Wednesday, 14 December 2011

NATO: Waltzing with Despots & Dictators

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The Kraut-hosted Afghanistan conference in Bonn came to a close last week after days of achieving sweet fuck all in the way of negotiating peace with the Taliban and other annoying sources of resistance to a foreign occupation and the corrupt Western-muppet Kleptocracy Party government of the effete President Hamid Kami-Karzai imposed on their once-sovereign state – as none of them were invited to participate.

The U.S. Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, informed the one-sided assembly that the 100,000 US troops currently stationed in the Graveyard of Empires will be committed to the continued support of the corruption-ridden Afghan government for the decades to come – as long as the gas keeps flowing though the Socal pipeline and the opium crops remain bountiful.

The Rodent’s pledge was made regardless of the ingrate Pakis spitting the dummy and getting a cob on with the US and NATO due the Operation Never-Ending Warfare coalition’s aircraft and troops recently blasting a couple more of their border posts to smithereens and killing every fucker old enough to bleed.

Clinton informed one press hack from the Barbarians Gazette that “These people in Islamabad have to accept that it really was an accident and not simply snub us and refuse to let our military ordnance re-supply convoys pass through the Khyber Pass en route into Afghanistan. Just watch my lips - Paki President Zardari doesn’t want to get his name added to my shit list.”

However, the rug-munching Clinton has recently cut a deal with her raving lezbo playmate, Gulnara Karimov - the eldest daughter of Uzbekistan’s dissident boiling President-for-Ever: Genghis ‘Baby-Killer’ Karimov – to re-route all NATO supplies landing at the joint US-UK military air base at Karshi-Khanabad through into Afghanistan and avoid petulant Pakiland altogether.

Since the UK’s duplicitous Libservative coalition government hosted the Uzbek parliamentary and trade delegations in London last month, Westminster has gone conspicuously silent to criticism from Ox-Rat and Amnesty International regarding Uzbekistan’s despicable train wreck of a human rights and wrongs abuse record – (almost as bad as next door’s Borat-land Kazakhstan).

While activist cry “Foul!” from the rooftops, nary a single mention of child slave labour, of political prisoners being tortured to death, of free elections denied, overturning the ban on political opposition; nor of freedom of assembly, speech or religious belief – and not a word of the brutal martial law crackdowns on any fucker or their dog protesting for a small helping of the West’s beloved concept of ‘Democracy’.
Instead we have a conspiratorial lockjaw state of quiescence concerning the sins of the Third World shithole and its despotic regime.

Not only has Posh Dave Scameron’s duplicitous government successfully pushed through the EUSSR a preferential tariff access agreement for Uzbek cotton - hand picked by emaciated child slaves - as a thank you gesture for President Karimov’s cooperation with the supply of Afghan-bound military logistics but the Tory Foreign Secretary Willy Vague has added to the arse-kissing by endorsing a proposal that Gulnara Karimova - the most hated woman in Uzbekistan – is welcome in London as the Uzbek Ambassador.

Gulnara and her sister Lola, described by friends and critics alike as a pair of self-promoting cunts - both of whom are renowned kleptomaniacs whose criminal ‘acquisition addictions’ surpass such career larcenists as the bloated Imelda Marcos of the Republic of the Philistines and Dis-Grace Mugabe, of Southern Rhodesia (aka The People’s Marxist Utopia of Zimbabwe) - and cut ridiculous figures with their ostentatious Christmas tree displays of jewellery – plus an entourage of bodyguards toting exposed automatic weapons to protect them from their legions of detractors, critics and sworn enemies.

Ah well, such is the ‘fan club’ price of celebrity despot fame.

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