Monday, 9 July 2012

7/7 False Flag Attack Anniversary

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July 7th, 2012: now a full seven years gone – as fast as shit through a goose - since the 7/7/05 false flag terrorist atrocities were visited on London - and while the true guilty parties responsible have never been brought to book, al least the anniversary thankfully passed by without anything else going “Ka-Fucking-Boom!” – maybe due the horrifying fact the shadow government’s agent provocateurs are saving it up for the Olympics.

Alike super-pariah Tony Bliar’s dodgy dossier justification for the illegal invasion of Iraq and the ensuing slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians from Basra to Baghdad, the 7/7 false flag terrorist attacks serve as a lasting monument to the inherent perfidy of the dark and sinister core elements that dominate the less visible ‘face’ of British government. Those who would sink lower than a gopher’s bollocks to commit acts of treason against the hapless tax-paying electorate simply to further demonise Islam, justify foreign wars of aggression and advance the scheduled implementation of the desired (and long-planned) Big Brother / martial law panopticon surveillance state to regulate and rule over society with a neo-fascist iron fist.

So, while our corrupt establishment declined to stage any sort of ‘Lest We Forget’ 7/7/05 anniversary ceremony - or reminder that might jog the public memory of the sore thumb ‘pantomime’ transparencies of those purported Muslim terrorist attack scenarios expedited by Mohammed al Patsy and his moronic Leeds ‘Stooge Club’ cohorts - ex-Yorkshire Police Chief Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell and conspiracy watchdog author Nick Kollerstrom, in the interests of public disclosure and the relay of open source information, took on the burden of responsibility with a splendid YouTube ‘Elephant in the Living Room’ production, directed by Kevin West, to embarrass the crap out of Whitehall and Westminster – along with the ‘fast, cheap and out of control’ intelligence services.

Aptly titled ‘7/7 Kollerstrom and Farrell Are Dead’ as a reference to the subversive nature of their joint expose and possible repercussions, hopefully this dynamic duo’s Oppositional Defiance Disorder Syndrome attack does not find them propped up against a tree in the David Kelly Memorial Woods, wrists slashed with a blunt box cutter or pruning knife - or stuffed inside a North Face holdall and dumped in a bathtub – another victim of the MI5 / Force Recon’ Regiment’s ‘Assisted Suicide Squad’.


To those who spotted the glaring 7/7 inconsistencies (just like the blatant 9/11 ‘Hopefully Nobody’s Watching’ farcical hi-fiving stage play) from Day One, then their YouTube presentation offers nothing new but it does serve to lay out the Catch 22 absurdities of the ‘official’ version of events in a sound chronological order – which to the amateur conspiracy chaser will prove a boon.

For the uninitiated, Peter Power, a former Scotland Yard Anti-Terrorist Branch official, and Managing Director of Visor Consultants, was running a set of anti-terrorist drills at the same time and place that the bombs exploded at the very same three tube stations / trains as the Muslim terrorist trio were purported to have been aboard and detonated their backpack bombs. No shit, isn’t coincidence a bitch.

Well, anyone with two brain cells still achieving telemetry will speculate if Powers and Visor were involved with the actual bombings – perhaps the crucial factor that prompted Powers to apply due prudence and pull his Gennifer Flowers style self-preservation diligent disclosure statement to the media before he too ended
up being found dead in the Grassy Knoll Cemetery Gardens – yet another victim of laying violent hands upon himself.

(Gennifer Flowers self-preservation defence – ref’ Arkansas Amateur Rapist Dodger Bill Clinton / Mena Mafia era)

But here Power’s litany of lies comes apart – along with the official line. First, the so-called Muslim terrorist schmucks missed their trains. Oh yes, you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. Mohammed al Patsy and his pantomime gang of Jolly Jihad stooges are that well organised as a terrorist cell they miss the fucking trains they’re supposed to be blown up on, hear the news, say WTF goes on? and turn up at Canary Wharf – only to get triple-tapped by the Met’s CO19 / FRR intelligence agents.

Next, the coincidence stinks of official collusion – ‘conspiracy’ being the more fitting term. The three explosions were simultaneous synchronised detonations (via radio signal) of military explosives concealed under the train carriages – not inside them.

The official forensics report claims the explosives were a home-made blend of black pepper and peroxide. Alas, this schoolboy fireworks / pyrotechnic mix does not have the potent ‘brisance’ to blast the steel floors of the carriages ‘upwards’ as do military class Semtex charges tactically situated under the train. That is state-level technical gear and expertise – which coincidentally, like 9/11 and Madrid and the Bali micro-nuke, stinks of Mossad, along with FRR, involvement.

Next on the Moron Scale of 1 to 10, and scoring a definite 9, we are pawned off with a ridiculous statement that the contracting client for whom Peter Power / Visor Consultants was conducting the terror rehearsal drills is, thus far, unknown. What a crock of shit. Was it the Salvation Army? Julia Middleton’s Common Purpose NLP / brainwashing social engineering ‘charity’? The Met’s Scotland Yard? MI5 / MI6? The Force Reconnaissance Regiment? Mossad? The CIA? Uncle Tom Cobley and all - or actually Big Al Qaeda himself?

Handy entity to have around, the old Big Al Qaeda Gang bogeyman - anywhere a spot of mayhem and chaos are required to create a total socio-political clusterfuck - especially so when it comes down to demonising Muslims and the religion / culture of Islam.

Well, evidence proves that 7/7 served to achieve the objective as the moronic Met Plod Squad went into hyper-paranoia 'headless chicken' mode and started shooting Brazilian electricians on the off chance they might be closet case Muslim bombers on a do-or-die mission to usurp our hated Western Democratic freedoms.

Thought for the day. Amen, Saturday 7/7/2012 passed quietly. But we are left pondering if MI5’s JTAC Black Propaganda section, working in conjunction with the Met’s Perception Management Department, are saving it all up for an orchestrated Busby Berkeley style Jolly Jihad ‘Semtex Spectacular’ during the Olympic Games venue.
Whatever, whether they do or don’t, it all comes down to testing the public reaction to their insane, dystopian stimuli.

Maybe worth a trip down to Flatbrokes, the ubiquitous High Street bookies and see what odds they’re giving on a false flag terrorist attack kicking of big time during the Olympic Games. Have a fiver each way?

Social engineering bio-chemistry lesson #1: State-sponsored acts of terrorism breed paranoia and panic stations ‘fear’ and hence the enforced compliance / conformity of the common herd via the route of increased surveillance.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and / or squirrel shit.

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Anonymous said...

Great YouTube video - the Powers That Be have got to be pissed off at this pair.

Fletch said...

Good video - and Rusty lets them know all eyes are on the Olympics for even a whiff of a false flag terror plot - foiled or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Genny Flowers was Clinton's renta-whore madam who pre-empted any snuff attempt to silence her after a surprising number of her girls that had screwed Artful Dodger Bill when he was Arkansas governor turned up 'suicided' in the run up to the Presidential elections.
Nice people.