Friday, 13 July 2012

Kikester Transplant Organ Tout Convicted

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Yet another Israeli abroad - alike Zionist spy Jonathan Pollard, plus the cadres of dodgy Mossad art students, and many more hi-fiving 9/11 removal men besides – has been caught literally ‘blood-red-handed’ in the act of abusing the laws of their host country.

Rabbi Rasa Ja’akoff Scumbaum, spiritual leader of New York’s Brooklyn-based St Shylocks Synagogue for Latter Day Kikesters, admitted brokering kidney, liver and heart transplants for profit, becoming the first Khazar-Ashkenazi crypto-Jew of convenience ever to be convicted over illegal organ sales in the US.

Scumbaum, along with fellow Rabbi Sheldon Ratsach, operated their Poshea-Ganavim Group’s black market transplant organ smuggling operations out of the St Shylock’s Synagogue on Brooklyn’s Scally Alley.

The New York District Court heard FBI evidence that DNA tests on transplant organs recovered from the synagogue kitchen freezer had revealed they came from Palestinian children - which members of the smuggling group turned whistleblowers and state’s evidence as part of a plea bargaining deal to escape prosecution and enter a Mossad revenge-proof witness protection programme – claimed were ‘snuffed to order’ with headshots from Israeli IDF snipers or kidnapped and their internal organs harvested while incarcerated at the rogue ZioNazi state’s notorious Facility 1391 kindergarten ‘interrogation’ and hunger strike detention centre.

Scumbaum and Ratsach, members of the Great Satan-based wing of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s Edomite Mafia, were alleged to have charged between US $120,000 and $160,000 bucks apiece - up front - to arrange kidney transplants, and in excess of $250,000 for a full Palestinian teenage liver – with hearts going for £500,000 (valves inc).

Handing down a sentence of two and a half years imprisonment, Judge Seymour Weaselstein informed the court "Although Rabbi Scumbaum painted himself as a benevolent kidney matchmaker, this was a criminal enterprise expedited solely for profit.”
Que? WTF? Of course it was done for profit – where the kikesters are concerned, what isn’t?

As for Scumbaum, as a Rabbi and a stickler for all things Jewish, then perhaps a penalty of a couple of years in one of the Great Satan’s sodomite paradises might be a spot too lenient for crimes that involve diminishing the quality of the lives – and the murder - of others (the reluctant / coerced donors) for profit - and so the archaic ‘shelf life expired’ statutes of Talmudic Law should apply – with an ‘arba mitot beit din’ stoning session being a fitting punishment.

To wit, while donating an internal organ might well be mired in complex bio-ethical issues for orthodox Jews, one laced in a culture of moral imperatives (typically, being so tight-fisted, Jews don't like to donate anything – especially their own organs) – these scumbags harbour disdain and contempt for all Gentiles yet have no compunction in trafficking human body parts for personal profit – nor dealing with the ‘kashrut’ hypocrisy of accepting a non-kosher liver or kidney transplanted from a grungy ‘goyim’ Palestinian Muslim to save their own worthless skin.

With Judaism being riddled with hundreds of ambiguous laws that dictate daily existence, there are a whole host of reasons why Jews won’t part with their anatomy even after they die. To some, it's simply taboo, yet another guilt-laden stigma in an already guilt-laden religion, while for others it’s a non-negotiable Biblical commandment to be buried whole - without any bits missing – but hypocritically quite acceptable to be buried with ‘treif’ transplanted organs stolen from an unclean ‘heathen’ Gentile.

Hence the above about sums up this much-vaunted illusionary concept of ‘superior’ Jewish culture – or rather the inherent hypocrisy of it.
Yet another stellar example of the cultural unqualified arrogance displayed by God’s Chosen People (sic) – the Zionists, who had the gall to hijack and illegally patent the pan-Arabian term ‘Semite’ to describe their very own ‘Jewish / Israeli’ identity – at the expense of the Muslim Semite populations of the Middle East.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the word 'hypocrites' doesn't even begin to describe their disgusting cultural condition. They revel in their perpetual 'victims' status yet treat everyone else like shit.