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BBC Now ZioNazi Propaganda Channel

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Well Broken Britain’s taxpayer-funded BBC has again proved itself worthy of the derogatory sobriquet of the ‘Biased Broadcast Corporation’ and being yet another venal propaganda arm of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s evil empire capital: the pariah state of Israel

Last week, 1,200 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails - and the notorious Facility 1391 interrogation, torture and transplant organ snatching centre - began an open-ended hunger strike in protest at the illegalities and injustices of their incarceration – with a further 2,300 refusing food for the duration of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.

Their action came just weeks after Khader Adnan ended his 666-day hunger strike by slipping through the bars of his cell and making good his escape disguised as a broom handle - and Hana al-Shalabi, a shadow of his former pudgy self, was released and banished to the besieged Gaza Strip after refusing food for 43 days - both protesting at the rogue state of Israel’s illegal use of administrative detention against them.
Scores other prisoners remain on long-standing hunger strikes, including 27-year-old Jaysh al-Usra and 34-year-old Hamas suicide bomber Shaheed al Ka-Boom, now into their second month without food – both of whom have been independently nominated for a Nobel Prize for Slimming award.

Furious at the shameful lack of media coverage of the Israeli’s systematic war crimes and abuses visited on the Palestinians, tartan kilted activists from the We Are All Hana Shalabi Network, all armed with bagpipes and haggis projectiles, vented their collective moral outrage by ramming open the front doors of the Glasgow headquarters of BBC Scotland with a 20 foot long caber on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day and occupied the building - demanding answers for the human rights and wrongs abuses news blackout.

The protest group took senior BBC official Ian McTitch hostage and subjected him to a savage ‘sporran tickling’ session until he was forced to confess that the BBC aimed its coverage towards a certain viewing demographic: specifically Tory-voting white-collar pro-Zionists, aged over 50, with a bent for Islamophobia.

Protest leader Angus McScally informed one press hack from the War Crimes Gazette that “It’s a load of bollocks what the licence fee-funded BBC is doing – or rather what they’re not doing.”

“If this mass feat of unarmed resistance, where thousands of men and women are willing to starve themselves to death in the struggle for liberation from an oppressive, outlaw regime, was taking place in Russia or China or North Korea or Iran - or any other country the decadent West has set its regime change sights on – such as Syria or Venezuela - it would be on the radio and telly 24/7 and plastered across the gutter press’s tabloid headlines every day – same as the anti-Assad Syrian propaganda campaign is right now.”

“We’d be hammered morning, noon and night with bullshit analysis and unqualified opinions from every fucking neo-Nazi pundit and their dog on the establishment’s payroll.”
“Alas, these poor sods are Palestinian Muslims, and the oppressive regime is the Rothshite crime syndicate’s pet project – their corrupt fascist empire’s capital of Israel – hence the media’s black censorship shutters have come down.”

“The rest of the mainstream media are as shamefully complicit – especially that Zionist pig Rupert Mudrock and his evil News Corporation. And it’s not just the mass hunger strikes that are kept from us as the news blackout extends to the weekly peaceful protests by unarmed Palestinians and international peace activists in villages across the West Bank, demanding the rogue state ends its theft of Palestinian lands – protests which are repeatedly dispersed with tear gas, skunk water and rubber bullets by the IDF’s psycho thugs.”

“Yet in total contradiction the BBC and associated mainstream media sources - all notorious for the Zionist deviation of their moral compasses - maintain a policy of black propaganda as every time some shitpot home made rocket is fired by Hamas’ Gaza Gangsters into southern Israel, they’re like shit through a goose in reporting another terrorist attack on the peace-loving Zionist state.”

“Really, what hypocrisy - the Mid-East’s beacon of democracy with the most moral army in the known Universe – whereas the peaceful, unarmed resistance by the marginalised and disaffected Palestinians against their illegal occupation – besieged behind a racist Israel’s Great Apartheid Walls around the West Bank and Gaza Strip - is not considered newsworthy.”

“The fact that Israel was founded via the route of blood and gore terrorist actions on the part of the Ashkenazi Jews of convenience- the Haganah and Irgun and Stern Gang is overlooked, nary a mention – a policy of denial and silence imposed by the BBC’s Zionist lackey bosses.”

Conversely, we are inclined to give the Beeb a nod viz their 29/04/2012 online news report regarding comments made by the former head of Israel's Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency, Yuval Pigskin and ex- Mossad chief Meir Dragon – who stated for the public record that the psychopathic Israeli Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo, and the equally hawkish Defence Minister Ehud Barak, are more full of shit than a Christmas goose regarding their sabre-ratting over Iran’s purported nuclear arsenal ambitions.

They jointly agree that any pre-emptive military strike on the Islamic Republic by Israel and their US 'Great Satan’ stooges would have devastating consequences for the Jewish state in terms of Jihad-style retaliation and not prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons – further hypothesising that such an attack might well serve to initiate or hasten Iran’s development of such a capability.

Further, the Israeli IDF Chief of Staff Lt Gen Benny Kuntz, a military strategist possessed with the impeccable credentials necessary to assess the nuclear weapons myth, informed one press hack from the Warmongers Gazette it was his qualified opinion that international sanctions against Iran are working in dissuading Tehran’s leadership from taking such a decision.

Hence while the Israeli Knesset politicians are pushing the ‘Iran’s building nukes’ ‘hasbara’ myth to justify a sneak attack, the actual intelligence / military opinion is at 180 degree conflicting odds with any such purposely deceptive scare-mongering.

Thought for the day. Kudos to Broken Britain’s Co-operative Group, the country's largest mutual business and the fifth biggest food retailer, as it expands the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel’s despotic ZioNazi regime and goods that have been produced on illegal settlements inside the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank.

Following an audit of the Co-op's supply chain they will no longer do business with four companies - Agrexco, Arava Export Growers, Adafresh and Mehadrin, which is Israel's largest agricultural export corporation – all of whom are by association, complicit in Israel's violations of Palestinian human rights.
This action will negatively affect £350,000 worth of sales as all of the afore-listed companies source from illegal West Bank settlements.

Thought for the day. Will the nutty Knesset and Zionist lobby groups now brand the Co-op as ‘anti-Semites’ and ‘Holohoax deniers’?

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