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Scottish Justice: A Humourless Joke

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Considering our Caledonian cousins (sic) slanderous, yet well-deserved, reputation for being a bunch of tight-fisted Jocks in frocks who perpetually plead poverty, one is inclined to ponder on the fact why their Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service – with the divine blessings of Holyrood’s SNP hierarchy - are expending a veritable treasure trove of tax-payers’ hard-earned cash - £500,00 quid to date and an amount rising faster than Broken Britain’s rate of inflation every time the Stonehaven Court Sheriff’s gavel hits the bench – just to protect a bunch of Scaberdeen’s Masonic scumbag fudgers and kiddie fiddling perverts who can’t keep their hands off defenceless ‘special needs’ children.

But what can anyone expect with Scotland’s voluminous past record of establishment criminal abuse coverups – such as the Dunblane massacre strategy of concealment to name but a single conspiratorial instance - conducted by the venal Cullen Inquiry and slapped with a 100 year closure order by Lord Willy Cullen of Shitekirk himself - to protect his pederast buddies Lord George Robertson and Manky Malc’ Sinclair, the Earl of Caithness.

More important still was the suppression and obscuring of the links between the homicidal Boy Scout pimp Thomas Hamilton and the prominent ranking members of the Scottish Rite Freemasons of the Speculative Society of Edinburgh (aka the Tartan Tadgers Club) - a covert cabal of paedo’s founded in 1764 by Masons from the Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2 – plus the Balmoral Bummers clique – comprising a choice selection of Scotland’s Devil-worshipping nobility and like-minded paedophile members of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha royalty clan – aka the Wicked Windsors.

So, as nobody seems to learn from the past, to the case in hand and subject of this impeachment of Scotland’s disgraceful ‘injustice’ system: specifically the saga of the Hollie Greig sexual abuse and serial rape scandal and the ‘persecution’ of Robert Green for his pro-bono efforts to investigate and expose the guilty parties.

Oh yes, ‘Guilty Parties’ writ with a large capital G and P - comprising a catalogue of judges, sheriffs and advocates, plus ranking bizzies (crooked plods) – all using their nepotistic old boy connections to gag Robert Green immediately if not sooner - and put a stop to his noble efforts to achieve justice and closure for Hollie and her mother Anne – and further ensure that no other child is molested by this ‘untouchable’ cabal of establishment pederasts comprising the entire gamut of Scaberdeen society – the Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker – plus Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

With a witness citation court hearing on the itinerary for the 21st December, and Robert Green’s trial now re-scheduled for the 16th January 2012 (further Crown Office fuck-ups permitting) this entire contrived Stonehaven Court pantomime is starting to resemble more of a Brian Rix Whitehall Theatre farce directed by Wallace and Gromet than a civil offence ‘Breach of the Peace’ hearing / criminal offence ‘trial’.

We have the prosecution witness list increasing at a geometric rate – (sixty-plus ‘deeply offended and traumatised persons of repute’ at the last count) - akin to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s brooms - with one Procurator Fiscal involved with the trial, Anne Currie, herself the subject of a Crown Office investigation for perjury regarding this same case.

To add to the existing bedlam we then have Stephen McGowan, yet another perjuring Procurator Fiscal - and supposedly assigned to prosecute the Breach of the Peace case in question - now served with a citation by the defence to appear as a witness - along with the ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini - whose imprudent actions in appeasing Hollie Greig’s fingered principal molester, Sheriff Graeme Buchanan - and associate Grampian pederasts - have brought this fiasco of a prosecution against Robert Green to its current pathetic state of disarray.

Lawyers – a bunch of amateurs posing as professionals. Seriously, it’s a Chinese fire drill – and we’ve seen better organised riots. Little wonder the canny Scots have formed a pressure group, registered as a political party, with the apt title of Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers - dedicated to exposing the insidious corruption that permeates the very fabric of the Scottish legal system – and much else of officialdom’s business.

So, one might logically inquire, who in tarnation is actually in charge of this continuing clusterfuck that the immoral and contemptible Angiolini so imprudently kick-started through a gross abuse of her powers while in public office? Whose finger is now on the proverbial pulse since her departure from office - Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill’s or that of her bungling replacement – the slack-jawed and chinless wonder Frank Mulholland?

At the end of the day someone is guilty of gross professional misconduct – at both ends of the justice scale: ignoring the Hollie Greig scandal while pursuing an iniquitous persecution vendetta against her crusading champion, Robert Green. Alike the real reasons behind the Dunblane scandal, yet another classical miscarriage of justice in the making.
But there are no guilty consciences here – these are evil people – sociopaths - devoid of such as is the way of those given to the sexual abuse and serial rape of defenceless children – who would commit any further crime to cover their sins – including conspiracy to murder – or complicity therein – included.

So, by comparison, these concocted charges of Breach of the Peace filed against Robert Green as a punitive measure of punishment for daring to attempt to expose their crimes is small potatoes, as our American cousins would say, in comparison to members of the Ferryhill Paedophiles Society commissioning two of Scaberdeen’s ‘finest’ Plod Squad thugs to beat Hollie’s Uncle Roy to the edge of death, then douse both he and his car with gasoline and immolate the lot – and have a bent coroner issue a verdict of suicide – all to prevent him exposing their kiddie fiddlers club.

While viewing with contempt and disdain the concept of a ‘level playing field’, and to ensure the path of justice is perverted to suit their venal ends - conspiratorially and with malice aforethought - the Crown Office / Scaberdeen intriguers have perfidiously plotted to deny the honourable Robert Green the right to a trial by a jury of his peers – so as to ensure only a corrupt and manipulative Sheriff presides over this iniquitous Kafkaesque travesty of a trial to warrant a ‘Guilty’ verdict – little realising in their deranged concept of things that such a judgement will bring the Hollie Greig scandal to a critical mass state where the resounding chain reaction shall echo across the free media channels of the Ethernet for all eternity.

So, who else amongst the Caledonian officialdom is stricken with a selective conscience and has been slipping up on the job - not doing their part to ensure justice for all and a safe ‘kiddie-fiddling-free’ environment for children?

Well, let’s start with Scotland's ‘Commissioner for Children and Young People’ – one Tam Baillie. Their website states that Tam’s job is to guarantee that all children and young people in Scotland have their rights respected. To quote “It’s a place to learn about your rights, make your voice heard and find out whose job it is to help you live safe and happy lives”.

Hmmm, but not for the likes of special needs kids such as the poor Down’s Syndrome sufferer Hollie Greig, alas.

Next up for a spot of scrutinty is Senior Advocate Depute Gillian Wade – as of the 1st August 2011 the incumbent head of the National Sexual Crimes Unit (NSCU), based at the Crown Office in Edinburgh.
As a sample of risible ridicule, Wade was personally recommended for her new position by the outgoing Head of the Unit, Derek Ogg – another moron who ignored the Hollie Greig scandal.

When Wade assumed her position, Lord Advocate Frank ‘The Wank’ Mulholland informed press hacks “Together we will continue to strive not only to deliver justice with our team of expert prosecutors, but to provide a professional, sensitive and understanding service to all victims of these most damaging of crimes.”
Oh yes, for that pile of rot, a definite Gross Hypocrisy award for Frank.

Then we have the Grampian’s Child Protection Unit – another official body that’s as much use as tits on a bull – who not only ignored but actively obstructed Anne Greig’s efforts to have her daughter’s sexual assaults investigated – and had her sectioned for trying to upset the status quo. Further, the Grampian Plod Squad are the villains responsible for Robert Green’s arrest.

Okey dokey, let’s take a look at the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service – with ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini (née McPhilomy) already dealt the hand of ignominy she so richly deserves for her all-out efforts to cover up the Hollie scandal since the dawn of time – with her replacement Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland following suit to appease his Masonic masters.

Last but not least in the firing line are a league of Holyrood bigwigs and SNP panjandrums including PM Alex ‘Three Chins’ Salmond and Justice Minister Kenny ‘Piranha Features’ MacAskill – yet another pair of useless prats when it comes to having Hollie’s case investigated – or that of her uncle’s murder.

These two scumbags are at the head of the Masonic-dominated Holyrood’s official SCUM Committee (Scottish Cover Up Merchants) who have decided to keep these matters under their own scrutiny – and hence overall control – to protect their fellow criminals. And that, alas, is what Robert Green is labouring against for Truth, Reason and Justice on Hollie Greig’s behalf: ‘Lex Talionis’ - retributive satisfaction and closure.

So let’s conclude by giving a big ‘heave-ho’ to ‘The Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act 1937’ – and also ‘The Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003’ – both a sick joke and not worth the paper they were written on.

But with reflection on the above, and regard to the likes of the hapless Tam Baillie and Gillain Wade – if any of them do try and make an attempt to initiate police action and push for an investigation then they’re committing career suicide at best – and could quite probably end up like Hollie’s Uncle Roy - yet another assisted seppuku case found immolated in the David Kelly Memorial Woods up on Scaberdeen’s Grassy Knoll Tor.

The Hollie scandal, alike its 1996 Dunblane counterpart, revolves around a coverup of insidious Freemasonry involvement - wherein Thomas Hamilton was supplying little Boy Scouts to cater to the perverted, criminal tastes of a cabal of ranking establishment kiddie fiddlers – all of whom were later named in Scotland Yard’s Operation Ore report suppressed (read ‘killed / buried’) by ex-New Labour PM and international war criminal Tony Bliar following the 2003 surprise arrest of his personal Parliamentary assistant Phillip Lyon on paedophilia charges.

In contrast, with the Hollie Greig scandal the local establishment worthies accessed their juvenile sexual prey via Scaberdeen’s Beechwood Special Needs School where disabled children were made readily available as victims for their perverted indulgences.

Diogenes would have a field day – out and about amongst Scaberdeen’s ruling elitists – and especially so Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court – with his lantern shining in the mid-day sun – in search of an honest man.
Scotland’s entire police force and legal system is that corrupt and bent if one of their number drops down dead there’s no need to dig a grave, just wind them into the ground like a corkscrew.

When one reflects on this non-stop vendetta to persecute Robert Green I’m reminded of Shakespeare’s words in Henry VI: "Defer no time; delays have dangerous ends."
Hmmm, coming on to two years now since Robert was originally arrested, held incommunicado in Scaberdeen while bent plods headed south to ransack his Cheshire home and remove all evidence relative to the Hollie scandal case – none of which has ever been returned to help form his defence against the concocted Breach of the Peace charges.

‘Delays have dangerous ends’ – true – and let us hope this manifests as one that will take down the festering edifice that currently constitutes Scotland’s Masonic-dominated corrupt system of government and judiciary – and all the associated holier-than-thou career criminals involved therein.
The Legislators, the Educators, the Lawyers, the Judiciary, the Clergy, the Medical practitioners, the Social Services scum – and last but by no means least – the venal membership of the Grampian Police force that would protect the sexual abusers of children and murderers for reasons of profit, perversion and career advancement.

Thought for the day: What pity a fraction of the time, effort and expense that is currently being wasted on importing Giant Pandas – and ‘persecuting’ Robert Green for a contrived ‘Breach of the Peace’ by Scotland’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service - were not applied to the investigation of the Scaberdeen paedophile ring that sexually abused Hollie Greig and many other special needs children with total impunity for so many years.

If such had been so, and those guilty thus arrested, charged and ‘prosecuted’ - regardless of the cut of their tartan or Masonic links or old boy network connections, then perhaps this disgraceful scandal would have been long ago meted out justice and closure – and not be looming over the Scottish Parliament and entire legal, police and justice systems like a festering tumour – ready to burst asunder and stricken all involved with the shameful stench of gross criminality.

Q & A: When considering all of the above facts, one is inclined to ponder why these morons involved with the coverup have never experienced a Pauline epiphany and realised they’re fucked - having painted themselves into a corner – with rat glue.

Q & A 2: What’s the difference between Scotland’s Crown Office and an organised crime syndicate? Absolutely none.

Regardless, fuck the Scottish Rite Freemasons and the graft and corruption-ridden Holyrood Parliament & Crown Office – and Scotland’s pathetic media who are more concerned with reporting on the doings of a couple of pandas than the sexual abuse of children – or this litany of injustice being contrived and meted out by the dishonest officials of Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court.

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