Sunday, 11 December 2011

Global Bully Switches to Global Hypocrite

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The good ole US of A, that shining beacon of democracy and freedom (read ‘aggression and hypocrisy’) this week publicly declared it will continue its brazen campaign to undermine and corrupt the moralist social values of other national cultures – this time by opposing the rights of sovereign states to discriminate against butt-fucking gays and snatch-licking lesbians – applying the mediums of foreign aid and Pavlovian response diplomacy to force through reform.

A recent memo generated by Barky O’Barmy’s Zionist-dominated administration directs US government agencies and embassies abroad to consider the gay rights factor when making aid and asylum decisions concerning cross-dressing political refugees and their aberrant sexual behaviour.

The US Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton – a closet case rug-munching dyke in her own right, adorned herself with the twin mantles of duplicity and arrogance in Geneva as she employed faulty rhetoric over logic when informing a mixed audience of effeminate faggots, butch tribades and lipstick sapphists - and too a foul cabal of kiddie fiddling diplomats at a United Nations function at the La Godermiche Hotel that "gay rights are human rights".

"It should never be a crime to have a raunchy sex romp with a member of the same gender" Clinton preached to the assembly, with her sexy PA Minjeeter Dildodo leading the applause for her boss’s obnoxious sermonising – then adding that a country's cultural or religious traditions were no excuse for discrimination – which went down like a dose of castor oil and high octane prune juice with representatives from deeply religious nations where homosexuality is a criminal offence - with a legion of ambassadors from Islamic states walking out of the room during Clinton’s diatribe condemning homophobia and promoting the perverted practice of same gender sex.

The announcement, cited by the White House as the "first US government strategy to combat human rights abuses against shit-stabbers and dykes abroad", has been castigated by critics as a pathetic attempt by the Kenyan cuckoo’ s re-election campaign team to win over the votes of the US’ s mega-millions of fags and lezzies.

The Vatican’s envoy in Geneva, Cardinal Sodomotti, informed one press hack from the Strapon Gazette that “Regardless of what some of our more perverted priests and nuns might have been getting up to with choir boys and female novices, homosexuality in any shape or form is a total anathema to our Holy Mother Church and condemned by God within the pages of the Bible as ‘an abomination’ for which offenders will burn in the fires of Hades for all eternity – and perhaps even longer if they’re very naughty. So is this how arrogant the US global bully has now grown - to stand against the word of God?”

The Saudi Arabian ambassador, Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer, who stormed out of the room during Clinton’s sanctimonious diatribe, accompanied by his entourage of favourite catamites, opined to media reporters “Who is this slut to preach morals to anyone with her draft-dodging adulterous husband and Mena Mafia criminal background involving drugs and murders – or is this some attempt to legitimise her own perversions for humping other women with a selection of phallic salad vegetables and fruits?”

“Such hypocrisy the Great Satan now advocates as it is only in the last few months they have decriminalised same gender sex in their own military – so now the entire world has to follow suit.”
“In our Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the practice of homosexuality is frowned upon and a crime under Islamic law – and the punishment can be death, so we are very careful not to get caught in the act – or engage with ‘kiss and tell’ partners.”

Likewise, the Pentagon’s head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Billy Bob Redneck told one reporter from the Warmongers Review “What is this Kenyan prick up to now? I don’t give a flying fuck if he gets off blowing drug dealers like Larry Sinclair in the back of a limo – that kinda shit’s the norm’ in Chicago politics. But it’s not what we want in the US of A’s armed forces - persons who demonstrate a propensity to engage in homosexual acts, like snogging each other on the battlefield, creates an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and the unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability – and playing the beast with two backs is simply not part of it."

Earlier this year President O’Barmy signed into law a bill favouring LGBT rights which repealed the "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" statutes and allowed homosexuals and other perv’s to serve openly in the US forces – although the prohibition on cross-dressing – the ‘Klinger Factor’ - was deemed a mute point with standard military issue uniform being ‘unisex’.

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