Saturday, 17 December 2011

ZioNazis to Ban Muslim Call to Prayer

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Not content with treating the true Arab Semite Palestinian owners of ‘Palestine’ like third-hand citizens in their own country, the usurping Zionist thieves, these Satan-worshipping Ashkenazi Jews of convenience, in yet another of their customary chutzpah displays of Islamophobia, are in the process of drafting legislation to ban the Muslim call to prayers in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

Israel’s arch-Jabotinskyist Prime Minister, Bobo Nuttyahoo and his institutionally-corrupt 120 member Knesset have endorsed a bill proposed by Yisrael Beiteinu Party member Sheldon Sheeneyberg to impose a ban on muezzins calling the faithful to worship from the top of a mosque’s minaret – claiming the practice is noisy and the pre-dawn ‘Fajr’ disturbs the sleep of Israeli infidel non-believers in a morning.

The Israeli ultra-ZioNazi Foreign Minister Avi Lieberslime, a batshit crazy suitable case for mental health sectioning - known to friends and associates alike as ‘a right nasty little cunt’ - informed one press hack from the Chosen Peoples Gazette that “This noise also poses an equal distraction when they start howling their nightfall ‘Isha’a’ and I am unable to hear my television news describing how many Palestinian homes, vineyards, and olive groves have been bulldozed and demolished in the West Bank to make way for more of our settlers.”
“This is not racism - we are doing no more than in France and Switzerland, where they have enacted a Muezzin Law – and also banned Muslims wearing veils.”

Conversely, Ms Shovrim Shtika, the director of the Jerusalem-based International Scumwatch charity, interviewed by the Yawm an-Nakbah Review, opined that “This is yet another criminal instance of Zionist Israeli intransigence and their slow-cook genocide policy designed to target Palestinian Muslims and Arabs in the occupied territories.”
“No doubt we’ll have the IDF’s Shechita Ethnic Cleansing Squad out and about next week, with their snipers picking off the muezzins atop their minarets as soon as they begin the call to prayers.”

“It has been prudently noted that no mention has been made in opposition to Jewish worshippers going down to the St Shylock Temple for Latter Day Kikesters and banging their stupid heads against the Wailing Wall day and bloody night – having an all-out whinge to Jehovah and moaning away in bloody Hebrew or Yiddish that they didn’t win the Lotto.”

Thought for the day. Fuck the Rothshite banksters and their sovereign Zionist crime syndicate ‘bolthole’ state of Israel - and their New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a hostile environment infested with Māḡēn Dāwīḏ Zionist dingbat nutters and may contain traces of Holohoax ‘victims’ propaganda, unqualified arrogance, racist apartheid innuendo, lashings of kikester chutzpah and quantifiable amounts of utter lunacy – plus a total disregard for the statutes of international law, human rights and the niceties of a polite and civilised society.

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wiggins said...

They tried the same thing in Oxford. Never found out how it resulted. Inch Allah!