Monday, 16 July 2012

US to PA: Drop Investigation of Arafat Murder

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Dark and sinister ZioNazi agents operating out of Washington, London and Tel Aviv are exerting ‘Chinese Burn’ style pressures on political leaders in France, Switzerland and the occupied West Bank of what was until 1948 known as ‘Palestine’ - to force the PA leadership to drop their push for an international criminal inquiry into the 2004 radioactive element poisoning of leader Yessir Marrowfat by the Israeli’s fast, cheap and out of control Mossad intelligence (sic) agency.

An investigation into the death of former Palestinian President Yessir Marrowfat carried out by the gutter press Saracen Shitraker red top tabloid has revealed incontrovertible evidence that the commission formed by the PA’s Zionist stooge leadership eight years ago under Tawfiq al- Neekni Sahrawi, the Palestinian intelligence chief, to probe the circumstances surrounding their leader’s sudden demise, was an utter conspiratorial cover-up specifically tailored to protect the guilty kikester parties involved.

Tests commissioned by the Saracen Shitraker revealed abnormally high concentrations of Polonium 210 being detected in Marrowfat’s clothes and personal belongings during analysis at the prestigious Institut de Radiophysique in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The publication of these deeply embarrassing facts has resulted in Palestinian Authority members being taken slightly ‘aback’ – what one of them described as “gobsmacked” - as they believed the entire Mossad ‘poisoning’ conspiracy theory was – like Abu Ammar (Marrowfat’s nom de guerre) himself – ‘dead and buried’.

A further report in last Sunday’s Dirty Deeds Gazette claims that, regardless of the public outcry for justice to be done, the occupied West Bank’s ruling Palestinian Authority has come under serious pressure from the Great Satan’s Zionist-dominated Obama administration to drop any and all plans to seek an international tribunal to investigate Marrowfat’s 2004 murder by Mossad’s Kidon assassination unit psychos.

Specifically, the Palestinians’ efforts to launch an international probe into their ex-leader’s untimely death face serious obstacles which stem from opposition fronted by a variety of Western leaders who are beholden to the Rothshite crime syndicate for their political positions and the associated cornucopia of attached benefits that come on top of the initial thirty pieces of silver awarded when they sign up and convert to the worship of Mammon and accept the triple six mark of the Zionist Beast.

Following a top secret phone call from the Knesset office of Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo, the White House’s incumbent Kenyan-Indonesian cuckoo, Barky Obama – hot to trot for the promise of as many Ashkenazi kikester / Zionist votes as he can muster for this November’s election - personally rang up the PA’s vacillating puppet leader, Mahmoud al Fat Git, to put pressure on the Palestinian leadership and Al Fatah not to seek such an investigation due the fact ‘the truth’ might result in negative consequences for this delusional fantasy of a Middle East peace process that to date is still more at scent than substance.

The ‘truth’ that has the Israeli leadership shitting kitten lies in the fact that the Saracen Shitraker’s investigators have also uncovered incontrovertible evidence that the French pathologist Dr Shylock Scumberg at the Percy Military Hospital in Paris where Marrowfat died, had falsified the autopsy report to read the cause of death was septic haemorrhoids complicated by an attack of gout and an ingrowing foreskin.

So, that’s the word from Israel’s ZioNazi leadership - justice and accountability be damned and Marrowfat’s memory gets lost in a case of historical amnesia – along with the ‘truth’ that his morning coffee ‘matzo’, fresh from Granny Scattstein’s Hilukh Meayim CafĂ© was poisoned with micro-particles of Polonium 210 radionuclide from Israel’s Dimona reactor in the nasty Negev Desert – perhaps the same batch sold on by Mossad’s Kidon contractors to poison and snuff the Russian ex-KGB officer / defector Alexander Litvinenko in his London political asylum base.

For the record, on the 1st November 2006 Litvinenko suddenly fell ill, following a meeting earlier that day with two former KGB officers, Andrei Sackashit and Igor Barfsky, one of whom –or both in collusion - are suspected of dosing his bottle of Old Headbanger vodka with Polonium 210.

Hence it’s not so much a matter of old Yesser being poisoned with Polonium – but the fact that the exhumation of his body and samples of the radioactive material being obtained but an analysis of such would reveal which reactor was the source – and anyone guesstimating it might just be from Dimona can go straight to the front of the class and collect their prize.

Thought for the day: Here lies Yasser Arafat – yet another expendable Muslim nuisance who listened to the Western lies and hung up his AK to pursue a political solution – and got shafted at every turn. Same as the hapless and marginalised, sub-divided Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip coastal enclave – besieged behind Israel’s racist Great Apartheid Wall in the biggest Nazi style concentration camp on the planet.

There’s only one way forward to solve the problems with their slow-cook genocide suppression and ever-diminishing Palestinian state – and that’s armed insurrection – a final Pan-Islamic Intifada to drive out the Ashkenazi ‘Jews of convenience’ Zionist usurpers.

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