Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Scameron Speak with Forked Tongue

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Broken Britain’s smarmy twat of a Prime Minister, Duplicitous Dave Scameron, interviewed by the Broken Promises Gazette, has now finally declared for the public record that he’s prepared to consider a referendum on our continued relationship with the Brussels-based EUSSR fascist state apparatus - but only when his Rothshite crime syndicate masters say the time is right.

In the news tabloid article the cringeworthy Posh Dave made mention that he wanted a real choice for the common herd but claimed an immediate referendum was not, in his unqualified opinion, what the majority of loyal Conservative tax-dodging donors wished to see take place.
“I want to have the wholehearted support of the British sheeple but they need to adopt a policy of long-term strategic patience – and keep voting Tory.”
"Really, these two words - 'Europe' and 'Referendum' - can go together, as Sammy and I discovered to our amazement the other night while playing a game of Scrabble together at Chequers.”

Alas, such talk is cheap, and bullshit besides, Scameron made an election campaign trail pledge to hold a one-off ‘in or out’ referendum vote, then reneged on his solemn oath – which was obviously more at scent than substance in the first place.
Hence little wonder no fucker or their dog believes anything the hypocritical twat says, as Posh Dave’s now suffering from a chronic case of CDS – Credibility Deficiency Syndrome – which first manifested its ugly presence shortly after he got his conceited, cocky arse inside Downing Street.

A cabal of a hundred rebellious Conservative MPs have called for a poll during the next Parliament – somehow deluding themselves they stand a cat in Hell’s chance of ever winning a general election this side of Eternity (nope – the British peasantry might well have been pissed off with New Labour, but the Tories ‘did not’ win the 2010 election).

In response to Scameron’s ‘weekend waffling’ the Lib-Dum Deputy PM, Mick Clogg, an ultra-Europhile, informed the media “Dave’s perfectly entitled, as the Tory party leader, to set out his views on a possible referendum after the 2015 general election – but he’s not holding any such thing while I’m part of this Coalition government.”

Conversely, New Labour’s juvenile leader, Ed Millipede, took time off from playing with his crayons and dot-to-dot colouring book to tell press hacks that the hapless British public had no appetite for an abstract discussion over a referendum on an undefined question at an unspecified time in a future parliament.

“What Broken Britain’s voting public want – and this includes all the under-18 kids and illegal immigrants and tax-dodging pikeys too – is to deal with this EUSSR Federation issue and the entire eurozone fiscal crisis in one fell swoop. We’re well past the ‘what if?’ stage, so let’s be having a vote on it: in or out – and no more shagging the cat and sodding around with ambiguities.”

The UK’s closet case of a Foreign Secretary Willy Vague, speaking on BBC One's Andrew ‘Bat-Ears’ Marr Show, opined there was a strong case for a referendum if the other 26 member states agreed to the concept of a tighter fascist super-state union – “following the eurozone crisis” – as if this economic bailout nightmare of ‘pass the parcel’ is going to be solved sometime soon.
Hell might freeze over but the eurozone (and global) financial systems are going to go tits up in a Busby Berkeley spectacular fashion – just to prove the provenance of the Mayan prophecy that 2012 will be an all-round ‘End of Times’ clusterfuck.

However, Vague did concede that harsh decisions would have to be faced when it was clear how Europe would develop - and how the UK's relationship with Brussels could be improved.
Simple really, by shit-canning Britain’s membership of the star-crossed Debtocracy community and moving on. For Christ’s sake, there was life before the UK’s membership of the EUSSR – (thanks to that nasty old Angophobe, Chazzer de Gaulle) - and there will be after.

Thus we ponder, who from the stalwart Euro-sceptic camp might we choose to replace this vacillating super-snob of a Slime Minister who wants to corner us with some craftily-worded referendum ballot which means we’re fucked if we do and equally as fucked if we don’t?

Again, Duplicitous Dave and his EUSSR-fanatic sidekick Mick Clogg are set to shaft us if given half a chance. For the public the core issue is indisputable – we do not want a grouping of foreign states (federation) administered from Brussels and dominated by the Krauts - or the poxy Frogs - that has the power to influence or veto a whole range of UK laws and regulations – and devastate our once-sceptred isle’s sovereign character.
Hence bollocks to what Scameron says – we want a one-off referendum. No conditions, no ambiguities – just Yea or Nay / In or Out.

And the man for the job is UKIP’s leader and super EUSSR-sceptic, the indestructible Nigel Barrage. He’ll give Brussels the big finger – the Digitus Impudicus – and have us out of Europe faster than shit through a goose.
Then once we’re free and back with self-determination, the Borders Agency can get off their arses and to work on hoofing out the legions of EUSSR economic migrants - and freeing up a mob of British jobs for British workers.

Thought for the day. Stellar proof of what a snafu of a Dog & Pony Show this Libservative Coalition government is was manifested in the debacle of an interview with Tory Treasury gopher Chloe Smith - an accident looking for somewhere to happen – (and it did) - on live TV’s Jeremy ‘Pitbull’ Paxman’s ‘Newshite’ programme last week.

Chancellor George Osborne chickened out and sent his sacrificial lamb underling to explain the impossible: specifically what is going to replace the planned £550 million quid revenue earned from the hot pasty and immobile caravan taxes – and too the August-scheduled three pence fuel duty rise – all now cancelled and thrown to the four winds of Fate, thanks to public protest.

So much for Smith’s pantomime sobriquet of ‘The Ice Maiden’ when she spluttered and stuttered her inadequate replies to Paxo’s Stasi-style interrogation – finally pissing her pants and breaking into tears when accused of being “another of Osborne’s Treasury mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed shit” – and again “an incompetent twat who doesn’t know one end of a balance sheet from the other”.

Regardless, fuck the fascist Kraut-dominated EUSSR Federation- and the totalitarian New World Order – they both equate as the physical manifestation and wish list of the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – and to the common man, not fit for purpose. All designed to benefit the elitist few – to the detriment of the many.

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