Friday, 13 July 2012

Righteous Host Oppose Bliar’s ‘Second Coming’

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British anti-war protesters staged a major demonstration this week to disrupt former Slime Minister Tony Bliar’s shifty scheme to make a political come-back.

Bliar, the world’s joint place number one international pariah (shared with Henry Kissinger, Barky Obama, Bobo Nuttyahoo – and a host of like war criminals and political scoundrels) contrived a plot to appear alongside New Labour’s child wunderkind leader Ed Millipede at a banquet promoting British sports, in a desperate ‘fingers crossed’ tactic viewed as a pathetic attempt to return to domestic politics after nine years of waiting for the ignominy of his sanctioning the deployment of British troops in the illegal invasion of Iraq to abate to amnesia level in the publics’ mind.

Bomber Bliar was forced to cancel an address to misguided New Labour supporters in Lambeth last Monday when activists from both the ‘Prosecute War Criminals’ and ‘Scum-Watch’ civil rights groups were informed by insider party moles of the location and timing of the venue of his speech - and further warned he would face a barrage of vehement protests if he went ahead with his flawed pre-Olympics plan to appear alongside Millipede at the Emirate’s aptly-named Arsehole Stadium in London, where the dinner was to be staged.

The celebrity-studded event - hosted by the likes of comedian Eddie Lizard and fellow war criminal, Kostas Ratfink of Albania - for which guests paid an exorbitant £500 quid apiece to attend - was designed to make Bliar look good and announce his re-entry to British politics as the party’s ‘foreign aggression policy’ advisor – a job he has in the past excelled at: lowering the threshold for what justifies war.

To add insult to injury, Peter ‘Shed Roof’ Hain, a classical New Labour ‘jukebox MP’ – slip a few coins in and they’ll play any tune you want - told media hacks on leaving the Arsehole Stadium dinner on Wednesday evening that he would be delighted to see his old boss back in politics and leading New Labour again – and “This little tosspot Eddie Millipede kicked right back to sharpening pencils, brewing tea and taking the mail round at the party’s Brewer’s Green HQ.”

Baz ‘Pitbull’ McGnasher, director of the Stop the War Coalition and organizer of a series of rallies to protest any move by Bliar to re-enter British politics, informed one press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that “Bliar is a globally discredited scumbag an’ jointly responsible wiv that other dog-wankin’ moron, Dubya Bush, fer the war crimes committed in Iraq – an’ seems ter conveniently ferget that he woz forced out of office in 2006 – an’ now sez he wants ter rehabilitate his political career an’ be the effin’ Prime Minister again – or the President of the EUSSR. So we wonder wot it’s gonna be - a ‘comeback’ – or a ‘scum-back’?”

“Anyway our lads – an’ lasses – gave the twat the welcome he so richly deserves when he got up ter speak at the Arsehole Stadium on Wednesday night. 'War criminals are not welcome here!' - or any fuckin’ where else apart from at the International Criminal Court in The Hague wearin’ a pair of handcuffs alongside Thomas Lobanga and Ratko Mladic – getting’ tried for war crimes.”

“He needs ter remember that we’ve got long memories – perhaps not quite as long as the Afghans an’ the Iraqis or al Qaeda or the Taliban – but we’re not gonna ferget wot he’s done.”
“Him an’ his effin’ Rothshite crime syndicate pro-ZioNazi handlers might well be preparin’ a new push fer the scrote ter re-enter British politics an’ hirin’ Rachel Scrunt as his new spin doctor ter put a gloss on his reputation – but if yer varnish a pile of shite – well, it’s still a pile of shite, isn’t it, eh?”

“We know wot Teflon Tony’s after – apart from the money – he wants a mention in the birthday honours – Lord Bliar of the Killing Fields, perhaps - or how about the ‘Order of the Scumbag’, eh?”
“The Blairite political legacy is one of debt, war, ignorance, welfare dependency, an’ social division – an’ yer can blame his education policies on this upsurge in illiteracy an’ innumeracy wot’s left a generation of youngsters wiv Asbo records an’ as thick as pigshit an’ totally unemployable.”

“Fore-armed wiv the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight, we now know that Bliar’s the type of bloke wot inspires yer to count yer fingers after shakin’ hands wiv the dodgy git. After wot he committed British troops ter in Iraq he doesn’t even qualify fer a slot in the human classification index of Linnaean taxonomy.”
“He’s a master of self-delusion an’ a hypocrite writ large – plus an elder statesman he’ll never be. The man’s about as popular as chemotherapy, an’ the type of twat they name leper colonies and gulags after.”
“So bollocks ter a return ter government – how about a War Crimes Tribunal?”

And that, it seems to all intents and purposes, is the unanimous opinion of the British public at large.
Let us not overlook the fact that this pathetic excuse for a Middle East Peace Envoy (sic – please pass the barf bags) was the inspiration for the Jim Carey movie ‘Liar-Liar’ and known to many Mid-East Muslim children as the ‘Bogeyman’ – but to the rest of us, Bliar’s simply the most evil scumbag on Earth – using his ‘Quartet’ position to forward the ZioNazi globalist military hegemony agenda.

Ask the Palestinians of the marginalised Gaza Strip, besieged behind the racist Israel’s 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall in the biggest concentration camp in the known Universe - what the Zionist stooge Bliar ever did for them – apart from go on vacation to Cyprus while the IDF blitzkrieged the place in their 22-day 2008-2009 festive season Operation Kill Every Fucker military campaign.

Tony’s the destabilisation promoter - same again now with Syria – another proxy war to overthrown the incumbent regime and install a Western-aligned muppet government.

Bliar has become an expert at creating false paradigms and conjuring debates and conflicts that obfuscate the true nature of any given problem – and if not brought to book for his war crimes then the Latin phrase ‘impunitas sempre ad deteriora invitat’ will apply: ‘impunity always leads to greater crimes’.

To wit, where do we want to see Bomber Bliar? In the dock alongside Jack Straw, ex-Met Chief Ian Bliar, Lord Peter Scandalson (aka Vermin in Ermine) and Alastair ‘Gobshite’ Campbell, charged with the following crimes.

1: Illegal invasion of Iraq on false Weapons of Mass Distraction pretences.
2: The sanctioning of the 7/7 false flag attacks on the London Transport system.
3: The assisted suicide of Dr David Kelly in the Grassy Knoll Woods.
4: The induced coronary murder of ex-Minister Robin Cook to silence him.
5: The contrived whitewash and cover-ups of all four of the above events.
6: Handing executive power to a clot like Gordon ‘Incapability’ Brown.

Alas, Bliar will never be brought to book as the elitist establishment labour under the misapprehension that crimes and misdemeanours committed by members of their inner Masonic circle must be swept under the rug due the deceptive fact that prosecuting them would destabilise ‘the system’ – their ‘system’.

Within the Oxford English Dictionary’s indexed lexicon of 750,000-plus words there is none that accurately describes Bliar or his condition - however it has been unanimously agreed by a conclave of international jurists – and the hapless populations of Afghanistan, Iraq and the marginalised people of Palestine that the word CUNT comes pretty close.

Thought for the day: So, is that what it’s come down to? The ruling elite have woken up to the fact that Ed Millipede’s as much use as tits on a bull and have decided to bring Teflon Tony back to run things? Are they that stupid and so disconnected from the pulse of public sentiment?
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Fletch said...

Like criminal charge #6 - Lol's

Anonymous said...

Yes, and why aren't a lot of people signing up to this. I suppose what Rusty is after is to ban Blair from politics and bring him to eventual justice - jury / rope / gun.