Thursday, 19 July 2012

Melinda Gates Pushes Genocide Agenda

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The current issue of the Genocide Review carries a full coverage report (plus a glossy centrefold ‘Jonestown’ pull-out) of last week’s London Family Planning Summit, hosted by the Bonkers Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BBMGF), where the manky Melinda, a world-class fascist dipshit with her head so far up her own arse it’s a wonder she can still breathe, slithered up to the podium and unabashedly promoted the UN’s Agenda 21 depopulation and eugenics Final Solution strategy – duplicitously in the name of carbon reduction and women’s rights – to rid the world – in her own words - of some six billion useless eaters – aka the 99% Have Not’s that comprise the human herd.

Representatives from both the ethnic cleansing and genocide industry’s government and private contractor sectors were in attendance, which included a laugh-a-minute ‘What to Do With All the Dead Bodies’ workshop presented by the UK’s Grave-Diggers and Funeral Directors Alliance, and sponsored by the blue chip Corpse Disposal Solutions leader Body-Bags-R-Us SA - along with the Rothshite’s crime syndicate-owned Gulag Earthmoving International.

One seminar sponsored by FEMA and the Mass Graves Gazette went into discussions for alternative strategies to achieve the elitist 1% Have’s depopulation mission, which included the manufacture of regional mass extinction level events such as limited scope nuclear wars and further false flag ‘tsunami’ repeats of the series of 20 megaton neutron bomb generated catastrophes of Boxing Day 2004 which, when all three devices were detonated simultaneously in a test run on the Indian Ocean seabed, swamped north-west Sumatra and the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea coastlines of Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Malaysia.

This proved to be such a success that the project was duplicated offshore Honshu last year to initiate the earthquake-less Sendai tidal wave in Japan - which served as the prefect cover-up for the rigged-to-blow-apart Fuckupshima nuclear reactor disaster and ensuing radioactive contamination of the entire North to Mid-Pacific regions.

The BBMGF claim their research reveals that by 2050 the global population will have expanded to 10 billion people, a figure that they, along with the Club of Rome, the Rockefeller Foundation, the CFR and the Bilderberg Group’s neo-Nazi eugenicists, seem to find unacceptable – hence intend to start bankrolling corrupt Third World governments on a global scale to implement a veritable barrage of dictatorial social programs to push family planning – with the Chinese forced ligation policy as their model.

This will manifest as a groundbreaking effort to ensure that those in poorer nations do not have the expressed ability to procreate, but be inundated with compulsory sterilization under the guise of family planning.

In the ginger-mingin Melinda Gates unqualified opinion “We need to have the jackboot stamp down on this problem before these lowlifes get an education and see what’s wrong in the world and kick start a goddamn bloody revolution.”

“My Bill’s already got a bunch of mad scientists trying to conjure up some new germs to spread with the chemtrail cocktails to reduce the common herd - as the man-made synthetic Morgellons and HIV / AIDS viruses simply aren’t killing enough people and every smart ass and their dog are wary of Big Pharma’s contaminated toxic flu jabs since the Bird Flu and Sneezy Pig Virus scams were seen through for the mass population cull campaign they were.”

“Really, there are simply too many useless eaters, that’s why me and Bill commissioned the Georgia Guidestones - along with that stockpile of half a million Poly-Vault plastic coffins stacked up outside Atlanta’s Centre for Disease Control - to get the message across that these peasants have been swimming for far too long at the shallow end of the gene pool and it’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff as there’s gonna be no place for them in our designer Theme Park America.”

“Who wants to have hordes of red necks interbreeding and living in tent cities and shanty towns and lowering the tone of the place? It’s not our fault they’re all IQ-deficient and don’t have the brains to start up their own zillion-dollar companies like Bill’s MicroSlop and pay their sub-prime mortgages or afford Obamacare health insurance.”

“I was talking to that old Prince Stavros at the Family Planning Summit in London, the Greek guy that’s married to Mrs Queenie and he was telling me about his super plan to get re-incarnated as a virus and wipe out all the useless eaters – apparently an idea he got from one of his boyhood heroes, some Kraut racial purity guru called Hitler.”

The sinister Bonkers Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has partnered with China’s dodgy Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceuticals drug corporation to develop implantable fertility controls that will be used in scores of Third World dumps to curb population growth by ensuring that clinics are always stocked with the full range of contraceptives, implants, IUDs – plus the injectable Depo-Preovera instant sterilising agent - and thus guarantee the Illuminati’s flawed depopulation agenda is on track and going ahead at full speed.

So much for Melinda, yet another Texas turkey, and a broomstick merchant full to the brim with her own brand of unqualified arrogance - plus a very misguided Naziesque sense of personal purpose and mission alike that other conceited, thick-as-pigshit self-righteous U2 twat Bono – the saviour of the known Universe.

Manky Melinda’s just another shitbag nerd with more money than moral sense who wants to play God and fuck with the balance of Nature and the Gaia Principle, to engineer a mass extinction level human cull event to rid the Earth of all those nasty unwashed peasants she and Bill don’t approve of.

No worries Melinda, our Sun’s getting very active right now, and ready to start hurling out super-charged solar flares in the X+10 / +20 magnitude – and when the eruption / discharge point of one of those ‘Killshots’ is on the same astronomical bearing and vector as our planet then the wish list mass extinction level event will occur – and take out every fucker and their dog – elitists included.

Thought for the day. So much for the inbred Brahmin’s self-ordained authority to cull the human herd – a prerogative supposedly deriving from sacrosanct bloodlines, presupposed aristocratic heritage rights, contrived financial and military advantage, and now under the concocted eugenicist cry of survival of the fittest.

In the pursuit of her family planning / forced sterilisation campaign perhaps the condescending Melinda might start by setting a stellar example to all the Third World undesirables - by getting herself and two nerdy daughters ligated or pumped full of Depo-Preovera - and son rampant Rory’s tubes vasectomised before they too start filling up the planet with more hungry mouths and draining valuable resources.

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