Monday, 7 May 2012

Israeli Warmongers Pressure UK on Iran

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The chief of the ZioNazi Israeli government’s National Security Council, Ja’akoff Rosh Tahat was in London late last week, on a mission to dictate the outlaw Jabotinskyist regime’s policies concerning the dispute over Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program to the Rothshite subservient Scameron coalition government and convince them to have British military forces join in a pre-emptive first strike against the Islamic Republic – immediately, if not sooner.

The bully boy visit comes as Iran - an active member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) - of which the nuclear-armed belligerent, pariah state of Israel belongs to neither - again stressed its peaceful nature of its nuclear program, and various inspections by the IAEA and every other fucker and their proverbial dog, have unanimously and without reservations endorsed non-diversion of the low-level uranium enrichment activities by the Tehran government.

This is Rosh Tahat’s first visit to the UK since FO Willy Vague squashed the right of British citizens to apply for the issue of an International Arrest Warrant from the Director of Public Prosecutions to detain Israeli politicians and military chiefs for their responsibility involving war crimes inflicted on the marginalised Palestinian civilian population of the Gaza Strip – besieged behind Israel’s racist 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall – during the IDF’s 2008/2009 Operation Kill Every Fucker 22-day duration military blitzkrieg.

Rosh Tahat, yet another Ashkenazi Jew of convenience with zero Semite DNA in his mongrel Khazar genes, was joined by Israel's ambassador to London, Ron Tosser, to discuss ‘the Iran situation’ ahead of the second round of talks between the pantomime farce represented by the ‘Group 5+1’ – which includes all five permanent members of the UN Security Council - Russia, China, the Great Satan, Britain, France and Germany - and the Islamic Republic of Iran - to be held in Baghdad at the end of May – suicide bombings and airborne DU contamination permitting.

Ambassador Tosser and Rosh Tahat met his British counterpart Sir Dinsdale Armitage-Shanks, along with Foreign Secretary William Vague and Matthew Gould, Britain's pro-Zionist ambassador to Israel – (and Liam Pox / Adam Qwerty dodgy arms deals co-conspirator) – along with senior Defence Ministry mandarins and MI6 intelligence officials – who presented him with a commemorative GCHQ / Diamond Jubilee ‘North Face’ holdall – the type that can be padlocked from the inside.

Following the meeting, FS Vague spoke with one press hack from the Pound of Flesh Gazette, relating "We compared notes about the negotiations approach and how to tighten sanctions – which is proving to be a right bitch as Iran have all this lovely oil and don’t really give a flying shit if Broken Britain comes to a sudden grinding halt when our fuel stocks run dry due us getting bullied into not buying any more of their crude – just to please the bloody Israelis and that little shit of a Kenyan cuckoo impostor squatting in the White House.”

Both Ron Tosser and Rosh Tahat stressed in the meeting that Israel's fear was the double-dealing EUSSR community nations might well be tempted to make too many concessions to Tehran in their eagerness to strike an agreement, and the sanctions imposed become diluted or lifted in return for a resumption of crude oil supplies.

Conversely, Rosh Tahat, a former Minister for the Expropriation of Palestinian Lands and one-time commander of the IDF’s Half-Cock Brigade, went into his customary ‘meshuggenah’ mode when speaking to a reporter from the Chosen Peoples Review, declaring “Scameron and his government need to get behind Israel on this one and take out Tehran’s terrorist regime before they nuke London and the Olympic Games – even though the Israeli Knesset and Prime Minister Bobo Nutyahoo are adamant in their approach to Iran that all options are on the negotiating table.”

Yeah right – all options except ‘peace’.

Thought for the day. The Hypocrisy Channel’s ever-popular primetime ‘Kunt-Watch Hour tonight upset the Knesset’s leadership and Western pro-Zionist lobbies by questioning the morality of the outlaw state’s dogmatic – albeit wholly erroneous – mantra that Iran has sworn to wipe Israel off the map, while they are busy 24/7 wiping the sovereign state of Palestine off the Mid-East map – and justifying such actions with their customary unqualified arrogance by quoting the faulty rhetoric that the land is theirs by Divine Right – as they’re God’s Chosen People.

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