Saturday, 21 July 2012

Renta-Thug Killer Plod ‘Not Guilty’

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In a verdict that has been unanimously described by everyone still in possession of two ounces of common sense as “an utter fucking joke” – the Met’s TSG riot squad officer responsible for causing the untimely the death of an innocent passer-by was denounced as a ‘thug in uniform’ on Wednesday as he was cleared of the charge of manslaughter by a jury of five men and seven women who deliberated for four days but were not informed of his previous condemning record of official misconduct which included acts of violence, threats and sadistic behaviour towards members of the general public.

Perhaps equally disgusting are highlighted reports in the gutter press red top tabloids that emanate a most definite and prejudicial scent of ‘justifiable homicide’ due the negative publicity (read ‘black propaganda’) that the hapless Tomlinson was – quote: ‘an alcoholic, estranged from his wife and who had slept rough for a number of years’ – as though the above items constituted a viable excuse to sanction PC Simon Harwood’s despicable, sadistic actions and Tomlinson’s murder.

Prior to the unprovoked, fatal assault on Ian Tomlinson on April Fool’s Day 2009, during the G20 London demonstrations, Harwood had been the subject of ten separate complaints, including racially abusing and thumping a 14-year old girl - then threatening to come down mob-handed and set fire to her father’s house; plus a road-rage attack; throttling, kneeing or threatening suspects during heavy-handed arrests; and unlawfully accessing police national computer database for his own nefarious ends.

For the above sins Harwood was due to face internal proceedings in 2001 after being accused of unlawful arrest, abuse of authority and discreditable conduct but slithered through justice’s net by retiring – aged 34 - on medical grounds before a disciplinary hearing took place – then got re-hired by another regional Plod Squad three days later. Oh yes, the stench of graft and corruption permeates all.

Then, as soon as the heat died down, in 2004 he pulled a few Masonic Brotherhood strings, via which route the road rage incident and other crimes were overlooked, and rejoined the Met Plod Squad’s Territorial Support Group - specialising in beating up members of the public – which culminated with the unlawful killing of an innocent passer-by - specifically newsvendor Ian Tomlinson - after Harwood, sans any form of provocation, sadistically lashed him across the back of the legs with an Asp telescopic steel baton then shoved him violently to the concrete pavement – an act recorded with fatalistic serendipity on video for posterity by an obliging Yank tourist. Somebody mention ‘Kismet due’?

Thus the dilemma of a legal contradiction - that following four days of deliberations it was the jury’s decision to acquit and accept Harwood’s disingenuous statement that he used reasonable force to inflict the blows that killed Tomlinson mere minutes later due severe abdominal haemorrhaging resulting from blunt force trauma.

Whereas fourteen months previously the jury sitting at the inquest into Ian Tomlinson's untimely death ruled, on the evidence presented, that he was unlawfully killed by Harwood. The inquest jury’s verdict was made on the same burden of proof as a criminal trial - that is, beyond reasonable doubt.

Basically it comes down to this: by his actions Harwood is a nasty piece of work with a history of misconduct and gratuitous acts of aggression and violence - who has no place in any sub-division of the Met’s Plod Squad – especially the Territorial Bully Boy Unit or working for private security outfits such as the G4S Renta-Thug Agency or Sadists-R-Us.

If the trial jury’s verdict is, in law, correct, that Harwood is not guilty of the charge of ‘manslaughter’ then what is he guilty of?
Regardless of the bullshit propaganda viz Tomlinson being an alcoholic, he was filmed on CCTV and at the time of Harwood’s gratuitous and violent attack, simply sauntering past the police lines – not interfering with anyone – then is struck from behind in a most craven and brutal fashion and shoved to the pavement – is picked up, stumbles off and then collapses and dies – as a direct result of Harwood’s sadistic actions.

Okay, if the charge of ‘manslaughter’ doesn’t fit the crime then what is it - common assault – criminal assault with a deadly weapon - or GBH – or whatever other politically correct euphemism now serves to describe an act of illegal killing – colloquially known as ‘murder’?

Semantics aside, one thing is certain at the end of the day - that Harwood’s fast, cheap and out of control actions - the laying of violent hands upon the person of Ian Tomlinson, did very little to contribute to his well-being and health or longevity.

Thought for the day. The Independent Police Coverups Commission has stated that Harwood will face Metropolitan Police internal disciplinary proceedings later in year. Ironically, in the meantime, he’ll continue to draw tax-payer funded full pay while placed back on gardening leave – along with that other dog wanker - the not-fit-for-purpose Home Office pathologist (sic) Dr Freddy ‘The Fuckwit’ Patel.

So it all comes down to the scandalous fact that yet again the police are above the law and their graft and corruption-ridden Masonic Brotherhood members look after their own - reinforcing the offensive acronym: ACAB.
Discounting the murders of Brazilian electricians and Mark Duggan – amongst a host of others - the number of suspicious deaths in police custody since 1998 now amount to a scandalous 330-plus – with the total of Plod Squad thugs convicted of being a contributing cause to any of these deaths coming to a large ‘zero’.

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Anonymous said...

Harwood is scum. The law, like Mr Bumble said, is an ass. But we bet the jury kicked themselves post-verdict of not guilty returned and they got to hear about his previous form and complaints and doisciplinary actions.

Like Rusty says, if it's not manslaughter but has been defined as an unlawful killing by the coroner's inquest jury - then what is the crime / what is the charge?

Yeah the media's full of crap, all this chat about Tomlinson being an alkie and having cirrhosis cos Harwood's asault was the direct cause of Ian Tomlinson's death.

Anonymous said...

Like the scrote daubed on the side of the meat wagon - ACAB