Monday, 5 December 2011

UK: A Multi-Cultural Fubar Beyond Repair

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As if Britain wasn’t broken enough already due Maggie Twatcher’s Tory Party mismanagement, followed by several more years of ‘Major’ catastrophe aimed at decimating the common herd’s socio-economic and political advances – a policy continued under Bliar and Broon’s New Labour criminal cabal - with this bungling Libservative Coalition taking over the work in progress and making an even worse fuck up of things with their domestic austerity measures and backing up an insolvent euro due the UK’s EUSSR membership commitments – now we’ve got the ultra-patriotic neo-fascists, the moralist lobbies and religious groups up in arms over so-called ‘honour attacks’ being carried out on the female members of immigrant families.

The gospel according to one UK police report, leaked to the gutter press after being found on a Scumdale Hamlets landfill site in a box marked ‘Shred This!’, at least 2,823 so-called ‘honour attacks’ were carried out in 2010 by shit-for-brains family relatives who considered some hapless female member of the tribe had brought ‘shame’ upon their tent and only lashings (sic) of punitive punishment – up to and including murder – could alleviate and absolve the incurred stigma.

Such attacks can include women getting doused with paint or acid, abduction, mutilations, beatings, and in some cases, murder – not exactly actions that come under the traditional British cultural index of how to treat a lady – even if she does happen to have a mind of her own – or is inclined to behave like a whoring slut.

Conversely, as is often the case regarding the observance of Anglo-Saxon common sense and logic where our immigrant ‘cousins’ are concerned, while adultery or even refusing to marry some old scunt in an arranged marriage is construed by male relatives as bringing shame upon a family, obviously acid attacks, abduction, mutilations, beatings and murdering the female in question don’t confer that same ‘shame’ factor.

Hmmm, yeah right, makes perfect sense if your head’s been stuffed full of superstitions and religious brainwashing bullshit by some Third World ‘educator’ down at the local oasis or madrassa.

The Association of Chief Police Officers published a strategy in 2008 aimed at gauging the scale of the ‘honour attack’ problem and recommended that both the English and Welsh forces commenced recording the number of such incidents.
Of the UK's 52 forces, 45 have now managed to stir their lazy arses and complied with that directive - although there is no national guidance for such an approach in Scotland where honour attacks are legal concerning insults towards Jocks in frocks – along with government-approved political graft and corruption – and too, kiddie fiddling in the Caledonian crime capital of Scaberdeen.

Frank ‘Pitbull’ McSkanger, a former cormorant strangler, and now acting chief ‘Foot Soldier’ for the pro-Zionist / ‘We hate every immigrant fucker and their dog’ English Defence League since getting tossed out of the BNP last year for his extremist views, opined to one press hack from the Apartheid Gazette that “Our
once-sceptred isle’s a multi-cultural fubar - a total effin’ snafu as far as the concept of harmonious integration’s concerned.”

“No shit, I’ve seen better organised riots. If it’s not a bunch of pikeys or darkie twats poaching carp and swans off the local council park ponds an’ sending their slapper wives an’ daughters out ter flog their golly for £10 quid a poke then it’s some fucker called Mohammed wot hates our democratic freedoms an’ wants ter blow us all up wiv a nuclear anti-dandruff shampoo bomb wot he’s cobbled together in his Mum’s kitchen up in Leeds.”

“An’ now, ter add insult ter effin’ injury we got this bunch of crazies wot thinks it’s kosher ter chuck a jug of petrol over their niece or sister an’ set fire ter the poor bitch."
"Okay, so yer hear this effin’ bunch in the House of Conmans dissin’ the situation an’ callin’ fer reforms an’ all that crap – but it’s wot the New World Order gaffers want ain’t it – wiv the wholesale disruption of British society at the top of their agenda.”
“The creation and maintenance of a dysfunctional society - by knockin’ the bollocks outa the four major collective forces of our culture: Race, Religion, Family and Nation - the four pillars of our human identity diluted ter fuck all. Hey, it’s all true – I read it on one of them internet websites at the library before it got shut down an’ converted inter a Pound Stretcher shop cos of the budget cuts.”

“This is all cos of these social engineering meddlers wot runs the likes of that Tavistock Institute and the Common Purpose outfit – an’ all wiv the tacit approval of the clots supposedly runnin’ the government. Well, wot the fuck do yer expect when yer introduce an alien culture wot’s core mechanism of social interaction is all based on effin’ barbarism – buggerin’ each other an’ kickin’ the shit outa their women.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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