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Welcome to Big Brother UK: 2012

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Well, the proverbial cat’s out of the bag and it isn’t going back – not in one head-to-tail piece anyways. The gospel according to a top secret report leaked by whistle-blowing moles inside Westminster and Shitehall to the Ox-Rat human rights and wrongs watchdog charity - and Julian Blancmange’s WickedLeaks website, the good old US of A’s Department of Homeland Insecurity (headed by pro-Zionist super-dyke Janet Napolitano) - working in conjunction with the dodgy Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the UK - are set to run a joint study, partially funded by the Ministry of What Can We Fuck With Next, to gauge novel and innovative methods that will ‘persuade’ (sic) the stupid public to accept what they, in their arrogance, so disingenuously and euphemistically term “identity management” techniques.

The study – ominously titled ‘Project 666’ (Influence or Dispose) - is set to be undertaken at Sleazeborough University in England and the Monarch MK-Ultra Mind Control Laboratory at Montauk in the US.
As global societies are being morphed at a geometric rate into full scale panopticon surveillance states, government bureaucrats - ignorant of the terms ‘self-determination’, ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘civil liberties’ - are attempting to discover novel methods and harness associated technologies to influence the public to accept Big Brother police state measures - and what they believe to be the inevitability of the success of their ‘globalisation’ agenda.

These are set to include such innovations as national biometric ID cards and implantable on/off microchips which the common herd will embrace with a smile and nary a frown - much as Pavlov’s brain-washed salivating canine reacted with satisfactory obedience to the sound of the bell. Sit! Fetch! Beg! Shake a paw! Roll over! Work harder! Pay more taxes! Eat! Shit! Now play dead! Good peasant!

Professor Fellattia van Looney, a former welfare officer at Iraq’s notorious Abu Ghraib Prison, who is to head the UK’s side of the demonic study, informed one reporter from the Brainiacs Review “With this project we aim to gain a better comprehension of the mechanisms controlling the publics’ anxieties and appetites, and understand the way the sheeple will respond to new identity management technologies – and the services and practices involved in delivering such.”

“In order to promote these novel processes of identity verification that might be construed by the stupid sheeple as intrusive, then obviously a pacific approach is currently assessed as a more favourable method of enticement. Hence, to cut to the chase, the aim of this study is to discover reliable scientific methods of getting the public to accept their enslavement without cracking skulls and excessive spills of bloodshed. The end product we’re after achieving is one of the proverbial carrot and the stick - versus the stick and the cudgel, so to speak.”

While microchip implantation against a person’s will is construed the stuff of the X-Files and conspiracy theorists, it is here worth noting that this study is geared to find methods of persuasion to get the people of this country to accept them voluntarily without the lengthy process of subjecting each and every member of the British population to a course of neuro-linguistic programming therapy - as subliminal mind control mesmerism via the goggle box and video games might well serve to stupefy the masses to an even greater level of narcotism but not control them.

This sinister Kafkaesque scheme is the joint brainchild of PM Posh Dave Scameron’s cabinet ‘Behavioural Insight Team’ - known colloquially as the Nudge Unit - and the insidious Common Purpose social engineering ‘leadership’ charity (not to be confused with Common Porpoise – a ‘genuine’ registered charity catering to the needs of distressed pelagic mammals)

So, the Nudge Unit and Common Purpose, both tasked, on pain of death for failure, of achieving a Big Brother authoritarian state and pushing the agenda of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s New World Order – and all bent on a programme of Orwellian / Kafkaesque mischief – have set the wheels in motion, with the Department of Homeland Insecurity and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council assigned to discover a technology for moulding mass opinion to suit their sinister agenda.

This objective is hoped to be achieved through the manipulation of semantics and propaganda - and perception management, to harness the ultimate psychological control mechanisms via a system that no longer requires intravenous doses of Channel 4’s Big Brother House or the X-Factor or Strictly Come Wanking or the brain-dead call-and-return vocalizations and catechisms of gospel church revivals – or the Sky Filth’s pervy porno broadcasts – or the stupefying effects of watching Premier League soccer matches.

Hmmm, these people in the Downing Street cabinet’s Nudge Unit sound like some comic dark and sinister force out of the cult movie Brazil – or the evil bastards who confined Ezra Pound in St Elizabeth’s – or diagnosed Alex Solzhenitsyn as a head-banger, sentenced to do hard time, labouring away, digging out the frozen Marmite bogs in one of Stalin’s grotty Siberian gulags.

While civil liberties groups might well vilify this iniquitous government scheme to loose a campaign of propaganda and psychological warfare on their own voting public electorates to curb their Bolshie excesses – such as rioting and looting – or declaring themselves the ‘99%’ and ‘Occupying’ London landmarks, demanding socio-political reforms - and an end to unemployment - the control freak cabal need it expediting immediately, if not sooner, as their NWO agenda keeps slipping back a notch with the global publics' consciousness expanding at a geometric rate.
Such is the price of the folly of their hubris, as they become cognisant of the threat the meek pose to their elitist ranks.

Conversely, while we have the Rothshite crime syndicate’s architects struggling to establish their New World Order’s dystopic Orwellian state in the face of growing cyber awareness to their Satanic schemes, we also have the rolling stone incidence of Illuminati backstabbing infights over ‘who gets what’.

So, until this psychological control technology is perfected we’re stuck with political demagogues like that prancing twat Posh Dave Scameron and his perfidious, impassioned soundbite appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the sheeple. ‘Big society volunteers’ - “Fight the good fight” - “We’re all in this together” – “Call to arms” – and of course Kitchener’s notorious Great War shout of “Your Country Needs You!” that buried zillions thanks to the incompetence and stupidity of the military commanders on all sides of that nasty human cull conflict.

Yep, we’re stuck with Scameron’s histrionics, pragmatism and blather concerning ‘New Government, Transparency and Ethics’ - and the burgeoning gangs of local authority officious jobsworths, along with control freak fanatics on secondment from Renta-Thug and Moron-Hire that, while having shit for brains, get their rocks off at trying to boss others around. Community Protection Officers, Community Enforcement Officers (formerly traffic wardens) and the ubiquitous ranks of plastic plod PCSOs.

Thus, if they are allowed to proceed unchecked, then our ever-decreasing personal freedom quotas will be replaced by decaffeinated liberatarianism and a downgraded version of democracy – with high-octane totalitarianism, plus a piquant pinch of fascist spice, representing the new order of the coming ages.

Stop press / drop the beached badger : Straight out of the Whitehall rumour mill – a controversial ‘Blasphemy Bill’ proposed by Genghis ‘Pitbull’ Torquemada, Tory MP for Borkum Riff, is to be introduced in Parliament next week. The bill will make it an offence to question or contradict – in public or private – any part or portion of government policy.

Thought for the day: Regardless of the Arab Spring and the 99%’s ‘Occupy This, That or the Other’ movements being hijacked, steered and controlled by the elitists agent provocateurs, just imagine the implications for freedom if humanity maintains this stance and continues to use its numerical potential to say “NO FUCKING MORE!” to the system and ceases to cooperate with its own enslavement.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Tony said...

Interesting final comment Rusty. I remember Icke saying something similar. It would work but would need a lot of people to partake and most of them are far too busy spending money they haven't got on shit they don't need.