Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kepler 22b: House n Lot for Sale

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A committee of anoraks and beardies at NASA’s Ames Centre for Advanced Guessology, all armed with more degrees than a Met Office thermometer, have finally confirmed the existence of an Earth-like planet in the habitable orbit zone of a G-type main sequence star similar to our own sun.

The planet, named Kepler 22b, is double the size of Earth with a similar distribution of land mass and oceans - hence ideal for supporting a 15 billion head population and huge swathes of council housing estates - and has an approximate equatorial temperature of 22 Centigrade – but unfortunately lies over 600 light-years distant – what celestial theoreticians and astronomers refer to as ‘very, very far away’.

Regardless of the latter fact being a hard core deterrent to vacation destination travel, let alone a weekly commute, since the news of Kepler 22b’s existence was broadcast across the global television networks last week the moronic public have inundated Sir Richard Branston-Pickle’s ‘Virgin Galactic’ company with inquiries as to travel schedules and ticket prices from Earth to the new planet aboard their prototype SpaceShipOne – ignorant of the fact the craft’s design limits it to sub-orbital ‘up n down’ excursions and not equipped to breach the Karman atmosphere / space boundary.

However the British public, notorious for their gullibility due decades of insidious propaganda conditioning by a succession of corrupt governments bent on achieving an Orwellian social engineered state populated with compliant tax-paying drones, have overwhelmed the Citizens Advice Bureau offices and local town halls with inquiries concerning doing a flit to Kepler 22b.
Will they still be able to receive their welfare benefit giro? Is a EUSSR passport valid for travel there? Do I need a visa? How about immunization shots? Will cellphone texts messages still reach Earth? What’s the current council tax rate - and what’s the deal with school catchment areas?

Hmmm, a plethora of moronic questions ranging from “Can yer cash in yer Pukesbury’s Nectar points?” to “Do they have Old Headbanger lager on tap?” – with no fucker or their dog asking the obviously pertinent - if the place is inhabited by cannibals or other flesh-munching nasties - and totally disregarding such basic life and death survival issues as to the quality of the atmosphere or potable water.
Just a headlong insane rush to get the fuck off this fubar mess of a mismanaged space rock and settle somewhere new – where crooked and corrupt politicians and banksters haven’t infested the place like vermin and no-one gives a shit about the doomed euro.

Unsubstantiated rumours abound that the Ripoffs Building Society had to close its doors last Tuesday afternoon after being swamped with applications for a mortgage on one of the slew of Kepler 22b properties put up for auction on e-Bay by dodgy real estate developers.

Further to the grist from the rumour mill, gossip that Israel’s land-grabbing Ministry of Zionist Acquisitions has already staked claims to the entire planet’s land mass under the terms of a secret codicil contained in the Balfour Declaration – which is further backed up by their Manifest Destiny / Chosen People contract with God - have been denounced as a foul propaganda attack by anti-Semitic elements and Holohoax deniers.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and/or squirrel shit.

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