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Mulholland’s Lockerbie Hypocrisy

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To mark the 23rd anniversary of the Pan-Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, a somewhat morbid round of memorial services are being staged by the good ole US of A to remind everyone and their dog – yet again - what a bad set of bastards the followers of Islam really are – and provide a fresh boost of support for the never-ending war on terrorism.

Speaking from his imminent deathbed at Tripoli’s St Shylocks Hospital for Latter Day Stooges, Lockerbie bombing suspect and fall guy Mohammed al Patsy has given what he described to media hacks yesterday as his ‘last of the last’ interviews - and again denied any involvement in the 1988 plot to blow up Flight 103 and the team of CIA snitch and grasser agents who were on board.

Diagnosed as stricken with Galloping Prostate Rot – a virulent form of terminal cancer - Mr al Patsy was released from Scotland’s Grassy Knoll top security prison on compassionate grounds in 2009 and returned to Libya to fester and croak at home.

While al Patsy and his suspected cohort Wormhole bin Jaffacake had a long history of involvement in black operations, and were bollocks deep in drug trans-shipments from the Middle East via Europe, and onto the States, it was a simple matter to write them into the script of the Pan-Am Flight 103 purposeful sabotage scenario and claim they shipped a bomb rather than the suitcases of heroin from Syria and Lebanon.

Once again, when we have Wiley T. Coyote in cahoots with Wallace and Gromit planning these ‘amateurs posing as professionals’ style black op’s they have a tendency to be more full of holes than an Irish colander.

First off, with Pam Am Flight 103 we have a scenario so reminiscent of the Mossad false flag terror attacks on the WTC twin towers on 9/11 – when Israeli-related interests in New York were receiving texts, e-mails and Chinese whispers from a certain Freddy Fagin in Tel Aviv not to go anywhere near Manhattan on that fateful day – and sell short on United Airlines stock.

A partial list of US and South African officials who suddenly backed out of travelling on Pan-Am Flight 103 to New York on the 21st December 1988 were John McCarty, US ambassador; Steve Green, assistant administrator, office of intelligence DEA; Oliver Revell, son of Buck Revell, coincidentally FBI-head investigation for the Lockerbie case; John McCarty, US ambassador to Cyprus; Pik Botha, the former South African foreign minister; General Van Tonda, head of the South African Secret Service (BOSS) and Defence Minister General Mallon – plus Botha’s entire 22 head diplomatic delegation.

Conversely one group of the CIA’s own, a Middle East team who had knowledge of rogue CIA illegal drug and weapons operations, didn’t receive word of the covert “don’t fly!” alert . These were CIA agents Charles McKee, Matthew Kevin Gannon, Daniel Emmet O'Connor and Ronald Albert Lariviere – all of whom perished – as planned - in the explosion of Fight PA-103.

Chaz McKee and his team had a ‘conflict of interest’ bee in their proverbial bonnet concerning CIA weapons shipments to Syrian terrorists - along with supplies to Hezbollah and Hamas - as well as the large quantities of drugs the CIA was facilitating for shipment into Europe and the US to finance their black op’s.

Top brass at Langley had attempted to stonewall their demands for answers - as has been the case in several other documented instances involving drug operations with the military and the DEA - but to no avail.
Hence McKee’s team of seasoned field intelligence vet’s were, out of frustration, flying home of their own accord – and against orders - to present their documented evidence to Congress.

This posed such a substantial threat to the CIA’s black op’s team in the Middle East that it was decided to eliminate the problem before it reached US turf and blew the rogue CIA-Jolly Jihadi terrorist group weapons and drug smuggling ring wide open.

In an obnoxious Busby Berkeley pantomime display of political posturing and self-promotion, Scotland's new Lord Advocate, Frank ‘Three Chins’ Mulholland, has travelled to the US to show his porcine face at the Flight PA-103 memorial service and laid a wreath in remembrance of the victims.
Further to the above fiasco, the flabby Mulholland met FBI director Robert Mueller and US attorney general Eric Holder to discuss the ‘more scent than substance’ opportunities for stepping up the investigation in Libya into the bombing.

Full of his own exaggerated importance Mulholland informed press hacks "I think I would be failing in my duty if I didn't seek to take advantage of the opportunity that has opened up with the fall of Gaddafi regime – hence I am determined to get the answers about who else was involved with Mohammed al Patsy in the Lockerbie bombing – and if the evil Colonel Gaddafi was indeed the one who ordered it as he hated our democratic freedoms."

Quite agree there Frank – why not read the opening paragraphs of this blog for starters – steer you straight around the past media bullshit and put you on the right track.

Hey, maybe Frank does intend to up-end a can of worms the CIA want leaving undisturbed. Better you take a boat home – and definitely not fly, laddie.
Oh well, any effort is an improvement on no effort – and with a focus on hypocrisy, that’s a lot better than flatulent Frank’s doing back at home in bonny Scotland.

Since taking over his job at the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service as Lord Advocate from the departing corruption-smeared Elish Angiolini – Frank’s continued her insidious ‘Mired in Mendacity’ policy of ignoring / covering up the disgusting sexual abuse and serial rape pederast scandal surrounding the Ferryhill Freemasonic cabal of establishment elitist paedo’s – the Grampian Gropers - in Scotland’s kiddie fiddling and crime capital of Scaberdeen.

These local worthies have, for decades past - and continue to – prey on special needs children with impunity – and use their official influence to thwart and persecute – and if necessary murder – any fucker and their dog who would attempt to expose their perverted criminal activities.

So hopefully – or perhaps in conjunction with – his campaign to expose the CIA’s global black op’s and drug-running (and clear the maligned name of Mohammed al Patsy) – he’ll find time to kick start a long overdue investigation into the Hollie Greig ritual sexual abuse scandal and call a halt to this Machiavellian ‘Breach of the Peace’ prosecution (read ‘persecution’) vendetta being acted out in true Groundhog Day fashion at Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court against pilloried Sassenach Robert Green – the sole crusader of moral conscience expediting a humanitarian campaign and attempting to achieve justice for Hollie and her mother Anne.

Anyone wanting to wish Frank luck with his endeavours against the Scaberdeen Masonic Mafia can contact him on:
Go on, drop him a line – it is the Christmas and Hogmanay festive season, after all.
While you’re at it, drop one to Aileen Campbell, the Minister for Children and Young People – I’m sure in her official capacity she’d love to expose this den of paedo’s.

You might even try to enlist Scotland's ‘Commissioner for Children and Young People’ – one Tam Baillie.
And Gillian Wade too – as head of the National Sexual Crimes Unit (NSCU), based at the Crown Office in Edinburgh, Gilly’s got to be keen on investigating this gang’s criminal antics.

Let’s have the lot heading down to Scaberdeen at a full gallop, mud-splattered and high in oath - all out to put the cuffs on Sheriff Graeme Buchanan and his kiddie fiddling Tartan Tadger Masonic cohorts.

Thought for the day. Reflecting on Scotland’s Crown Prosecution Service and the Holyrood Parliament’s joint conspiratorial complicity regarding the inaction of investigating ‘with intent’ the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal, one calls to mind the words of John Locke, the 17th century ‘Age of Enlightenment’ English philosopher and empiricist – and founder of Liberalism - who observed that “Where the law ends, tyranny begins” – as is visibly evidenced by this Edinburgh and Scaberdeen based criminal cabal’s vendetta against Robert Green to ensure his silence and and continue to conceal the truth of the Scottish establishment’s tolerance of (and indulgence in) disgusting sexual perversions – specifically kiddie fiddling.


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wiggins said...

No threats from their solicitor this time Rusty......perhaps even HE has seen the light.

Rusty of said...

Some fucker or their dog will definitely see the light when this 'wee' coverup goes ballistic globally.
Insha'Allah. And a merry xmas to all our readers. Rob Green's crusade needs our support in a common cause for what is 'right'.

Tony said...

Great work Rusty, and Merry Christmas!

I have a feeling all kinds of shit is going to hit the fan in 2012 mate.