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Terrorist Sting Op’s ‘Silly Season’ Kicks In

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Yep, the mad March hares might have been and gone – but now it’s time for the false flag terrorist attack sting outbreak season to kick in – so, fingers in the ears, get ready to duck and don’t go out to play unless wearing body armour – especially if you’re off to see the new Batman movie showing at your local MK-Ultra Mind Control cinema.

So, what the fuck is going down? Another international ‘Let’s Get the Muslims’ campaign to further demonise Islam – not that they need much help – or a staged ‘gun violence’ false flag scam to blame on the Second Amendment - just in time to influence the United Nations small arms treaty vote?

In what appears to all intents and purposes to be another deliberate FBI stooge ‘entrapment’ sting set up, a US supporter of the fictitious al-Qaeda terrorist group has pleaded guilty of trying to blow up models of the Pentagon and US Capitol Building with remote-controlled model planes – loaded with model bombs.

US citizen Mohammed al Patsy, 26, was arrested following a sting operation in which FBI scumbags posed as al-Qaeda members and supplied their hapless stooge victim with explosives, model planes and the entire plan to bomb several Washington government buildings.

Mr al Patsy pleaded guilty to every charge the US Justice Department prosecutor filed against him, which included attempting to buy explosives from FBI agents and agreeing to their suggestions to blast the living shit out of America’s vastly diminished democratic freedoms – informing the court he would gladly accept the 17 years imprisonment term in one of Uncle Sam’s sodomite’s paradise prisons rather than go to trial and cop for 35 years – thanking Circuit Judge Shylock Scattstein for granting him his personal Andy Warhol-predicted ‘Fifteen Minutes of Fame’.

Under the plea bargain deal, prosecutors agreed to drop four of the original six charges – which included being of Bangladeshi descent, having a body temperature IQ, owning several physics books, and subscribing to Sky TV’s Jolly Jihad channel.

Meanwhile over in Broken Britain the headless chicken terrorist hysteria season has also kicked in, with Shaheed al Ka-Boom and his harpy of a wife, Sharmuta Neekni Sahrawi, sentenced to stiff prison sentences this past week at Manchester Crown Court for being members of the al Qaeda Stooge Squad and strutting down to the local Oldham mosque wearing ‘Semtex Saracen’ t-shirts.

A cache of terror-related material was found at the couple's Muhijadeen Terraces home last year, which included a beheading video (Texas Chain Saw Massacre), two copies of the Koran (Arabic script), and a DVD copy of ‘Schindler’s List’.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Sheldon Scumberg informed Shaheed al Ka-Boom, an unemployed wheelbarrow mechanic, that his previous 2007 conviction for pissing through a Cheetham Hill synagogue letter box indicated that he posed a significant risk to the public.
Further, the peroxide and bleach, used by his hairdresser wife in her work, along with the black pepper found in a kitchen cupboard, could have been blended with the gallon of petrol in their lawn mower fuel tank - discovered in the garden shed - to make a nasty explosive device.

His hapless wife Sharmuta, who denied terrorism charges, was found guilty of engaging in preparation for terrorism and three counts of possessing information useful to a terrorist cell due the house being awash with extremist Islamic propaganda materials - specifically an Arabic / English dictionary; an A to Z of Greater Manchester, a copy of the Radio Times – and most damning of all, a set of Christmas tree lights.

Conversely, for the defence, Ms Candida Mingerot QC, of Upshot, Bagrot & Shitpot (Solicitors) informed the court that her clients didn’t have the low-tech’ brains to operate the TV’s remote control without consulting the actual operator’s manual, hence hardly presented a clear and present danger threat to Western civilisation.

At the other end of the Chicken Little ‘fear & alarm’ black propaganda spectrum, in Bulgaria last week we have a hapless Caucasian ‘shoestring’ tourist stooge with barely two brain cells to rub together (after being fed lots of freebie snort by female Mossad agent provocateurs) then turned into an unwitting suicide bomber / mule patsy - given a sealed drug package to deliver and paid up front – with explicit instructions to get on such n such a bus at Burgas Airport– then one cellphone call later – Ka-fucking-Boom!

Even before the dust settled and emergency services turned up, the Burgas Plod Squad announced that the bang was caused by three kilos of ‘powdered’ TNT (powdered? que? WTF?) being detonated in the suspect’s backpack in the baggage compartment.

This bullshit announcement coincided with Bobo Nuttyahoo, the war-mongering Israeli PM, calling a press conference of the Zionist state’s global media assets, and in a bid to polarise public opinion, denounced the craven attack as bearing the thumbprint of Iranian terrorists.

This declaration, like 9/11, provides the best proof that it was yet another of Mossad’s Kidon false flag terrorist strikes – this time against their own people - to justify further sabre-rattling and designed to serve as a pretext for retaliatory military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the belligerent rogue Zionist state.

A classical 9/11 style pasty set-up – like the flying lessons - advertise the dumb moronic perp’ / stooge and form the ‘legend’ – walking around the airport – picked up on CCTV. A dark-skinned Arab-looking white Caucasian with long hair - nope a shaved head – nope, wrong again – wearing a wig – who might have had his hair cut the day before - who tried to hire a car with a forged Michigan driving license which identified the suspected bomber as Lee Harvey bin Patsy, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Thought for the day. Flatbrokes, the UK’s ubiquitous High Street bookies, have now dropped the odds down to a '1 to 1' dead cert' bet on the likelihood of a CIA / Mossad / MI5 / MI6 Psycho-Ops false flag Islamic crazies terrorist attack targeting the 2012 Olympic Games in London over the coming fortnight – with Iran and Hezbollah as the prime suspects.

Addendum: Very weird, the Aurora, Colorado cinema shooting was purportedly expedited by a lone bonkers gunman named ‘James Holmes’ – a first for US homicidal maniacs and assassins who are renowned for always having a middle name: from John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Patsy to Sirhan Bishara Sirhan to John Warnock Hinckley, Jnr. to Mark David Chapman.

Odd, Holmes surrenders without a struggle after his fish in a barrel shooting spree, then informs the cops “Hey, be careful at my apartment, it’s booby trapped to all hell and back with explosives and incendiary devices” – and now refuses to speak or co-operate.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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