Thursday, 5 July 2012

Liechtenstein Royals Veto Democracy

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The common herd of Liechtenstein hit the polls last Sunday in a ‘political first’ nationwide referendum aimed at curtailing the power of the micro-nation principality’s royal family – labelled by many pro-democracy activists as a ‘bunch of tossers’.

The reigning constitutional monarch, Hans Adam, the Mk II version, and his son, Crown Prince Alois (the acting Regent and a Rothshite-aligned technocrat bankster) still wield a medieval system of absolute ‘life and death’ autocratic power over the motley population of some 36,000 rag-arsed peasants – a total anachronism for a Western European monarchy in the 21st Century.

Now the will of the people wishes to see this authority curtailed, with the Bolshie spokesman of the radical ‘Anarchy Now’ group, Sigvard Dorkbender, pushing for the actual overthrow of the House of Liechtenstein, claiming “These sponging dog wankers can veto any decision taken by the Parliament and it’s about time these oligarchs are kicked off their lazy arses and get a job like everyone else has to.”

One of the main bones of contention with the monarchy and the Crown Prince’s right to veto any Parliamentary bill or decision that isn’t his own or he doesn’t take a liking to, centres on the fact that 90%-plus of Liechtenstein’s population are devout Roman Catholics, with abortion being outlawed and strictly illegal. Hence women wanting to end an accidental pregnancy have to make a covert trip to abortion-friendly China to facilitate the procedure – and if found out, risk excommunication and imprisonment.

Liechtenstein's money-grubbing royal family owns and runs the multi-zillion bucks LGT, (Liechtenstein Greed Trust) the poxy principality's biggest bank and asset-management fund –– and further serves as a ‘confidentiality-guaranteed’ secure haven for tax dodgers and currency rich drug cartels in need of a ‘fiscal laundering service’.
LGT Industries SA actually employs 15,500 people – half the principality’s population – in their pirate copy cuckoo clock and Swiss army knife industries.

However, while their economic cup is a veritable cornucopia of plenty that ‘runneth over’, Liechtenstein is perhaps better described as a half-arsed ‘Dog & Pony Show’ than a functioning nation, which doesn’t even possess its own currency nor field a wheelie bin service – relying on the Swiss franc for everyday monetary requirements and the neighbouring Austrian town of Feldkirch's obliging council binmen to come and collect the garbage each week.

Conversely, the popular saying that you can't win an election against the Prince seems to be proven true as the referendum ballot to curtail his powers of veto gained a vote of 85% for, and a mere 10% against – with a motley 5% don’t know or even give a fuck – and was immediately ‘vetoed’ by Prince Alois as soon as it reached Parliament – hence proving yet again that democracy rules in Liechtenstein, as long as the peasants agree with the Prince.

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