Monday, 2 July 2012

Israelis Stage Holohoax Survivor Show

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In yet another typical display of sickening bad taste aimed at proving to the world their personalised brand of sympathy-generating perpetual suffering and whinge-ridden victimhood remain the core foundations at the heart of the Ashkenazi kikester Zionist culture, the Israelis last Thursday staged no less than a Miss Glamorous Holohoax Survivor pageant.

Further pushing their iconic money-spinning Holohoax brand to the max in this latest publicity stunt, broadcast live on raving Rupert Mudrock’s Sky ‘Puke Channel’, the show’s organiser, zillionaire Israeli impresario Shylock Shittbag, congratulated and crowned 79-year old grandmother Golda Gorgonsky as the pageant’s winner.

Mrs Gorgonsky, looking to all intents and purposes to be a few shots short on the Botox treatment, claims – like Elie Weaselstein before her - to have been an inmate at the Nazi’s Auschwitz-Birkenau holiday camp and sported a row of numbers tattooed on her left forearm - when incarcerated in 1941 - along with a photo of herself posing with a group of SS guards under the camp’s Arbeit Macht Frei welcome sign.

Gorgonsky tells that she fled her home in Brzezinka as a child when Hilter’s troops invaded Poland, hid in the forest and was rescued by a Roman Catholic priest from the St Sodoms Monastry for Latter Day Pederasts – but after two years of getting buggered and playing the part of the monk’s o’chel batachat three-hole whore - decided life in a concentration camp couldn’t be any worse so opted for voluntary internment at nearby Auschwitz.

Speaking to one press hack from the Hasbara Gazette, Mrs Gorgonsky related “Yes, I survived the camps and they say that God moves in mysterious ways as these numbers tattooed on my arm have won top prizes in the weekly Nesheker Lotto four times already.”

Billed by organizer Shylock Shittbag as a ‘celebration of the macabre’, the three hundred wizened old harpies from across Israel who registered for the competition were whittled down to fourteen finalists who boast they lived through the ‘ups and downs’ of World War Two and paraded on stage at Haifa’s ‘Sluts n Slappers Club’ last Thursday night clad in bikinis and sequins, all vying for the questionable honour of being Israel’s first ‘Miss Glamorous Holohoax Survivor’.

Conversely, Chlamydia Mingerot, spokeswoman for the UN Human Rights & Wrongs Council, slammed the pageant with a stream of harsh criticism, stating for the public record “This is the doing of those money-grubbing Khazar-Ashkenazi secular Jews of convenience – the crypto-kikes that promote the insidious cult of Zionism.”

“The entire shebang is a sickening display of emotive propaganda conjured up to further demonise the Krauts and remind them of their largely concocted past sins regarding the controversial and questionable extent and end game statistics of the Holohoax’s actual toll of human victims – hence pressure them via the route of conscience into supplying more freebie nuclear-capable Dolphin class submarines to the Israeli navy.”
“If it’s ‘sympathy’ they’re after, well it’s in the dictionary – located squarely between ‘shit’ and ‘syphilis’. So, what’s next we wonder – a Reality TV ‘Gas Chamber Survivor’ show?”

Bone of contention: The first series of tattooed prisoner numbers was introduced by the SS at their forced labour camps in May 1940 and remained in use until January 1945, ending with the number 402,499 – quite a few short of the vaunted ‘6,000,000’- plus figure for Jews alone – which did in fact include Slavs, Gypsies (der Zigeuner), police prisoners – and any other fucker and their dog whose face didn’t quite fit the Nazi's convoluted Aryan scheme of things.

Thought for the day: On the vomitous subject of ethnic cleansing and genocide, human rights abuses and war crimes, how about a Yawm an-Nakbah (Day of the Catastrophe) Memorial Day being staged on the 15th May to celebrate the start of the Palestinian Holocaust – the Palestinian’s ‘Shoah’ – in 1948 – when their sovereign state was stolen from them by the ZioNazi kikester terrorist Stern Gang, and the Haganah and the Irgun?

(Celebration of the Yawm an-Nakbah – by Palestinians – is currently banned by the occupying Israeli forces whose nutty Knesset master, PM Bobo Nuttyahoo, does not like being reminded of the fact their Promised Land is actually someone else’s country)

Hey, perhaps we can get Mr Shittbag to stage a similar ‘Holohoax’ reality television series, highlighting the hapless populations of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip coastal enclave - besieged behind the Israeli’s racist 30-foot high Great Apartheid Walls in the biggest Nazi Holocaust style concentration camps on the planet.

Then perhaps garner the opinions and condemnations from a coven of talking head pundits pushing for a Nuremberg 2 War Crimes Tribunal to mete out the weight of justice against the belligerent Israeli politicians – and perhaps a Survivors Hour section to interview Palestinian prisoners – men, women and children - who’ve endured hunger strikes in Israeli prisons and being tortured at the notorious Facility 1391 interrogation facility – and how they were lucky to get out alive from this centre of supply for the Rabid Rabbi’s illegal transplant organ black market – with only one kidney or half their liver missing.

Black humour and acid sarcasm aside, fuck the ZioNazi kikesters and their PNAC / Foreign Policy Initiative / New World Order.

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wiggins said...

The Poles are also having to pay reparations to the kikesters - even though they are potless.
A lot of the snitching and killing was done by zionist death squads used by the SS in the camps. Reference: 'The Controvesy of Zion' - Donald Reed

Ally said...

Oh yes - the actual 'Jews' were targeted as 'victims' by Hitler's financiers and backers (the German Ashkenazi crypto-kikester bankers and industrialists)to justify the end game product of a 'Jewish' (read Zionist) homeland - then shown on the atlas and world maps in 'Empire Pink' and known as Palestine.

Anonymous said...

True, they had their own people (Jews) working for the SS along with the Russian Slavs as camp enforcers. Oh well, survival - any port in a storm, regardless how immoral or repugnant.

Fletch said...

This is light satire for Rusty. The dumb-assed Israelis really did stage a Ms Glamorous Holocaust Survivor competition