Tuesday, 29 May 2012

EUSSR Force GMO Crops on France

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No sooner had French legislators moved to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified strain of ‘Frankenfood’ maize last week, due a legion of public protests and critical unresolved environmental and health concerns, than graft and corruption-ridden EUSSR officials in bonkers Brussels led by Jose ‘I Beat Bulimia’ Barroso and the two-legged scarecrow Herman ‘Catweazle’ von Rumpy-Pumpy, stepped in to secure the continued presence of ‘Global Environmental / Eco-Enemy Number One’ in la belle Francais — against the very will of the once-sovereign nation itself.

Many might well cry “Foul!” (or perhaps “Merde!” if they’re French) yet this hardly comes as any surprise considering the fact that the Zionist-dominated US / Great Satan’s ambassador to France, a business partner of the super-moronic George Dubya Bush and gopher for the Carlyle Group crime syndicate, stated for the public record back in 2007 that national assemblies who did not accept Monsanto’s GMO crops would be penalized by the insidious Neo-Con cabal’s shadow government.

In fact the career scumbag and redneck Missouri-born tosspot ambassador, Craig Stapleton, a direct recipient of Monsanto’s largess, frothing at the mouth with his own unqualified arrogance and sense of Satanic purpose, declared that sovereign nations should be threatened with military-style trade wars if they denied entry to the hallowed US exports – including manky Monsanto’s ‘Insta-Mutant’ terminator seed crops – along with the equally-pestilent agri-crap products of DuPont, Syngenta, Groupe Limagrain, Land O' Lakes, KWS AG, Bayer Crop Science, Sakata, DLF-Trifolium, and last but not least in this list of Enemies of the Earth we have the Takii Corporation of Japan.

Hence in this damning instance the government of France is being assaulted by a totalitarian EUSSR entity over its decision to protect the health of their citizens.
Acting under orders from the dominating ‘Upstairs’ fascists who will brook no questioning not opposition of their mandates, subservient bureaucrats at the European Food Safety Authority were directed to reject the ban on the faulty manipulated science grounds that there is – as yet – no hard evidence to prove Monsanto’s genetically-modified Frankenfood crops pose a risk to human and animal health or the environment.

This decision totally disregards the overwhelming amount of research which proves conclusively that these diabolical genetically-modified creations do in fact threaten not only human health, but the planet as a whole – and such are named in the Bible itself as End of Days ‘Chimeras’ – an Abomination that will forge the path to Armageddon.

Such are the depths of Monsanto’s ‘for-profit’ acts of commercial criminality that even the normally compliant EPA has warned of the fact that the conscienceless corporation’s GMO crops are spawning mutant spray-resistant insects and subsequently requiring substantially more and more – and more ‘stronger’ pesticides – which then contaminate the soil and groundwater – and more to the point – are accumulative in the cellular tissues of all plants and animals ingesting them.

So do Monsanto and their GMO contemporaries really give a flying fuck about the destruction of remaining cloud-forests and mangrove ecosystems of the Earth – or the effects of their scourge on Mother Nature, the Gaia Principle that binds all in Harmony? No chance as all is committed with malice aforethought – in the name of profit and as a sacrifice laid on the altar of Mammon.

Thanks to the internet and a global population fed up to the back teeth with taking shit off bent government officials, acts of corruption committed by Monsanto et al are an established fact, and serve to illustrate how deeply rooted the crooked company is within the United States government of the Great Satan – from the FDA to Congress to the Shite House – plus it is no coincidence that the head honcho of the US Food and Drug Administration is an ex-ranking boardroom Monsanto employee.

Thought for the day. Conspiracy is no longer theory. Simply Google up the online exposure reports posted by GMO abuse sentinel Kunt-Watch on GMO contamination via airborne pollens and 10,000 years of crop evolution being superseded by insta-mutant terminator seeds.
Read how Africa and the rest of the hapless ‘have nots’ Third World shitholes have been smitten with Western-backed dictators and despots of limited shelf life - the placemen stooges of international corporatism – to sign away their mineral rights and natural resources and usher in the commercial rapists touted by the likes of the Sierra Club.

These are the primary victims of Big Pharma and GMO corporation abuses - from toxic waste dumping and child labour – victims of glyphosate poisoning – and too victims of recombinant DNA technology - such as rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone).
Oh yes, the consumption of transgenic Frankenfood crops leads to mutations and transgenic humans as GMO insta-mutant foods have the ability to unzip human DNA and mongrelise the lot of us.

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Christine Eubanks said...

"So do Monsanto and their GMO contemporaries really give a flying fuck about the destruction of remaining cloud-forests and mangrove ecosystems of the Earth"

Yes, I also read in this article (http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/01/31/monsanto-worst-company-of-2011.aspx) that Monsanto company was the worst company in 2011, so bad for them.