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NATO Troops Train Afghans to Kill Them

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The latest bad news on digital radio’s 7:62 FM Warmonger Channel claims four British soldiers have been shot, with one wounded and three snuffed by an Afghan Plod Squad constable in the Third World shithole’s rebellious Bellend Province. Early reports state that two troopers served with the 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment and two with the 14th Body Bag Brigade.

The MoD issued a statement confirming that the deceased squaddie’s next of kin had been informed and said the soldiers were shot and fatally wounded on Sunday as they manned a checkpoint – which brings the headcount of foreign military personnel killed in rogue shootings by Afghan military and police this year to a score plus six.

Ironically, the soldiers were part of the ill-fated ISAF force, tasked with training their Afghan counterparts to kill ahead of the star-crossed planned handover of security responsibility to President Hamid Kami-Karzai’s Kleptocracy Party government, scheduled for 2014 when they’ll take over guarding the Socal gas pipeline and the opium poppy crops.

The up-close and confidential ambush shooting occurred at Checkpoint Kona Ka Dzha just outside the village of Ghwal Ukhura, where the soldiers were assigned to monitor the local opium trade traffic, but had been distracted by the staging of a Victoria’s Secret ‘Sexy Burkah’ party at a nearby hovel – and were shot from behind by PC Achmed Jaffacake of the National Civil Order Police as they peered through the windows for a quick perv’.

Well, so much for the background checks carried out on Afghan troops and police in a bid to ensure that the minimum wage peasants getting hired are not raving Muslim Brotherhood fanatics who simply hate Western Democratic freedoms - nor sympathetic to the Al Qaeda, Jolly Jihad or Taliban insurgent factions likely to propagate ‘green on blue’ attacks – the instance where Afghan security or police forces open fire on their ‘supposed’ Western infidel allies – and have so far snuffed 26 ISAF personnel his year, compared with 35 for the whole of 2011.

The UK’s Tory numbskull of a Defence Secretary Philip ‘Dandruff’ Hammond, continuing to push the threadbare and clich├ęd propaganda soundbite line that NATO troops are in Afghanistan to ‘help’ the people, has condemned the back-stabbing behaviour of the gunman as ‘cowardly’.

To Secretary Hammond (a very poor replacement for Dr Liam Pox and his slick poofter sidekick and pro-Zionist gopher Adam Qwerty) we have this to say: “Wake up, you dozy clot – the NATO Coalition of the Warmongers are the occupying military force in some other fucker’s sovereign nation and hence the Afghan Taliban – amongst numerous other anti-infidel rebel groups – have legions of Fifth Columnists infiltrated throughout the entire NATO structure – and the graft and corruption-ridden Kabul government.

These people are neither ‘cowards’ not Jolly Jihad ‘terrorists’ - they’re ‘Patriots’ – spelled with a large capital P - fighting a guerrilla war against the insidious armies of the Great Satan and their ZioNazi proxies – from whom Broken Britain’s New Labour PM Tony Bliar accepted thirty pieces of silver and signed in blood on the dotted line – and committed our hapless troops to Purgatory in the name of neo-colonial expansion.

Hence, through the flawed game plan of the US-dominated command structure, these guys are working from a ‘win-win’ advantage situation, as the NATO forces not only provide military training but arm them as well. How’s that for a strategic first?

Much to the undying shame of the degenerate Western powers – and here History will not treat them kindly - their diplomatic sanctions are a harbinger of the Warzone – and their touch is Death.
Everywhere they trespass in the duplicitous name of ‘humanitarian intervention’ or ‘weapons of mass distraction’ to enforce regime change is followed by Four Horsemen, and havoc, mayhem and chaos become the order of the day as their invaded lands are Balkanised, the natural resources exploited, and brother turned against brother in pursuit of delusional sectarian ideology.

Thought for the day: So, here we are again, the old flawed propaganda adage about ‘hearts and minds’ – obviously overlooking the fact that back in February, Pan-Islamic public opinion against the foreign forces in Afghanistan was inflamed to the resentment chain reaction point by revelations that US troops at the Bagram Air Base had purposely and with malice aforethought, burned copies of the Holy Koran as a “Fuck you, Mohammed!” anti-Islamic gesture.

Then we have an array of platoon gangsta piccies – plus the damning YouTube videos - of a troop of Neanderthal US Marines pissing on the dead bodies of Taliban rebels – an act of desecration only surpassed by the March incidence of a squad of drunken and stoned GI homicidal maniacs from the 3rd Psycho Brigade Combat Team of the US 2nd Infantry Division, slaughtering a total of 16 members of a family, including 9 children and 3 women - in what was supposed to be a ‘village stability operation’- a fubar of atrocity that has since been ‘tactically’ blamed on a single Section 8 head-banger scapegoat, Staff Sergeant Billy Bob Redneck.

Watch this space for more of the same. To wit, any student of history has no need of a crystal ball or the power of clairvoyance, to foresee the end product of the purported 2014 NATO / ISAF military withdrawal – specifically a repeat of the Soviet pull-out.

If the super-slimy US stooge of a President, Hamid Kami-Karzai doesn’t leave with the NATO troops then he’ll meet the same fate (or worse) as Mohammad Najibullah Ahmadzai did in September 1996 – dragged out of his hidey hole in the UN Compound in Kabul by the victorious Taliban forces, strung up by the thumbs and publicly castrated – then other bits of his anatomy sliced off before being dragged around the capital behind a ZIS-151 Soviet army truck until his corpse took on the appearance of an abattoir doormat and was finally strung up on the traffic lights at the intersection of Seh Aqrab Rd and Pul-e-Surkha – symbolically right opposite the Ministry of Higher Education - as a macabre tourist attraction - and for the ravens to peck at.

Afghanistan: the Graveyard of Empires!

Regardless, fuck the Great Satan and NATO, and the Zionist’s Foreign Policy Initiative and their New World Order.

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