Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bahraini Royal Scumbag to Star in ‘Shameless’

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A report released by the human rights and wrongs activist charity Scum-Watch has warned it would prove a public relations disaster for the Libservative Coalition government - and too LOCOG - if Sheikh Ras al Shitbag al-Khalifa, the head honcho of Bahrain's Olympic Committee, attended the Games events in London due his appalling record of crimes against humanity.

To wit, the gospel according to an editorial in yesterday’s Bad Bastards Gazette states the despotic al-Khalifa regime is sending Sheikh Ras al Shitbag (a career sadist and School of the Americas-trained torturer) as their official Olympics emissary - contrary to the disingenuous assertion by the pro-Zionist stooge of a Foreign Secretary Willy Vague, that any Third World shithole regime engaged in the practice of torture and other human rights abuses (with the exception of Israel) would be denied a visa to attend the Olympics.

While voicing concerns over the UK’s complicity in the supply of arms, riot gear, cattle prods, waterboards and thumbscrews to the fascist al-Khalifa regime to enable their continued brutal crackdown on pro-democracy and reformist demonstrators – including women and children – and too doctors and nurses providing medical treatment to the protest-demo’ injured - the Scum-Watch report further warns that the lives of several prominent socio-political detainees, who had the audacious cheek to dare testify that Ras al Shitbag was the ‘Kess Emakk’ paedo’ creep personally responsible for torturing them and buggering their children, are now at mortal risk for their foolhardy, outspoken bravado.

Sheikh Ras al Shitbag, one of King Fat Git bin Isa al-Khalifa’s six sadistic sons, had publicly called for "A wall of stones to fall on their heads” – an old Arabic curse cast upon all those who dared demonstrate against the brutal regime and the graft and corruption-ridden kleptocracy of a civil service – and achieved this objective by driving a Rachel Corrie memorial model Caterpillar D8 bulldozer into the Jaysh al-Usra Medical Clinic and over the prostrated bodies of the pro-democracy and reformist protesters injured by baton rounds, pickaxe shaft blows and CS gas – plus any nurses who got in the way.

To add to the potency of the Scum-Watch protests, the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights and Wrongs (ECCHRW) called on the British government to block Sheikh Ras al Shitbag from attending the 2012 London Olympic Games, due to his involvement in a litany of serious human rights abuse violations.

The ECCHRW, a Berlin-based group, claim Sheikh al Shitbag is a nasty git who should be held criminally liable based on international human rights law standards, and urged the British government to ensure that the case is not subjected to politically-driven double standards – as per that of the Israeli ex-Foreign Minister, Tipzi Livid, still wanted on charges for war crimes committed against the marginalised Palestinian civilian population of the besieged Gaza Strip enclave during the 22-day Operation Kill Every Fucker military slaughter campaign staged by the IDF’s 21st Psycho Thugs Regiment during the Christmas festive season holiday of 2008 / 2009.

In Livid’s case, the Rothshite crime syndicate’s sycophantic Friends of Israel Club stooge, Tory FS Willy Vague – along with other equally-culpable pro-Zionist gophers, petitioned changes of the International Arrest Warrant laws so Tel Aviv’s war criminals could visit Broken Britain any time they liked – with impunity from arrest and prosecution for their sins – a bit like the Nazis in Argentina and Brazil – and the US under Operation Paperclip - at the end of WW2.

The Scum-Watch report carried a quote from New Labour MP, Ron McScrote, stating for the public record “Why the fuck are we still exporting arms to Bahrain, where the totalitarian despots running the place are throwing every fucker and their dog in jail and the death toll’s mounting as fast as that of the FSA mercenary psychos killing Syrian civilians? Really, have Posh Dave Scameron and his shameless joke of a Tory-dominated coalition no moral qualms about this duplicitous fiasco?”

In response, the Conservative Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dinsdale Spatchcock, had retorted “We have one of the most stringent arms export control arrangements in the world, and are scrupulously diligent in these matters.”
“My New Labour colleague would do well to remember that Bahrain has been an extremely important friend and ally to both the United Kingdom and the Great Satan – apart from paying us lots and lots of money for all the arms and third degree interrogation equipment we sell them but also allowing the British naval fleet access to their island’s Manama port facilities, so we’re all ready to expedite our top secret pre-emptive military attack on Iran. Oh shit –Whoops!”

Thought for the day. What pity the Olympic Games, a celebration of human physical endeavour, has now become so politically polarised – with the Israeli Knesset’s homicidal maniacs screaming “Foul!” as the IOC has refused to hold a memorial service for the Israeli athletes killed during the Black September attack at the 1972 Munich Olympics – and Greece following suit as the progenitors of the Games concept with a super-whinge that the IOC has also refused their memorial request to remember the glorious 300 Spartan warriors fallen at Thermopylae.

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Love the dig at the Israelis - so true and so rightly deserved.

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Funny - and they deserve lots of stick - Hague especially.