Friday, 18 May 2012

Fuckwitstein Promotes TSA Groping

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Diane Fuckwitstein, an influential Californian Upper House ‘Dummecrat’ who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (sic), went into emotional histrionics mode and publicly criticized the hapless and morally-outraged American public for complaining over the ‘hands down the crotch’ groping by the Transport Security Agency’s lard-arsed moronic thugs – the officious social pariahs, sexual perverts and kiddie fiddlers that type of job attracts.

To add insult to injury, this policy of genital molestation is being justified by the continuing stream of ‘underpant bombs’ false flag Muslim terrorist threats perpetuated by MI6, Mossad and the equally amateur CIA - and used to violate the travelling public’s intimate physical sensibilities.

Appearing on Dirty Digger Mudrock’s Pox News channel over the weekend, Fuckwitstein - yet another of the mongrel Ashkenazi Jews of convenience with zero Semite genes in her DNA that infest the US Capitol with an Israel First agenda - came across as a deranged pro-ZioNazi psycho and a political albatross round the neck of the Democratic Party as she went into full diatribe mode and hailed the neo-con’s Foreign Policy Initiative strategy of killing more useless eater peasants in Third World shitholes – preferably those inhabited by the worshippers of Islam.

To quote the war-mongering homicidal maniac’s bloodthirsty rhetoric “I am hopeful that we will be able to, candidly, snuff this Jolly Jihad bomb maker, Shaheed al Ka-Boom, with one of our MQ-9 Reaper remote assassination drones and kill lots of his Yemeni associates and their families too – especially that Mohammed bin Patsy character we keep hearing about because there is a dangerous process in play with Pan-Islam at this present time – and we all know by now how much these nasty people hate our iconic Democratic freedoms and McDonalds and Disneyland.”

Disregarding the blatant fact that this purported super-alchemist Shaheed al Ka-Boom, comes across as a kindergarten-level terrorist who has to date been incapable of cobbling together and deploying an effective brisant explosive device that can even blow up a pair of shoes or blast off some Jihadi’s knickers – let alone take out a commercial passenger aircraft - the gullible Western public are continually fed the threadbare lie that it’s not ‘hi-fiving Israelis’ that present a threat but the non-existent al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula being the most dangerous terrorist organization in the known Universe - and 24/7 dedicated to the absolute destruction of Western civilization – and Mickey Mouse.

In conclusion, the false flag histrionics are simply the next scheduled phase of the Western government abuse agenda designed to usher in further totalitarian, fascist outrages on the personal liberty, privacy and dignity of the travelling public – full body cavity searches – and the death of the Fourth Amendment.

So, Senator Fuckwitstein’s Chicken Little alarmist hysterics besides, what the fuck do we have to fear from the unwashed Muslim masses of the Middle East when, apart from an astounding ignorance of basic physics, they - according to the kikester-owned media's propaganda - continue to threaten us with Wallace and Gromit pantomime ‘cyanide hand wash’ attacks, ricin bombs – and non-brisant incendiary pyrotechnics blended in a passenger airline toilet laboratory from a mix of shampoo, black pepper and hydrogen peroxide – or brake fluid and bleach – or acetone and Styrofoam – when all the while they’ve been infiltrated by double agent whistle-blowers recruited from the CIA’s Snitch & Grassers Corps.

Thought for the day. While trolls like Diane Fuckwitstein gives a whole new definition to the meanings of ‘nasty’ and ‘ugly’ - what would you get if you crossed her with Senator Chucky Schumer? Rahm Emanuel, perhaps?

To wit, bollocks to Diane Fuckwitstein and the Great Satan - and the ZioNazis – and their false flag ‘smoke n mirrors’ bombs - and their fatally-flawed Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion / New World Order.

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