World dumps – all anxious to cash in on the opportunity of earning a foreign currency minimum wage pittance.

In the main this workforce has ben to date comprised of domestic helpers from the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia – all forearmed with a stoic, devil-may-care masochistic attitude towards being physically and psychologically abused by fat slob spoiled brat Chinese housewives whose scumbag spouses are away each weekend for a ‘Secret Handshake Club’ members-only bonding session in Malaya’s Genting Highlands: golfing, gambling, boozing and screwing dusky, oestrogen hormone-charged ladyboys.

Many of the perennially-whingeing locals voice their displeasure at the ruling People's Nazi Party's (PNP) immigration policies- and much else - behind closed doors (though most definitely not in Singapore’s Big Brother eavesdropping elevators) - blaming all and sundry on the unregulated influx of cheap labour – especially so the burgeoning rises in property prices and living costs.

House rentals and sale prices have skyrocketed in keeping with the global economic depression trends – with the notorious ‘killer litter’ social nightmare rabbit hutches colloquially known as ‘HUD flats’ costing the life of a family’s first-born – and even an en suite studio style cardboard box and sheet of polythene on one of the island’s reclamation landfill sites now fetching a five-figure mega-bucks sum – especially if its location commands a panoramic Western-orientated view of the Jurong shipping anchorage – where the sunset’s final rays light up the kaleidoscope effect of the oil slicks approaching the beaches of Sentosa Island.

The Lemming Party protest organiser, a Maoist political radical known only by his nom de guerre of Flip Flop Fong, informed one press hack from the Big Brother Gazette that “The graft and corruption-ridden People’s Nazi Party should be awarded a place in the United Nations’ Hall of Shame, the same as Israel. Singapore might well be notorious for its strict social controls and intolerance of dissent but Lee Kuan Yew’s dynastic dictatorship posing as a user-friendly democracy has got beyond a joke when the opposition candidates get arrested on domestic terrorism charges the night before an election just to ensure his moronic son Baby God Lee remains unchallenged as Prime Minister.”

“This is not xenophobia we are protesting over here today, but if we take in too many foreign workers this weakens our mongrel national identity (Chinese, Indians and Malays) and crowds us out of our own home - putting a strain on our island’s resources and depressing salaries.”
“I joke not – even our own whores can’t make a decent living anymore when we have Thai and Indonesia hookers plying their trade around the Tropicana and Orchard Towers and Clifford Pier – along with all the pre-op’ Malay shemales coming down from KL to work the Bugis Street kinky sex trade and save up for a cut and tuck.”

Political radicals such as Flip Flop Fong believe now is the time for action as the 189-year-old ‘Harry Lee’ is rumoured to have recently slipped out of his rocking chair due embalming fluid leaking from his toes – with security service agents smuggling his corpse to a Bukit Timah-based taxidermist in the dead of night to get a formaldehyde top-up and have him re-stuffed with cotton wool.

Thought for the day. Well it’s bad news when the influx of Thai chippies throws up stiff competition for the established whore houses along Tanjong Rhu and the shuang fei (handjob) bars around Geylang’s Lorongs – renown for their renta-tug ‘under the table’ services from some gross troll of a Chinese broomstick merchant.

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